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We offer a variety of home-based medical care services from the comfort of your home

consultation and pharmacy 1
Consultation & Pharmacy

Make an in-person or phone consultation and our licensed physician will treat and dispense medication

laboratory and urology 2
Laboratory & Urology

We carry out a variety of laboratory tests as well as urology services such as catheter care and circumcision

gynaecology and obstetrics 3
Gynaecology & Obstetrics

Family planning, antenatal & post-natal care, STI/STD management and minor gynaecological services

surgery and post-surgical care 4
Surgery & Post-Surgical Care

We do minor surgeries such as wound care, keloid excision, hernia removal

paediatrics and child health services 5
Paediatrics & Child Health Services

Nutritional advice, early childhood illnesses, allergy management

nutritional and fitness advice 6
Nutritional & Fitness Advice

Get a tailored dietary and workout plan to suit your health and fitness goals

occupational therapy and physiotherapy 7
Occupational Therapy & Physiotherapy

Rehabilitative care that helps improve motor skills as well as improving movement, strength and range of motion

patient transportation services 8
Patient Transportation Services

24-hour patient transportation to the hospital

Medical Laboratory

We have partnered with the German Medical Centre and Supreme Lab to cater for your clinical tests including full haemogram, blood sugar, renal profile, lipid profile, and liver profile tests.

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Exemplary Health Care

Get professional treatment be it post-admission care, inpatient services and lab tests from our trained, licensed medical doctors from the comfort of your home

Medicine with Compassion and Care

Our medical team respond to your needs with the utmost care and attention, paying close attention to your requests while giving you the best treatment options

Caring For The Growing Needs Of Community

We choose to provide top-notch medical services at affordable prices so as to cater to all the members of our community each of whom has the right to good medical care