Electric Auto-Spray Douche Bulb Review

Electric Auto-Spray Douche Bulb Review

This 5-Speed Douche Gives Your Insides a Complete Power Wash

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As someone who partakes in regular anal activity, I’m constantly aware of what I put in my mouth as I know it’ll inevitably come out the other end. To eliminate any fears or worries of a “shitty” situation, douching (the act of rinsing out a body cavity with water) is a common practice done by gay men like myself. Sex, especially with someone new, can be stressful enough, so a quick internal washing helps to put your mind — and butthole — at ease. And while not all sexual situations allot for enough time to douche (i.e. bringing a total random home from a night out), it’s best to plug up with the best product out there when time isn’t of the essence.

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That’s where the electric auto-spray douche bulb comes into play.

About the Electric Auto-Spray Douche Bulb

The electric auto-spray douche bulb, developed by Clean Stream, is described as a way to make douching “a little easier … and a little more fun.”

“This automatic enema features 5 speeds of spraying power, all controlled with the push of a button,” it reads on their website. Yes, not one, not two … but 5 speeds that you didn’t know you needed to clean out your anus. “A total of 5 jet openings on the top and sides of the nozzle will squirt your walls with your solution of choice, with the added feature of a no-backflow design. “ In other words, the clean water will go in, and the dirty water won’t run out like backwash at the bottom of a Coke bottle.

Electric Auto-Spray Douche BulbTomofFinlandStore

It also notes that you can stand up straight, hunch over or fold into a pretzel if that’s how you prefer to douche. “The weighted internal hose allows for 360 degrees of use in any position,” it says on the site. “This enema is [also] both rechargeable and waterproof for your convenience.”

Priced at $89 on CleanStreamGear.com, the technically advanced enema makes douching much easier when a generic, run-of-the-mill bulb just won’t cut it for you. While it sounds like a great investment for anyone, gay or straight, who enjoys hanging out near their back door every now and then, you can’t truly know the power of this product until it’s put to the test in real time.

What You Get with the Electric Auto-Spray Douche Bulb

To really get into the technology behind this revolutionary douche, here are the electric auto-spray douche bulb’s main specs:

Measurements: 9.75 inches in total length, 6 inches insertable length, .85 inches in diameter at tip, 1.7 inches at widest insertable diameter
Material: Silicone, ABS plastic, polycarbonate
Color: Black
Battery: Charges via USB, cable included

Putting the Electric Auto-Spray Douche Bulb to the Test

When put to the test, it’s an experience that amateur butt enthusiasts may not be prepared for. As previously mentioned, there are multiple speeds that gradually build as water shoots out from the top and side nozzles. Traditional douches shoot directly up, neglecting the deep clean the walls of your anal cavity may be in need of. Well, not this one.

Going all-in as I felt the initial speeds were too basic for a douching connoisseur, the fifth speed felt like a volcanic eruption inside my body. I genuinely felt as though the water I squirted inside my butt was going to travel up my body and dribble out of my mouth without warning. It’s a bummer that a camera wasn’t attached during the process as I envisioned what glass windows look like after an extensive cleaning with Windex.

The electric auto-spray douche bulb isn’t exactly discreet, either. Sure, you can’t beat a product with a rechargeable battery, but be warned: Turning this up full blast will alert anyone in the room next to you, even with the door closed. Despite being someone who takes pride in living a relatively shameless life, it was hard not to blush as the douche’s motor revved up, comparing the noise to that of a lawnmower.

Now, it’s worth noting that douching isn’t something you should be doing super frequently.

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According to Bespoke Surgical, an elite anal surgery practice founded by Dr. Evan Goldstein, “over-douching (cleaning too deep, with too much force, or with too much water) can cause problems, such as douche dependency, prolonged anal irritation, elevated mucus production, and lengthening or incomplete contraction of the rectum/colon, which can lead to chronic constipation.”

Basically, douching is great and all, but it has the potential to dry things out up there if overdone. Not to mention, there are some good things up in your butt that help with natural digestion and the absorption of nutrients. Sometimes, it’s better to let your body run its course, and douching should be more of a back-up plan if you feel like you need an assist in cleaning — or in the case of the electronic auto-spray douche bulb, a complete power wash of your insides.

If you give it a try, let us know how it goes.

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