5 Tips for a Hot Girl Summer

5 Tips for a Hot Girl Summer

By Dr. Heather

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We’ve all been doing our part to stay safe – staying six feet away from people, avoiding gatherings, staying at home for over a year now. When we were given the opportunity to get our vaccine, we did it. Now the weather is warming up, COVID-19 cases are declining and the CDC says it’s OK to hang out with other vaccinated people again. 

So what does that mean?  It’s time to get out there and meet some people and enjoy human touch again! It’s time for hot girl summer!! 

Here’s how to do that safely: 

1. We’ve been talking about handwashing a lot in the past year, but it’s something that you should do before you get it on. Make sure you and your boo wash your hands for at least 20 seconds. You can make it sexy too – all that water and soap, sliding around! Try integrating into your foreplay, or take it to the shower for a wet and wild good time.


2. Use those condoms! No matter if you’re having penetrative sex or oral sex, make sure you’re using condoms to avoid sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Just because you’ve been sitting at home for a year doesn’t mean your partner has! There are so many different kinds of condoms for penetrative, receptive, and oral sex out there – you have plenty of options to stay safe. 

safe sex for hot girl summer

3. Know the vaccination status of your partner. Yes, cases are going down, and yes, people are getting their shot. But not everyone is or will be vaccinated. Make sure to find out if your boo got their shot before hooking up! The CDC still says there may be a small risk that an unvaccinated person can get COVID from someone with the vaccine on board, so be careful! 

vaccination status

4. Go at your own pace. It’s been awhile for some us since we’ve gotten it on, so things may be a bit awkward at first. Take your time and if something doesn’t feel right, you don’t have to do it. And the same goes for your partner! They may want to take it slow, so honor their wishes and requests for an experience you can both enjoy. 

go at your own pace

5. To piggyback off the last point, use your lube! You can use lube to help make so many parts of hooking up enjoyable. If toys are a part of your fun, lube can take the pleasure to the next level. Even for finger play, lube can be a great addition to the fun. Why not make it a staple of your hot girl summer experience? 

safe sex and lube

Last but not least, have fun! We’ve missed cuddling, kissing, and being intimate with other people for over a year now. Enjoy it!  


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