Precautions and Health tips for heart patients during winter

Precautions and Health tips for heart patients during winter

Health tips for heart patients in the winter season

Every year, the United States faces around 1.5 million heart attacks and strokes. More than 800,000 people succumb to cardiovascular disease every year. This means one in every three people die of cardiovascular disease.

Winter poses a substantial threat to people with heart disease who need to follow careful advice during cold months to stay healthy. Today we are counting down some health tips for heart patients during winter. Take a look:

During colder weather, ensure that you are covered up in layers of clothes and wear hats, socks, and gloves to keep the exposed part of the body covered.

Keep warm with frequent breaks

If you work outside in the colder weather then take frequent breaks and go in. Don’t spend too much time outside and give yourself breaks to warm your body up. Make sure you are dressed for the weather and when you come in, enjoy the heater briefly.

 A lot of people tend to drink and smoke more than usual during the winter. Their excuse is the same: It keeps them warm. But that’s wrong. Alcohol doesn’t make you feel warmer nor does smoking.

If it does anything at all, it basically aggravates your cardiovascular condition. Moreover, drinking too much may result in poor blood flow and excessive constriction in the blood vessels thus cutting back on the drinking and taking the puff.

Health tips for heart patients in the winter season

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Take a nice walk in the sun

When it’s getting cold, look forward to the sunshine. It’s quite obvious as many like to bask in the sun during the chillier months. But many don’t find the time to absorb some good, quality sunlight.

It should be a priority for many to soak the sun as much as they can during the winter months and do cardio activity in the sun. Exercise is important for heart health. You may perform yoga poses that are good for the heart.

But check that the activity is not too intense for your age.

During winter, give yourself a break. Don’t get too intense with any activity and while working out, ensure that you don’t overdo it. Take frequent short breaks and work in between.

Don’t stress your heart, take your time and enjoy what you do without needing to rush everything. Follow a simple rule: cut yourself some slack while doing anything and if it is an intensive physical activity then treat yourself a short break every now and then.

Eat small meals frequently

During winter, do your heart a favor. Don’t stress your heart with a heavy meal. Instead of eating two or three big meals during the day, break down your meal plan with five-six small meals. Take a small amount of food in at once at regular intervals and let your body digest it well.

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Stay prepared

When winter months come, keep some remedies handy. Prepare for the winter and don’t give in. You tend to get weak when you develop fever but don’t ignore the signs if you face pain in your jaws, arms, or neck or in other areas and shortness of breath. If you have complaints of chest pain, consult with a doctor immediately.

So, if you suffer from cardiovascular disease, keep these points in mind and ensure your health with a proactive attitude and preparation. Make sure you prepare well for winter ahead with our health tips for heart patients and enjoy a nice cozy, lazy winter.

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