Makeup Foundation Tips for Flawless Look Like a Pro

Makeup Foundation Tips for Flawless Look Like a Pro

Makeup enhances the beauty of a woman. With the right information in hand about makeup tricks, one can make heads turn and eyes roll. For this, the foundation is the first and most crucial step of makeup. It is also called the makeup base. Read further to learn the right makeup foundation tips, and you can achieve a flawless look like a pro!

makeup foundation tips

Basics on Makeup Foundation


A foundation covers the scars, marks, dark circles around the eyes, and uneven skin tone of the face. It provides a smooth skin tone and the right kind of base for the makeup. Besides, it is different from concealer. While a concealer is used for spot-conceal of pimples, pigmentation and under-the-eyes area, a foundation is best for full face coverage.

Additionally, the color of concealer you choose depends upon your requirements. You may need color-correcting concealers to minimize specific discoloration such as green one to conceal redness from pimples and peach/yellow concealer to deal with greyness under eyes. If you want to forgo foundation completely then choosing concealer close to your skin color is a wise decision.

In case of foundation, you need to choose color as close to your skin color as possible for more natural appearance. However, you have different options for foundation such as sheer which may or may not have tinted moisturizer. Other than that you can opt for medium to full coverage options depending on your requirements.

The right foundation, on the one hand, will give a flawless appearance while the wrong choice of foundation, on the other hand, will spoil the whole look. That’s why access to makeup foundation tips is important to get complete knowledge before buying.

How to Choose the Right Foundation?

Your choice of right foundation depends upon various factors. Read on the following makeup foundation tips to buy the right foundation for yourself-

foundation tips you need to know!
Right Foundation Tips you need to know before you buy one!

Consider your undertone

Undertones are different from your skin color. While people with cool undertone have touch of reds, blues or pinks, the ones with warmer tones have yellow, golden or peachy glow to their skin. Just hold a white paper sheet next to your face or check the color of your veins to ascertain your undertone. Once this sis done, you can go ahead to show the right product for yourself.

Know your type of skin

Whether you have oily skin, dry, combination or normal type of skin, that decides the right kind of product you need to invest in.

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The level of coverage you want

Depending upon the coverage you want, light, medium or full coverage, you may choose the foundation for yourself. There are different kinds of foundations available that suit your needs.

The correct way to swatch

Many people don’t know the correct way to swatch. Swatch on the back of your hand or on cheeks gives you a false impression that you have chosen the right one. The correct way is to apply on your jawline so that you know exactly how well it goes both on your face as well as on your neckline. This is one of the most important makeup foundation tips for choosing the best one for you!

Try out and wait!

Choose the natural color which is closest to your face color. In the natural light, apply a small amount of foundation on the jawline and blend it well. The right kind of shade will merge with the skin tone of your neck and will give a smooth appearance whereas the wrong shade will give a fake look.

Also wait for few minutes to let the foundation settle on your skin and absorb the natural skin heat. This will ideally, tell you what is best for you!

Which type of makeup foundation to choose?

You have different types of foundations to choose. First check out the types available in the stores-

1. Liquid foundation

ZEESEA – Silky Lasting Liquid Foundation-Hydra & Blemish Concealing – 2 Colors (HW)

These are long lasting and easy to blend. Moreover, these are available in water-based as well as silicone-based formats that provide matte and dewy finishes. depending on the look you wish to create, you may choose the right one!

Tip- Choose a liquid foundation that has non-comedogenic formula.

2. Tinted-oil foundation

This one leaves a nourished and glowy look while providing even skin tone. Its an oil that you can wear as foundation.

3. Cream Foundation

COLORKEY – Colorkey Nourishing Cream Foundation – 3 Colors


These provide great coverage to skin while giving flawless look. These are so easy to apply and have hydrated finish on the skin.

Tip- Do not use this type in humid weather.

4. Serum Foundation

BOBBI BROWN – Intensive Serum Foundation SPF 40 PA++++ W-064 Honey 30ml

Recently serum foundation has gained a lot of popularity. You need just a few drops blended into your choice of moisturizer to give a tinted look.  Blend well and voila you get that perfect look added with some serios skincare benefits!

5. Whipped mousse foundation

Basically liquid foundation with air whipped in them, the whipped mousse foundation provides light coverage with a matte finish. These are lightweight but need to be blended well for even finish!

Tip- Use this one for light coverage for  short duration.

6. Stick Foundation

THE FACE SHOP – fmgt Ink Lasting Stick Foundation – 2 Colors #203

Easy to carry around and apply on your skin, stick foundation are quite popular nowadays. Moreover, these non-messy and can be used as concealer too! Surprisingly, you can build the coverage with this one!

Tip- Prep your skin well before using stick foundation to avoid cakey look!

7. Powder Foundation

THE FACE SHOP – fmgt Ink Lasting Powder Foundation – 2 Colors #V203 Natural Beige

Just right for light coverage and finish, powder foundation is so easy to apply and lightweight. If you want no makeup- look then this category is the right one for you! Available in both pressed compact and powder version, these require skin prepping first.

Tip- Hydrate your skin really well and prep before you apply powder foundation.

Now comes the question, which one to choose for best results? Continue to read the best makeup foundation tips-

  • If your skin is dry then go for liquid foundation or go for tinted oil foundation. Moreover, cream foundation also is suitable for dry skin types and for ones with matured skin.
  • If you have oily skin, whipped mouse foundation is right for you. However, in case you want light coverage for your oily skin, then go for powder foundation.
  • And for combination skin types, the powder and liquid foundation can work well. Interestingly, the serum foundation is ideal for all skin types.
  • When it comes to stick foundation, it serves well to normal skin types and oily skin types too.
  • For sensitive skin types, mineral based powder foundation works well.

Makeup Foundation Tips- How to Apply Foundation Perfectly?

Tips to apply foundation correctly
Tips to apply foundation correctly

First of all, the skin should be well hydrated before applying the foundation and makeup. To moisturize the skin well at least 10 minutes before applying the foundation. In case you have oily skin, use an oil-free moisturizer and remember to wipe off the excess oil with tissue from the surface of the skin.

After this you may use silicone-based primer to get smooth looking skin. Now, is the time to apply foundation.

The foundation can be applied well with your fingers or sponge if it is liquid or semi-liquid. For powder foundation, a big brush will be the right thing. And it should be applied along the hairline, jawline, over and under the eyes, on the ear lobes and on the corners of the mouth and nose and lips as well.

The right procedure is to apply small dots of foundation on different parts of the face like nose tip, cheeks, forehead, jawline, and neck. Do not take too much foundation. A little will do. Now, spread and blend these well to give an even look. Avoid pulling at the skin. Check carefully that the foundation is smudged smoothly on the skin without any marks. The skin around the eyes, nose, and jaw should not reflect any lines or spots.

In case you find any creases, take a moist sponge and dab across the face for smooth finish.

Besides the above tips, choose those brands which provided added advantage of sun protection and water resistance with your kind of foundation. Hope this post helped you!

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