Dealing with Hemorrhoids in the Heat of Summer

Dealing with Hemorrhoids in the Heat of Summer

Dealing with Hemorrhoids

After some cold and gloomy winters usually spent indoors or bundled in your jackets, summers come as bliss. The season is about some summer adventures and having the time of your life.

However, these adventures can be brought to a halt, and no, not because of a hot day – but in fact, due to hemorrhoids.

What are Hemorrhoids?

For those who don’t know, a hemorrhoid is a condition in which the veins in your anal and rectal area swell. These swellings can be both external and internal. The external swelling is excruciating, and while the internal swelling isn’t painful, it happens to bleed.

The condition is explicitly triggered in summers and can be a nuisance for many.

Why Do Hemorrhoids Get Triggered in Summers?

Hemorrhoids are not specifically a summer disease but are a round-up for many factors, including pregnancy, obesity, genetics, and someone who suffers from constipation.

So, the question is that why does it get triggered in summers so much?

Well, it is entirely because of the changes in the lifestyle we make. Not only do we indulge more in spicy foods and ice-creams during summer, but our body also tends to lose a lot of water, which ultimately leads to dehydration.

However, while the condition is triggered in summers, it doesn’t mean you cannot take some necessary measures to prevent or ease down its symptoms.

Want to know what they are?

Hop on below.

Summer Tips to Leave the Hemorrhoids Pain Behind!

Leave the Hemorrhoids Pain Behind

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If you plan on having the best summer of your life but are someone who suffers from excessive hemorrhoids, then don’t worry. This condition, while painful, isn’t something that cannot be tackled. How so?

Well, all you have to do is follow the advice mentioned below.

1. High-Fiber Diet

Summers usually consist of disrupted schedules and many takeouts – because who wants to cook in the unbearable heat, right?

All this leads to you either eating lesser meals or consuming ones with lower fiber, leading to constipation which is the leading cause of hemorrhoids.

Hence, ensuring that throughout summer, you consume not only proper meals that are fiber-rich but also intake high fiber fruits and vegetables that are available throughout the season.

2. Drink Plenty of Water

While people love making the most of their summer, one small factor they tend to forget in between all the fun is consuming enough fluids. Though it is fun to be out in the summers, it also means that your body’s water loss has increased too.

So, ensuring that you drink adequate water to compensate for the loss is integral. The average water consumption per day happens to be 1.5 L.

However, this number can vary depending on the temperature and the strenuous exercise you indulge in.

Another big reason you should consume water when fighting hemorrhoids is the high fiber intake.

While high fiber intake is excellent to ensure you don’t get constipated, not taking plenty of water along will eventually make it worse. This is because high fiber if it isn’t balanced by water, will worsen constipation.

3. Don’t Sit for Long Periods

Sitting continuously for an uncountable number of hours is the worst thing you can do for your hemorrhoids. It is already known that sitting on a toilet can trigger hemorrhoid pain, so sitting for long hours in one place is supposed to do the same.

Therefore, for those who suffer from this condition, it is advisable to stand, move around and stretch their legs a bit after around 30 minutes of sitting still.

If you are traveling with hemorrhoid and require to sit for long periods, we suggest buying a hemorrhoid pillow/cushion to make your journey more comfortable.

4. Get the Right Amount of Exercise

As we mentioned above, sitting would do you no good, so you must partake in the right amount of exercise. Including a daily dose of physical exercise in your everyday routine will help keep your colon healthy.

However, for those who suffer from hemorrhoids, it is advisable to exclude lifting weights or any strenuous exercise because it is prone to strain your abdomen.

5. Minimize the Use of Laxatives

There is no denying that laxatives come as a lifesaver when one is suffering from constipation. Laxatives, however, are curers because they stimulate intestinal contraction and help ease your bowel.

However, this stimulation can put pressure on your rectal area, eventually leading to hemorrhoids.

Resisting bowel movements can not only cause hemorrhoids but also are dangerous for the health of your kidneys.

Hence, instead of opting for laxatives that stimulate intestinal movement, opt for the ones which work well for your body and help increase the water content within your intestines.

6. Eat Wholesome and Fresh Food

Eating healthy will play a significant role in easing your hemorrhoids. So, make some healthy choices and make sure that you consume a colorful but healthy palate.

Incorporate all seasonal fruits and vegetables, switch your white bread for the bran ones, and reduce alcohol and smoking.

Making these small changes in your lifestyle will help tone down the impacts of your hemorrhoids to a minimum.

7. Wear Some Airy Bottoms

The summer heat means that you will sweat a lot. The sweat and heat aren’t great for the hemorrhoids; hence, on hot days, we advise you to wear some airy clothes.

Wearing clean cotton underwear and loose clothing, especially airy bottoms, will keep the area dry and prevent moisture from accumulating. This, in turn, will help ease the irritation and pain.

8. Curing Hemorrhoids

The condition can be cured through some non-surgical means at home too. If you suffer from extremely painful hemorrhoids, using the following medications might help.

  • Medicated cream and suppositories that help with the swelling.
  • Corticosteroids to help with the inflammation
  • Ba Zhi San Treatment – is an herbal treatment introduced with a combination of naturopathic medication specifically for hemorrhoids. It is perfect for reducing pain and bleeding.

However, while the medicines are safe to use, it is advisable to seek professional advice or consultation before using them.


Summers can be a challenging time for those that suffer from hemorrhoids. However, making some lifestyle choices and eating a healthy diet during the hotter days might help ease this condition.

If you are someone who often suffers from hemorrhoids, we hope this article was sufficient to help you learn how you can deal with them this summer.

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