Chris Bumstead’s Energy Drink is Coming…

Chris Bumstead’s Energy Drink is Coming…

We’ve been covering a ton of news on Raw Nutrition, the supplement brand partnered by Chris Bumstead, Matt Jansen, and Domenic Iacovone that’s becoming very well-known for its “CBum” series of products.

Turns out that CBum has something else in store:

BUM Energy: Chris Bumstead’s Energy Drink

Not much is known about it, but we’ve got the beat if you check Instagram (watch until then end):

See it for yourself on Dom Iacovone’s Instagram!

When will Bum Energy be out?

We don’t know anything. But you can sign up for our Bum Energy alerts below on PricePlow to get notified when this article is updated or a new video drops:

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Until then, check out our podcast with the Raw Nutrition team, when Chris Bumstead Joined Raw Nutrition’s Ownership Team in episode #052.

Bum Energy Teaser

Bum Energy is coming!

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