Mindfulness Really Can Improve Your Sex Life

Mindfulness Really Can Improve Your Sex Life

Many people are under the impression that mindfulness exercises should be practiced in total silence. And while, sure, that’s ideal in some instances, the beauty of mindfulness is that you can depend on it no matter your environmental circumstances. Any mindfulness instructor will tell you that sometimes it’s more important to be present and grounded in the midst of a noisy subway station or while your kids are having a meltdown, than in a dark, quiet room.

So, if pairing mindfulness with other activities and situations is a good idea, imagine sprinkling some mindfulness into your sex life! This is a very hot topic in the field of sexuality, and with good reason. Mindfulness has been shown to improve libido, heighten orgasms and greatly improve connection between you and your partner.

Mindfulness isn’t hard to learn; in fact, it’s a lot easier to do than most people think. Why? Because there is no right or wrong way to do it. See, there’s a misconception that if you begin to practice (usually by focusing on your breathing or sounds, etc.) and the to-do list of your life keeps worming its way back into your consciousness, you must be failing somehow. But it’s exactly the opposite! Human brains are meant to have thoughts move in and out of our heads all day long. The goal isn’t to lock these thoughts out (because we’re not physiologically capable of that), nor is it to self-criticize when it happens. The whole point is to just keep coming back to the breath/sounds, whenever a stray thought creeps in. Therefore, mindfulness isn’t hard, it just takes committed, frequent practice (even just a minute or two a day).

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