GHOST Hydration RTD Announced on PricePlow: Here’s What We Know

GHOST Hydration RTD Announced on PricePlow: Here’s What We Know

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While in Las Vegas for SupplySide West 2023, we spoke with Dan Lourenço from GHOST on Episode #116 of the PricePlow Podcast. During our sitdown, we discussed all things GHOST, including a recap of their busy 2023 and an eye towards 2024. This past year, GHOST has prioritized scaling and transforming into an even greater behemoth than they already are, especially with Ghost Energy and the international Legend V3 launch.

Ghost Hydration RTD Announced and Tasted!

The biggest and most immediate nugget to arise from our discussion was the imminent release of the new GHOST Hydration RTD, a ready-to-drink version of the popular Ghost Hydration supplement. Shortly after the podcast’s release, Dan posted the following image to Twitter:

Ghost Hydration RTD Leak

What we know about Ghost Hydration RTD

This article will be updated as more information comes to light, but here’s what we know:

On the podcast, Dan foreshadowed 5 flavors dropping at release, including:

Dan Lourenço #5 on the PricePlow Podcast

Dan Lourenço of Ghost Lifestyle returns to the PricePlow Podcast for his fifth installment in Episode #116, going over the meteoric rise of Ghost Energy and what’s coming in 2024

  • Strawberry Kiwi (taste-tested on the podcast)
  • Sour Patch Kids Blue Raspberry, and
  • Sour Patch Kids Redberry

We’re not sure of the other two flavors, but we’d probably expect an orange one and maybe a lemon based one given how well that sells in the powder form. Time will tell.

No taurine

A big statement Dan wanted to make is that Ghost Hydration RTD will have no taurine. This is unfortunately due to a regulatory reason: it’s not de-facto GRAS-approved (generally recognized as safe) in foods at a clinically significant dose.

And Ghost Hydration RTD will be sold as a “food” product with a nutrition facts panel (as opposed to a dietary supplement with a supplement facts panel) because of the slotting they want in grocery stores – it should be with the food/beverages, not supplements.

We’re not sure of what that maximum legal dose is, but it’s not near the gram that we’d like. So rather than educate people on the regulations of why it’s “underdosed”, they’re forgoing the ingredient completely.

We’re not sure what the maximum dose that can be legally be used in foods, but it’s not enough to use.

Watch Dan talk about it and taste it

Here’s the relevant clip from the podcast with the tasting and discussion:

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Well, for those reading, this is also a business opportunity – perhaps someone can get a taurine ingredient self-GRAS approved at a 1-2 gram dose and sell that. Only, it may be tough to get that investment back, since brands may just use generic taurine anyway.

Ghost Hydration

Need more hydrating electrolytes? Then check out the potassium-led formula in Ghost Hydration

Meanwhile, other competitors are just using larger taurine doses in their nutritional food supplements, but Ghost is simply too big of a target to take that risk.

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We love RTDs, and it seems like the perfect format for a hydration formula – get ready to remain hydrated on the go! Until then, head back to our main Ghost Hydration article to get the powder in a tub or stick packs!

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