Reduce Stress and Have Sex This Holiday Season  

Reduce Stress and Have Sex This Holiday Season  

Let’s get right down to what you already know: the holiday season is upon us and that usually means a lot of added stress. The big headline? Stress and sex rarely mix. So, with all the travel and traffic and meal prep and gift lists and décor pressure and family pressure, etc., who can possibly think of sex at a time like this?!  

You! Yes, YOU! “How” you ask? You’ve come to the right place. 

Here are some tips you can employ during the Happy and the Merry (and pretty much any time of year):  

  1. Prioritize what you want for yourself sexually. Yes, this is known as the season of giving. But if you don’t give to yourself, you’ll have a much harder time being generous to others.  
  2. Block time on your calendar for sex. While it might take a bit of spontaneity out of the equation, reserving time means you won’t have to sacrifice what you love. If you don’t, you’ll either miss out entirely on holiday passion OR you’ll secure your strap-on in a moment of desire, only to realize that your drunken Uncle Ed is ringing your doorbell which is decidedly VERY NOT sexy.  
  3. Treat yourself! You know the old adage about buying yourself something while you’re buying presents for others? Make it a new vibe, or something sexy to wear, or edible lube.
  4. Take advantage of novelty and levity! Will you be in new surroundings as you travel to visit loved ones? Will you be forced to sneak around so that you’re intimacy isn’t discovered? These types of scenarios can be super hot or sometimes very amusing (and laughter can make sex all the more fun). This classic clip from SNL illustrates my point. 
  5. This is perhaps THE most important tip: set boundaries and protect them with every fiber of your being. Without boundaries, you lose your ability to enjoy the beauty of the season and the beauty of engaging in sexual pleasure. Give where you can, but also learn to say “no” to activities that are energy vampires. Sex hates stress, and it’s also repelled by exhaustion!  

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by generalized stress, it might be time to seek support. Our experts at Maze can help you find more harmony in your life so that you can pay more attention to things that matter, including your sex life. Contact us to learn more. 

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