A Guide To the Hands-Free Syntribation Masturbation Method

A Guide To the Hands-Free Syntribation Masturbation Method

Syntribation sounds like a big, scary buzzword, but in reality it’s a simple masturbation method that many people may have already tried without putting a label on it!

The hands-free technique offers a range of benefits that can help people with either vulvas or penises explore their sexuality and get in touch with their body. This article breaks down what syntribation is, why it’s so accessible to people with different bodies and abilities, and some tips and tricks to make the most out of your self-love sesh.

What It Is

Syntribation is a masturbation technique where a person crosses their legs and rubs their upper thighs together to create a pleasurable friction in the genital area. It can be practiced by both people with vulvas and penises, and is commonly enjoyed by people who like the sensation of humping or grinding against other objects or people.

How To Do It

When practicing syntribation, cross your legs over each other and squeeze your thighs together. You can do this while lying down in bed, sitting down in a chair, or even standing and leaning your stomach on a table or counter. Some people with vulvas also practice syntribation with a sex toy between their legs, or during penetrative sex by activating their pelvic floor muscles for more intense contractions.

As we noted above, syntribation is likely an activity that you have practiced before; many people first stumble upon sexual sensation when they are young through humping or rubbing their thighs together. You can practice syntribation with your clothes on or off. 

Syntribation isn’t just for women; men can try tucking the head of their penis between their legs and pressing their thighs together to stimulate it. The pressure of your thighs rubbing together can also create pleasurable sensations on the testicles.

The Mechanics of Syntribation

Thigh grinding and squeezing can stimulate the internal and external parts of the clitoris or the external penis head or testes. Contracting the pelvic-floor muscles increases blood flow in the genital region for people with vulvas, which can heighten orgasm. Achieving orgasm through syntribation depends completely on what turns you on and the kinds of sensations you prefer, so try a variety of different positions while you explore your body!


Hands-Free Accessibility

One of the biggest benefits of syntribation is that it doesn’t require hands, and may be more accessible for people who have trouble with fine motor skills. Anybody with a vulva or a penis can do it, and you don’t have to hold anything in your hands or move your arms while masturbating, making it a feasible option for people with arthritis or other mobility issues.

Pleasure Without Direct Clitoral Contact

For people with vulvas and clitorises who find direct stimulation on their clitoris too intense, syntribation offers a way to indirectly produce sensation without overstimulating the clitoris. The clitoris is a highly sensitive body part densely clustered with nerve endings, and direct stimulation for some people can feel intense to the point of unpleasantness or pain, hindering their ability to orgasm through direct clitoral stimulation. Indirect clitoral sensation through syntribation allows for full control of the intensity and speed of stimulation.

Indirect stimulation has another benefit- since it’s not genital-focused, pre-op transgender AFAB or AMAB people who don’t feel at ease touching their genitalia directly may find it more comfortable.


The brain is your most powerful sex organ, and a huge part of sexual appeal comes from the imagination. Syntribation can be practiced discreetly in public, offering the added psychological allure of stimulating yourself without anybody being aware. For people who enjoy exhibitionism or the concept of doing “something naughty” in public without disturbing the peace, syntribation can be a good option.

Tips and Tricks

Try Different Locations and Outfits

We just talked about the discreteness of this technique; some people may find it sexy to syntribate at work, in nature, or while on a phone call without somebody knowing. The friction of how different kinds of clothes feel against your skin may also be fun to play with. Restrictive, coarse clothes like jeans or corduroy may feel pleasurable to some people, for example. Others may enjoy the way velvet feels against the skin, or syntribating in a tight pencil skirt (perhaps under your desk at work).

Integrate Different Fantasies and Forms of Erotica

As with any form of sexual exploration, incorporating different sexual fantasies and forms of erotica can help somebody discover what they like. For example, you can listen to audio erotica to paint a picture in your head while you syntribate, or watch porn. 

Use a Pillow

Since you’re already squeezing your thighs together during syntribation, you can try putting a small pillow between your legs to amplify how each contraction feels. Stuffing a pillow or hand between the thighs creates resistance and friction between your legs, which can help if you’re also doing kegels while syntribating.

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