4 buzzworthy reasons to use a personal massager more often

4 buzzworthy reasons to use a personal massager more often

Vibrators. We may not admit it, but most of us have owned one, or at least thought about it. In fact, 44% of women between 18 and 60 have used a personal massager. We all know the obvious reasons for getting ourselves a battery-powered friend – more powerful orgasms, more often – but did you know that there are other benefits to using a vibrator?

It’s not all about the pleasure ladies! (Although it’s definitely fun.) Check out our top four reasons we should all be getting buzzy a little more often.

1. You get to know your body.

True story: vibrators not only help you reach the big O, they help you get to know what you like between the sheets. The more you know your body and what you like, the more satisfying your sex life can be, both alone and with a partner. Once you get to know your turn-ons, you’re better able to help a partner get to know them too. (More on that in a second!)

But more than that, they help you know how your body is shaped and be more aware of yourself and your health down there. Exploring your body and taking ownership of your orgasms is not only enjoyable, it’s completely healthy. Read more about the benefits of masturbation here.



2. You have better sex with your partner.

One of the great things about massagers is that they’re not just a solo activity, they can easily be incorporated into partner play. You know that myth that guys are intimidated by your vibe? It’s actually not true. A 2015 study showed that not only do men not feel hesitant or about using vibrators, they actually find sex more appealing when massagers are involved and felt it brought them closer to their partners.

So have confidence in the bedroom, whether you’re introducing a vibrator or talking about your turn-ons, and the benefits will come (pardon the pun) back to you tenfold! (If you’re not sure how to bring it up with your partner, check out our tips on how to introduce a massager into the bedroom.)

3. You might actually become healthier.

According to a recent study, women who used vibrators were significantly more likely to have seen a gynaecologist in the previous year, and to have performed a self-examination during the previous month. Plus, women who used vibrators reported having more positive sexual experiences related to increased desire, lubrication, pain and overall function.

So not only do vibrators feel great, they’re great for you. Just make sure you’re using one that’s made of the best materials, like medical-grade silicone, and that you wash it after every use with a high-quality cleanser formulated to ensure hygiene and protect the quality of the massager. (Here are some tips on choosing the right massager for you.)



4. You can safely experiment with sex.

Although people used to worry that vibrators cause numbness and nerve damage, science has come to the rescue and proved that these concerns are unfounded. So go forth ladies, and enjoy.

Regardless of whether you use one alone or with someone else, vibrators are a healthy expression of your sexuality. Even though we may not talk about it openly, we all use them – and that’s a good thing! So don’t feel bad about turning off your phone, and turning on your favourite massager again…and again… and again…

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