Animal Energy Chews: A Convenient and Flavored Pick-Me-Up

Animal Energy Chews: A Convenient and Flavored Pick-Me-Up

Earlier this year, Universal Nutrition made waves with the latest edition of their iconic Animal Pak multivitamin pack. As if that wasn’t enough, they updated their Animal Cuts formula. All-in-all, it’s been an interesting year for Universal so far.

Animal Energy Performance Chews

Flash back to 2022, where we were treated with Animal Creatine Chews, a fantastic way to get 5 grams of creatine and some post-workout carbs in. We recently explained why this is a great way to kick off glycogen reload, hinting that we needed more chews.

Well, they’re now here — the hits keep coming, as the legendary brand has released their latest: Animal Energy Performance Chews.

Chewable Energy

The obvious twin pillars for supplementation are formula and flavor – both vital ingredients to a hit supplement. One less discussed pillar is format.

Most supplements are either pills or powder. Both are great for certain circumstances. Pills are quick and easy – if you take pills easily. Powder allows you to take your supplements on the go and sip on it over a period of time.

Another format that is slept on in the industry are chews. Chewable formulas blend the best of both worlds – you get to take them at your leisure, as well as enjoy a nice sweet taste.

We’re going to run through the details on how Animal Energy Performance Chews works, but first, let’s check the PricePlow for good Animal deals, and check out our video review of the new product:

Universal Animal Energy Performance Chews – Deals and Price Drop Alerts

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Animal Energy Performance Chews – How It Works

Each 4 chewable serving contains the following ingredients:

Animal Energy Performance Chews Ingredients

  • Caffeine Anhydrous (100mg)

    Caffeine has emerged as the most researched ingredient in dietary supplements, consistently demonstrating its capacity to enhance both mental and physical capabilities.[1,2] Its primary mode of action is through inhibiting adenosine, which causes a reduction in neural activity, resulting in both physical and mental fatigue.[1,2] Therefore, caffeine, by counteracting this process, efficiently and swiftly elevates energy levels.

    Caffeine further impedes the action of phosphodiesterase, the enzyme responsible for disintegrating cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP).[1,2] As a secondary messenger, cAMP plays a crucial part in the metabolism of carbohydrates and fatty acids. This implies that elevated levels of cAMP can amplify ATP production, which we like to refer to as the body’s energy currency.

  • L-Tyrosine (1000mg)

    As a conditionally essential amino acid, L-tyrosine is produced endogenously and isn’t required to be part of your daily intake. However, during periods of heightened stress, such as vigorous exercise, the consumption of L-tyrosine can prove advantageous. Research indicates that its supplementation boosts:[3]

    • Alertness
    • Concentration
    • Mood
    • Mental energy

    L-tyrosine works by promoting the synthesis of norepinephrine, epinephrine, and dopamine – three vital neurotransmitters.[3] As chemical communicators, neurotransmitters are crucial for intercellular communication and play a part in virtually all physiological operations within the body. High-stress scenarios, like exercise, can deplete these neurotransmitter levels, resulting in performance drop, concentration issues, and exhaustion.

  • Animal Energy Performance Chews Benefits

  • L-Taurine (1000mg)

    Many of us are already acquainted with the inclusion of taurine in our workout supplements. This conditional amino acid underpins numerous body functions, and even though our body can produce taurine, it generally functions more optimally when supplied with extra amounts.[4,5]

    Taurine’s impact on endurance is noticeable, with effective dosages ranging from 1 to 6 grams.[6] In addition, taurine supplementation can boost mitochondrial function,[4] aid digestion, and improve cognitive function.[5]

  • Sea Salt (25mg)

    Sodium is the primary electrolyte lost through sweating.[7] Sodium deficiency can adversely affect athletic performance and recuperation,[8] due to its crucial role in muscle contractions.[9] Sodium accomplishes this by encouraging fluid retention, thereby augmenting the volume of extracellular fluid.[10]

    Animal Creatine Chews Glycogen Reload

    In our last article, we said we were going to need more chews. They’re here! What better way to start your post-workout glycogen reload than 5 grams of creatine monohydrate and 4 grams of carbohydrates in Animal Creatine Chews?

    Contrary to misconceptions that might be spread by some medical professionals or pharmaceutical salespeople, having too low a sodium intake can actually escalate the chances of heart failure.[11-13] It should also be noted that consuming less than 7,000 milligrams of sodium per day doesn’t elevate the risk of cardiovascular disease[11].

All Animal Energy Performance Chews flavors

Check out our up-to-date list of Energy Chew flavors below:

    4 grams of carbs

    Once again, referring back to our glycogen reload article, it’s great to see a company that doesn’t fear some sugar. It’s great for pre-workout energy, and it’s great for post-workout refueling. And when you train like an Animal, you know you’ve earned some carbs (and a lot more, if we’re being honest).

    Great ingredients in a new format

    Animal Energy Performance Chews Highlights

    Let’s face it: sometimes we don’t feel like messing with powders. Maybe we don’t have a water bottle handy, or don’t want the full dose of caffeine – just enough to get us through.

    Energy Performance Chews are a perfect on-the-go option to get in rock-solid ingredients like tyrosine, taurine, and caffeine. The beautiful part is that with each chew only containing 25 milligrams of caffeine, you can tailor your dose incredibly easily.

    Add in great flavors, and you almost have a snackable pre-workout. That said, don’t get carried away and mindlessly pop them.

    Universal Animal Energy Performance Chews – Deals and Price Drop Alerts

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    No spam, no scams.

    Disclosure: PricePlow relies on pricing from stores with which we have a business relationship. We work hard to keep pricing current, but you may find a better offer.

    Posts are sponsored in part by the retailers and/or brands listed on this page.


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