Common Skincare Mistakes That Many Women Commit

Common Skincare Mistakes That Many Women Commit

So, you are following a good skincare routine on a daily basis. Yet you are not getting satisfactory results. Maybe, the problem lies in some of the common skincare mistakes that many women commit but are not aware of. Avoiding these mistakes is as much important as following a regular skin care ritual. Follow the given advice and feel the difference in your skin!

10 Common Skincare Mistakes to Avoid

Here is a list of some of the skincare mistakes that are made without thinking and the skin has to pay for it.

1. Washing the face only in the mornings

Many of us believe that face needs to be washed in the morning and that is enough. It is a myth. In fact, our facial skin is constantly affected by factors such as dust, pollution, cosmetics, and sun rays. Hence, there is a need to clean the face at least two times a day; in the morning and at night. Depending upon the skin type, the number of times of face wash may vary. Excessive washing and rubbing harshly the skin is a strict no-no.

2. Using soap for face washing is not okay


washing face with a soap is a common skincare mistake
Do you use soap to wash your face? Don’t commit this mistake!

On the contrary, it is not okay for your skin to use harsh soaps on the face. It erodes the vital elements and natural moisture from the skin surface leaving it dry and irritated. Mild face wash in gel or cream forms is suitable. It is advisable to choose the face wash according to the type of skin.

3. Seasonal use of moisturizers

The use of moisturizers should not be limited to one season. It is a regime that should be followed around the year.

 Some moisturize the skin only once a day which is not sufficient. The skin needs moisture at regular intervals as the environment takes away the natural elements from the skin. Sufficient moisturizing gives a healthy and radiant appearance to the skin.

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4. Blind use of skin products

The use of skin products without caring for the skin type cannot do well to the skin. The choice of products should be based on the type of skin like dry skin, oily, or combination skin. Even if you follow your skincare religiously, inappropriate skin products cannot make your skin healthy and beautiful.

5. Using sunscreen sparingly

Sunscreen, when applied in less quantity, cannot protect the skin. Sunscreen should be applied liberally all over the face and neck blocks the harmful rays for a longer time. Moreover, it should be reapplied every 2- 3 hours for better results.

6. Exclusion of back and neck from skincare routine

Back skin is part of skin care routine, don't ignore it!

Many women take good care of their faces but ignore the neck portion and back portions of the body. However, it is essential to include these body parts in daily skincare otherwise skin beyond your face will show a tanned, grimy, and wrinkled look. Your neck and face deserve as much care as your face. Exclusion of back and neck is definitely one of the common skincare mistakes.

7. Skipping a night skincare regimen

Those who skip caring for the skin at night get half results. For best skin results, always clean and moisturize your skin before retiring to bed. A good quality night cream repairs and heals the skin from within and ensures healthy glow on the skin.

8. Picking blackheads

Picking whiteheads and blackheads makes them worse and may leave scars behind. Go for proper acne treatment and stop using your short cut methods. Avoid touching your face frequently.

9. Not cleaning your makeup tools


skincare mistakes to avoid- clean makeup brushes regularly
                                                                          clean makeup brushes regularly

Using the makeup brushes repeatedly without cleaning them is not good for your skin. Makeup and oil gets build up on brushes. If you are not cleaning your makeup brushes, its a major skincare mistake you are committing. Start deep cleaning your makeup brushes at least once a week with gentle cleanser.

10. Ignoring the signs of dehydration

Dry and flaky skin is the major sign that your skin is dehydrated. Neglecting this symptom while using skin care products is definitely going to damage your skin. Use hydrating and deep moisturizing products to reduce dehydration. In addition drink lots of water and other fluids to stay hydrated from within.

Other than the above, you also need to understand the correct order of usage of skincare products. The wrong order may not give you desired results.

Hope this post helped you to understand better skincare habits. Remember these points and adopt a fruitful and complete skincare routine for maximized benefits.



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