3 Health Procedures You Can Get Done On Your Lunch Break

3 Health Procedures You Can Get Done On Your Lunch Break

Health Procedures

With people’s lives becoming increasingly hectic, there is a growing need to fit things in when you have the time instead of setting time aside for something.

You might not think it possible, but there are now health procedures that you can have done in a short period of time.

This has led to some people deciding to get these procedures done during their lunch break.

1. Ear Wax Removal 

Blockages in the ear are a common problem for many adults. Sometimes this is caused by inadequate cleaning, or perhaps by a build-up over time.

The old way of removing the ear wax involved high-pressure water squirting into the ear which loosened the wax and removed it.

Today, there are more sophisticated techniques that are much quieter and less uncomfortable.

If you are looking for ear wax removal in Gravesend or the surrounding areas, then you can find many clinics that can perform ear wax removal quickly and easily.

You may need to use oil ear drops for a short while before having the ear wax removed, to help release the wax, but the procedure itself is quick and pain-free.

2. Lip Injections 

You have probably heard of people having their lips surgically enhanced by fat grafts in order to make them look more defined and fuller. This procedure is considered non-surgical by some, but there are incisions made which means it can’t be done during your lunch break.

However, there are lip procedures that can be done during this time such as dermal injections. Some fillers such as Juvederm, Volbella, and Radiesse Silk are now made from small particles.

This means that the person performing the procedure has more control over the look of the lips than in the past. This helps with definition and accuracy.

If you have a good surgeon and they use the correct techniques, then you can get this procedure done in as little as 30 minutes.

3. Fat Melting Injections 

Kybella is a relatively new procedure that has been approved by organisations such as the FDA to reduce submental fat. This is, in fact, the double chin that some people develop over time as they get older.

Before Kybella, the only solution to get rid of a double chin was liposuction, however, this new injectable can now apparently achieve the same results.

Kybella is a fat-melting injection that is injected into the patient’s area below their chin. The actual procedure can be administered in a short amount of time, so you could get it done within your lunch break.

The full effect, however, can take a few months to get the maximum results.

Other Procedures 

Apart from these three procedures, there are others that can be completed during your lunch break, including a surprising example.

Non-Surgical Nose Job 

This might sound amazing, but there are non-surgical procedures that can be performed on the nose quickly and easily.

The procedure uses fillers that are injected into the nose to change the shape. These can be either temporary or permanent depending on the patient’s needs.

Because the procedure is non-surgical, there is no recovery time so it can be performed during a lunch break.

The procedure is faster and more comfortable than a traditional nose job, but still must be performed by a fully trained surgeon.


Botox or Botulinum Toxin is an injectable that is used to reduce wrinkles and lines on the face. The Botox injection blocks the signals that would otherwise allow the muscles to contract. This gives the appearance of smoother skin.


This procedure helps to refinish the top layers of the skin through controlled surgical scraping.

The skin will look red and swollen for a couple of days afterward, but then the full effect of the procedure is seen as smoother skin with fewer imperfections.


The desire to find faster and easier ways to do almost everything has led to a growth in procedures that are quick and easy to do and have almost no side effects or recovery time.

This means you can get the look you want during your lunch break and return looking like a new person.

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