5 Easy Workout Practices for Office Workers

5 Easy Workout Practices for Office Workers

Workout Practices for Office Workers

Modern office workers are often under large pressure. Deadlines, meetings, conferences, and business travels all add to the amount of stress they’re exposed to.

When we know that most contemporary jobs require a sedentary lifestyle, we have all the ingredients for physical inactivity and obesity.

But it doesn’t have to be the case, given that we make an effort and work out whenever the circumstances allow us.

Here are 5 easy workout practices for office workers that don’t require any special equipment.

1. Smooth morning strolls

It often seems that our civilization has underestimated the power of the morning. Many people now go to bed late in the evening, because they spend long hours in front of their computers, TVs, or using their gadgets.

However, if you manage to become a morning person, try to spend at least half an hour walking every morning. Your body has more energy then and a nice morning walk will use that energy to produce even more new quantities for that very day.

Among many other benefits, morning walks reduce the risk of heart disease and improve the overall stability of your body. Moreover, they help you regulate your body weight and improve your mood.

For all these reasons, get up early, put on some comfortable walking shoes, and say hello to the day when the sun has only emerged in the east.

2. Standing instead of sitting

The sedentary lifestyle has spread like an epidemic in the last two decades. Let’s face it: we sit in our offices and then we get home from work just to spend some more time sitting.

Because of that, try to stand whenever it’s possible. When you’re on a tube train or a public bus, give your seat to elderly citizens and spend some time standing. It’s good for your spine and your legs, as well.

Some people might oppose this tip saying that they spend eight or more hours sitting at their desks anyway. For those, there’s a great option: a standing desk.

It will take you a few days to get used to it, but then you’ll realize that it’s a less painful and more natural way to spend your workday in the office. You can take a look at some great ergonomic standing desks in the overview published on Livewire.

3. Body-weight workout in the office

Body-weight workout in the office

Working out in the office is often a subject of dispute between employees and their bosses. Some employers don’t approve of that, while others don’t mind. Truth be told, it depends on the office type. If you work in an open-plan office, it might not be the most workout-friendly place in the world.

However, you can still have your workout session, if you really want it. In this video provided by HASfit, you only need an ordinary chair and your body weight. Doing exercises only with your body weight is the simplest, and yet extremely effective way of keeping your body and mind in good shape.

Unlike weight-lifting, which requires both additional equipment and time, you can do body-weight exercises anywhere. Be it pushups, squats dips on your chair, or leaning on the wall, these exercises are great for your overall stamina.

Read more about the benefits of this form of workout in the article published on the Livestrong website.

4. Bike rides to work

Cycling is one of the best ways to keep your weight under control and your body in good shape.

According to the calculator available on bicyling.com, riding a bike for only half an hour a day will burn about 300 calories. Let’s say that riding a bike for half an hour to work is acceptable for most people.

If you go to work and back by bike, you can burn about 600 calories that day. So, you’re going to lose some weight, and you’re going to save some money on gas, as well.

If possible, you should ride your bike even when you’re not going to work. You can meet up with a friend of yours and go for bike rides on weekends. If you have a family, even better – you can go to the mall or to the park all together on Saturdays and Sundays.

5. Workout in the park/yard

No matter if you’re an old or young office worker, you should avoid lying in front of the TV when you get home from work.

As you get older, the problems derived from these lying sessions will become more obvious. From painful back and pain in the neck to deteriorated sight and weak joints, health issues will keep piling up.

Instead of that, go and work out in the park. You can do some simple stretching or even do some yoga exercises. They’re appropriate for every generation.

Those of you who have a house and a backyard can use your free time in an even healthier way. Apart from those body-weight exercises, you can install some workout constructions in the backyard. You can check out some great ideas on these Pinterest backyard gym boards.

Even when you retire, you should continue working out, both at home and outside. Of course, this age requires a different approach to exercises, which is why having a live-in care assistant by your side during these sessions might be a smart choice.


Office workers often suffer from a painful back, a lack of sleep, depression, and neuroses. All these symptoms can be assuaged with regular physical activity.

In this article, you’ve seen some easy, but pretty effective techniques to put your body back on the right track.

Try these exercises, but also go the extra mile this could even be taking a fitness course from discovery learning and making your life more comfortable even when one day you don’t have to go to the office anymore.


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