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Infrared Thermometer


Handheld Non-Contact Thermometer High-Precision, Fast Measurement Simple Operation, LCD Digital Forehead Thermometer Ideal For Infants, The sick And The Elderly.

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About this item

  • Two measurement modes: The infrared thermometer is a thermometer that measures the temperature of the human body and object surface by using the principle of receiving infrared. When using underbody mode, it is only required to detect with forehead to measure the body temperature quickly and accurately within 0.5 seconds. The thermometer can also be used to measure the object temperature.
  • High-definition Display: The thermometer features the LCD large-size liquid crystal display, high brightness with backlight, clear and soft display, thus making reading clear. Press and hold the set button for 3 seconds, then press the “+” button or the “-” button to switch between ℃ and ℉.
  • High Quality: In order to provide reliable results and ensure excellent performance, the thermometer applies an updated high-precision sensor probe and the latest smart chip making it faster and more reliable.
  • 32 readings memory storage: The thermometer has a 32 memory readings capacity to continuously track your family member’s temperature.

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Weight 0.17 kg
Dimensions 16.9 × 9.0 × 4.8 cm


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