Insemination – A Natural Pregnancy Hack

Insemination – A Natural Pregnancy Hack

Have you heard of Self-Insemination?

Self-Insemination is a process where a man will ejaculate at home into a cup and use that sample to draw it up with a syringe to insert into his partner. Whenever it comes out, it’s clumpy and goopy. And then basically there are enzymes that break it up. So, he keeps it basically at body temperature by keeping the sterile cup in his hand.

After about 20 to 30 minutes, sometimes a little longer, the enzymes in the ejaculate will break down the sample until it becomes more liquidly. Once it is drawn up with a syringe, either partner can insert it into the vagina, almost like a tampon. If possible the woman should lie flat for 10-15 minutes to increase the chances of conception.

And then the woman could basically put it in her vagina, almost like a tampon, push the fluid in, lie flat for 10, 15 minutes, if possible.

And then basically, we’ve gotten the sperm into the vagina at the right time of the month. We call those, or, they’re called self-inseminations. And again, it’s going right into the vagina so it doesn’t need any medical intervention at all.

And I have about 300 or 400 babies in my practice just from that alone. So, it’s a very easy thing for couples to work around. And sometimes even knowing that that’s an option takes a lot of the pressure off the man and he has easier time actually with intercourse.

So, the self-inseminations are something that people should be aware of. It’s wonderful to conceive through having intercourse but really, what you need is the sperm to get into the vagina at the right time of the month.

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