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[ad_1] I hate the term “virgin.” And just so we’re all on the same page, the dictionary definition is “someone who has never had sexual intercourse.” As I’ve written before, there’s a lot more to sex than intercourse (like fingering, oral sex, etc.), and it seems ridiculous to me that we’re using this word to mean “hasn’t had sex,” when that word completely ignores so many types of sex. Why is it that the only sex that “counts” is having a penis penetrate a vagina? “Virginity” erases and invalidates queer sex and the experiences of those who are unable to

[ad_1] During the early stages of life, a child goes through his first experience of oral health. Sound dental care habits are imperative to enjoy the benefits of having healthy teeth for a lifetime. It is critical to teach them how to take care of their teeth and normalize the idea of visiting the dentist. Establishing the dentist’s role as a friendly healthcare provider right from the beginning will eliminate dental fear later.  Pediatricians recommend taking your child to the dentist by twelve months of age or within six months after their first tooth erupts. All 20 teeth erupt in the first 30 months of the

[ad_1] Teledentistry is not a new term, but it has gotten unexpected popularity due to the pandemic in recent months. It’s an option to ensure the safest dental care delivery in several scenarios. If you haven’t used teledentistry for your oral health requirements, it is high time to learn more about it. Dentists in Port Melbourne break down the term and help you understand how you can get hassle-free dental care from your home. Importantly, you should know what all dental issues you can consider getting teledentistry without a clinic visit. What Is Teledentistry? If you haven’t heard the term teledentistry, you may want an

[ad_1] Who doesn’t love to flaunt a beautiful smile with dazzling teeth? Teeth whitening treatments are one of the most in-demand dental procedures in Australia. They are known to enhance the look of your teeth, boost your smile and your confidence too. What Is Teeth Whitening? Teeth whitening is a cosmetic dentistry treatment that lightens the color of the teeth by removing stains. Most teeth whitening products include peroxide to give the whitening effect. Peroxide is present either in the form of carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide. Types of Teeth Whitening Treatment Reasons like excessive coffee or red wine, smoking cigarettes, and ageing lead to teeth staining, which calls for a

[ad_1] Do you have lower back pain, pain in your glutes or hips, trouble walking, bending, or standing? The problem might lie deep within your hips in muscles that are often overlooked in strength training. Your hip flexors are the powerhouse of motion. They play a key role in core strength and stability. If your core is weak, your hip flexors will take over, causing the iliopsoas to tighten up, which limits your mobility. Stretching and strengthening these stabilizing muscles can improve your athletic performance and reduce reduce the risk of pain and injury.(1)Find out if hip flexors are causing

[ad_1] These wheelchair exercises and full workout will help you begin your fitness journey or continue on it if you’re an athlete with an impairment that requires you to use a wheelchair. Maybe you are even thinking of trying out for a wheelchair racing event or other wheelchair sports. Whatever your goals, this wheelchair exercise workout will get your going and challenge you! First, learn why wheelchair exercise is like any other exercise program. Wheelchair Exercise Isn’t Fundamentally Different The basics of fitness do not change just because an athlete happens to use a wheelchair. All athletes need to build a solid aerobic

Proper nutrition is essential to staying healthy and fit. If you want to do challenging workouts, you need to fill your energy stores with the right foods – for maximum results. These 9 foods help you build strength and should be a regular part of your muscle building diet.  1. Lentils Legumes are protein and fiber powerhouses. Lentils, for example, are especially high in protein. 100g of this dry good provides about 25g of protein. Their fiber content is also nothing to sneeze at. Just 100g covers half of your daily requirement (30g).  2. Eggs Eggs are the perfect food for a muscle gain

[ad_1] Sex toys have come a long way in terms of tech. They come in all sizes, shapes, and functions. Some vibrate, rotate, put a bounce in your step with rabbit ear design or resemble surreal works of alien art. There are a million and one ways to bring these fancy gadgets into your sex life, partnered or solo. But as many technological leaps forward as there have been, that doesn’t mean old school pleasure is now passéBen Wa balls (aka Ben Wah or Kegel balls) are a delightfully simple source of sexual pleasure. You may have first heard of

[ad_1] Sweat is needed for thermoregulation of the body. It cools our body during hot weather or stress and helps maintain a normal body temperature. People always sweat, even if they don’t notice it. You can see the sweat dripping from your hands or face only when the rate of sweating is higher than normal. This usually happens when it is hot, during physical exercise, or in response to stress. If hands, feet and armpits are always sweaty then you have hyperhidrosis. The best treatment against excessive sweating is procedures with an iontophoresis machine. Such sessions can reduce or stop sweating of hands, feet

[ad_1] Pre-pregnancy Diet Plan 7 Days Menu PDF (Indian Diet plan to Conceive in PCOD). Motherhood is by far the best ever experience that a girl will ever have. Young first-time mothers to be, definitely have loads of questions and concerns. Even before the baby being born parents dream about the future of the kid. From day one of pregnancy, the family takes extra care about the food, activity, and health of the mother. But did you really know that the preparation for having a healthy baby starts even before conceiving? The pre-pregnancy health of the

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