enfinity for Focus in a Chewable Tablet!

enfinity for Focus in a Chewable Tablet!

Natural Stacks Focus Bites

Natural Stacks Focus Bites bring enfinity paraxanthine to a chewable format, with an added hit of vitamin B12 in tow – get focused in one bite!

For the longest time, stimulant-based energy formulas have been driven by the ubiquitous king of legal stimulants: caffeine. Since time immemorial, cultures and civilizations have been built on the back of coffee, tea, and other sources of the wonder-stim.

There are some issues with caffeine, though: It affects everybody differently, and some people have issues with tolerance. In addition, caffeine can cause unwanted side effects like jitters and the infamous crash.

So what do you do when you want to create a nice little chewable energy tablet that provides the kick, but without the drawbacks of the world’s most-consumed drug? You call up TSI Group and switch to enfinity instead!

Focus Bites: A Bite-Sized Boost of enfinity Paraxanthine

Natural Stacks Focus Bites take advantage of a revolution that’s happening in the dietary supplement industry: Instead of using caffeine, this flavored, chewable energy tablet uses enfinity paraxanthine. This is one of caffeine’s primary metabolites that brings all of the benefits of caffeine, but without the longer-lasting side effects and crash that are so commonly associated with the ingredient.

Natural Stacks Focus Bites Bottles

What you get with Focus Bites is something incredibly simple and enjoyable:

  • 100mg enfinity (paraxanthine)
  • 14mcg vitamin B12 (as methylcobalamin)

Chew one or two up, enjoy the uniquely mild minty flavor, and be on your way to enhanced productivity — without the jitters or crash that caffeine brings.

We’re going to dive into a little summary on how the enfinity in Natural Stacks Focus Bites works, and get into Natural Stacks — an open source supplement company — but first, check availability on PricePlow for deals, and sign up for our TSI Group email alerts so that you get notified when there are new happenings on the horizon:

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Natural Stacks Focus Bites – How It Works

1 bite-size serving of Focus Bites (a chewable tablet) contains two ingredients:

  • Enfinity Paraxanthine (100mg)

    Natural Stacks Focus Bites Ingredients

    Enfinity Paraxanthine is a groundbreaking ingredient revolutionizing the stimulant supplement market, developed by Ingenious Ingredients (ING2), marketed by TSI Group, and manufactured by NNB Nutrition.

    When using paraxanthine, a metabolite of caffeine, it’s studied and praised for its enhanced ergogenic benefits, including boosting cellular metabolism[1,2] — yet without the typical downsides associated with caffeine use, such as tolerance buildup and common jitter-inducing side effects. Paraxanthine can also provide additional positive effects of caffeine, including increased fat burning[3] and decreased fatigue[4] alongside increased dopamine levels.[5]

    When you ingest caffeine, the liver metabolizes it into three compounds:

    Paraxanthine: Sold as enfinity and Distributed by TSI Group

    Paraxanthine is the primary metabolite of caffeine, providing most of caffeine’s beneficial effects. Now you can take it directly with enfinity!

    1. Paraxanthine
    2. Theobromine
    3. Theophylline

    Paraxanthine does the majority of the heavy lifting here, as roughly 70-80% of the caffeine is metabolized into the molecule.[6,7]

    However, the other two metabolites, theobromine and theophylline, have far longer half-lives – 6.2 and 7.2 hours, respectively![6] When someone is caffeine-sensitive or a slow caffeine metabolizer, it’s often those two that wreck them.

    Yet nearly all of us just want the effects from paraxanthine itself!

    So thanks to TSI Group, you can now get the metabolite we actually desire in enfinity, and Natural Stacks takes advantage of a very friendly 100 milligram dose that can be doubled or even tripled if you really need the kick.

    Better for slow caffeine metabolizers

    Paraxanthine Reaction Time

    Paraxanthine consumption leads to significantly reduced reaction time[8]

    When it comes to caffeine, humans have been categorized into three groups: slow metabolizers, medium metabolizers, and fast metabolizers.[9,10] As mentioned above, it’s the slow metabolizers who get especially devastated by caffeine’s longer-lasting metabolites. Using Focus Bites with enfinity is the end-around for them.

    Even better than caffeine?!

    It gets even better: new research is beginning to show that paraxanthine may be more potent than caffeine in terms of adenosine antagonism and improvements in cognitive functions, including reaction time, mental accuracy, and psychomotor skills.[8,11]

    Ultimately, you can see how this simple innovation is turning into a revolution — enfinity has everything we want from caffeine, none of what we don’t, and Focus Bites gives you a great chewable way to try it out!

  • Vitamin B12 (14mcg)

    Methylcobalamin is a methylated form of vitamin B12, which has a central role in normal brain and nervous system function. B12 deficiency leads to adverse neurological and psychological consequences.[12,13]

    Natural Stacks Focus Bites Watermelon

    B12 is also crucial for red blood cell production and potentially mitigating megaloblastic anemia,[14,15] characterized by reduced aerobic capacity due to abnormal red blood cells. While the direct energy-boosting effects of B12 for those without a deficiency are debated, even mild deficiencies can cause significant fatigue.[16]

    Methylcobalamin can be particularly beneficial for individuals with genetic variations like the MTHFR gene polymorphism, affecting a significant portion of the population.[17]

    Meat eaters are usually going to have enough in their diet, but as some users are intaking less vitamin B12, it’s a good idea to consider adding more — if you’re low, you’ll potentially be feeling it!

All Natural Stacks Focus Bites flavors

Here’s an up-to-date list of Focus Bites flavors:

Who is Natural Stacks, anyway?!

Natural Stacks Focus Bites Watermelon Mint

Natural Stacks has been around since 2013, exclusively focusing on brain health and nootropics. They’re known for their comprehensive third-party product testing program, where each lot has its own QR code connected to its lab testing results.

Natural Stacks focuses on ingredient traceability, using single-ingredient vendors for sourcing, and not just letting manufacturers run the show by putting cheaper ingredients inside their bottles. They also have no proprietary blends for their active ingredients.

Their focus on focus supplements has made them experts in the space, and it’s great to see them use enfinity as part of their platform.

enfinity is Here to Stay, and Focus Bites are a Fun Way to Try

TSI Group: The Exclusive Global Distributor of enfinity paraxanthine

Announced on September 1, 2023, TSI Group (the sponsor of this article) is the Exclusive Global Distributor of enfinity paraxanthine

When enfinity paraxanthine was brought to mainstream distribution by TSI Group, it started as a niche ingredient. However, with partnerships such as this one from Natural Stacks, we’re seeing the ingredient enter more and more form factors and delivery methods, to the enjoyment of energy-lovers worldwide.

Paraxanthine popularity is skyrocketing – with brands around the world adding it into their formulas in lieu of caffeine — and if you haven’t tried it yet, Focus Bites are a great way to try 100 milligrams at a time.

Consumers are certainly enjoying the caffeine alternative, and brands like Natural Stacks are delivering new and innovative products like Focus Bites to meet that demand. All the better that it has a bit of minty zip to its flavor, much different than the traditional “orange” flavored tablets we’ve become accustomed to.

Natural Stacks Focus Bites – Deals and Price Drop Alerts

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Disclosure: PricePlow relies on pricing from stores with which we have a business relationship. We work hard to keep pricing current, but you may find a better offer.

Posts are sponsored in part by the retailers and/or brands listed on this page.

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