Is It Sleeping on Stomach with legs Up Is Good ?

Is It Sleeping on Stomach with legs Up Is Good ?


The greatest system ever created is the human body. And even this most sophisticated system needs a rest as much as every system does.

For your health, sleep is not just the best way to rest, but sleep is the best remedy for your overall health as well. Do you sleep well? To know that, you need to observe and understand about your sleeping positions.

A sleep specialist can say a thousand words explaining your health and your characteristics from your sleeping positionsWhat your sleeping position says about you?

If you are sleeping on stomach with your legs up then how is that affecting you? Researchers say stomach sleepers have apprehension, less self-confidence, are obsessive, and rigid by nature.

You need to be aware of your sleeping positions and try to sleep in the correct position. Sleeping on stomach has its advantages and disadvantages as well.

Pros of Sleeping on Your Stomach with Legs Up

Pros of Sleeping on Your Stomach with Legs Up

Sleeping on stomach or belly sleeper is the position where you sleep with your face on the pillow. Sleeping on the stomach with legs up is a position that is also called the free-fall position. Studies suggest around 7 to 8% of people sleep in this position.

Benefits of sleeping on your stomach:


All surveys show that people who are sleeping on stomach with legs up do not snore while sleeping, which is a common problem for back sleepers. Moreover, this position can avoid sleep apnea due to snoring. It is also helpful for the person sleeping beside you or in the same room, as heavy snoring sometimes disturbs sleep.

Enough airflow:

People sleeping on stomach with their legs up have enough airflow in their lungs throughout the night. The position gives them this benefit.

Because of enough airflow, people never snore in this position and they get sound sleep. The complete opposite condition is seen in the back sleepers.

The most comfort:

Yes, this is the most comfortable sleeping position of all. Your stomach is on the mattress, and your leg is up and spread out. That is the reason this position is also called the free fall position.

Many people put their hands underneath the pillow, between their legs, or at the side of the pillow, in this position.

Cons of Sleeping on Your Stomach with Legs Up

Cons of Sleeping on Your Stomach with Legs Up

Is it bad to sleep on your stomach? Yes, it is said to be the most disadvantageous sleeping position by the experts.

Why it is bad to sleep on your stomach:

Because of the position, all the load and pressure comes on the back. Sleeping on the stomach for a long time will create back pain, and related issues as the muscles are stuck and are not in a comfortable posture.

The position of your spine from the neck itself is bending in this position as you have to turn your neck and put it on a pillow. That will also create an odd posture for your shoulder and can create pain.

As your leg is up most of the time while sleeping, blood flow in the leg may be affected. That will create numbness, and you might feel difficulty walking immediately after you wake up.

  • Create disturbance by breaking sleep: 

When you spread your leg and bend it at one side, you are covering more area of the bed. Your partner is going to be annoyed with this position. It could wake both of you and disturb your sleep.

Some studies suggest sleeping on the stomach can result in an upward flow of acid and create chest burn.

The Ideal Sleeping Environment

To have sound sleep the first condition is to have the ideal sleeping environment in the room. A few boxes need to be checked to say you have the ideal sleeping environment.

  • The room should not be too bright, so control lights or makes the room dark if that suits you.
  • The air ventilation should be adequate in the room. Or the air conditioner/heater should be working properly creating a comfortable temperature.
  • The mattress and pillow must be comfortable.
  • The length and width of the bed should be enough for you.
  • Do not get in bed with your electronic devices. Put them aside at least half an hour ago.

Tips for a Better Night’s Sleep in This Position

If you are sleeping on stomach with your legs up, this habit is not going to leave you that easily. Meanwhile, you work on breaking this habit; you should take care of certain things:

Use a pillow or blanket: you can take a pillow or a blanket between your legs and prevent them from spreading or going up.

Change mattress: you can try different mattresses, as one of the reasons for a stomach sleeper is they don’t feel comfortable while sleeping on the back. Maybe a good quality mattress may help you change your habits.

Tie your legs: this may sound a bit weird but it could be a problem solver. Gently tie your both legs and then sleep. As you won’t be able to spread your leg you will be sleeping on your side or your back.

Environment: try and experiment with your room environment, this could help as well.

Alternatives to Stomach Sleeping with Legs Up

There are alternative sleeping positions other than stomach sleeping with legs up. Different sleeping positions have different meanings. There are also benefits and risks attached to it.

Observe how you sleep and find out from this list, how you sleep: 

  • Sleeping on back (Soldier position)
  • Sleeping on back with arms up (Starfish position)
  • Sleeping on the side (Left or right) (Log position)
  • Sleeping on the side with arms out (The yearner)
  • Sleeping on the side with legs bent (Fatal position)
  • Sleeping on your stomach with legs up (The free-fall position)


Do you give sleeping as much importance as you give it to working? You should ask this question to yourself. The human body gets rest and charging by sleeping. It is also the best remedy for your overall health.

To get the best sleep and to have a positive effect on it, you need to understand your sleeping position. If you are sleeping on the stomach with your legs up you need to change this position with the alternative positions.

There are more cons to stomach sleepers than pros. Have a good night’s sleep, it is as important as your work.

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