Spiritual and Sexual Health: How Both Are Connected

Spiritual and Sexual Health: How Both Are Connected

Spiritual and Sexual Health

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Sexuality and spirituality are closely connected. Whenever you have sex with another person, both of your souls are connected together.

The way we look at life, love, care, and compassion are all affected by our sexuality because sex is not just a physical act; it also involves a deeply spiritual aspect that contributes to a person’s overall growth.

How is Spiritual and Sexual Health Connected?

 Our sexuality and spirituality are both deeply connected to our life force energy.

However, sexuality has been defined in our culture right now. We have grown up in a time where spirituality and sexuality are being separated.

As such, it is important to remind everyone how both of these important aspects of our lives are actually connected to each other.

1. Spirituality and sexuality are both essential for carving your own path in life

Being in an intimate relationship with a partner can help you on your journey to who you truly are.

  • You will never become who you truly are unless you have found that one person with whom you can be one in spirit;
  • The same can also be said if you can’t find the person with whom you can feel a sense of oneness with the universe.

It is not possible for sexuality alone to truly bond two different individuals. They should also be spiritually connected for them to experience true oneness and to help them become who they truly are.

2. Sexuality is also sacred

Sexuality is where all life comes from. Since life is sacred, then sexuality is also sacred. Unfortunately, many people have defiled the true meaning of sexuality. Keep note that sexuality alone is called lust.

  • Sexuality alone can’t produce a real intimate relationship. It needs to be channeled because if sexuality is left untamed, it can turn into lust.
  • The same can also be said about spirituality. Even if you feel deeply connected to life, you will never become who you truly are if you don’t receive a sexual awakening.

3. True intimacy can only be produced when sexuality and spirituality are brought together.

A truly intimate relationship can only be achieved when there is a union of two fleshs and two souls. Both are actually needed for a relationship to survive.

  • Spend time with your partner and do things you both enjoy. True sexuality can only be achieved when there is true love.
  • When sexuality is grounded in an intimate relationship, both partners will start to feel deeply connected to each other.

4. Your journey to spirituality will only begin once you understand what true sexuality is all about

Sexuality doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to be one in the flesh with another person.

True sexuality means that you know how to love and pleasure yourself. It is only when you understand what true sexuality is all about that you can start your spiritual journey.

Your spiritual journey involves a lot of things like:

  • You have to learn first how to love yourself;
  • Find the things that can give pleasure to yourself;
  • Being honest with yourself;
  • Find out what’s your calling in life and follow it; and
  • Have faith in something that’s far greater than yourself.

5. Don’t take sexuality as a means of getting “enlightened”

As mentioned earlier, sexuality if untamed can turn into lust. Don’t let your sexual desires get the better of you because sexuality alone will never make you whole.

In fact, true sexuality doesn’t mean you have to have a partner. True sexuality means taking time to find pleasure for ourselves, making love to ourselves, and getting to know better about our sensations and feelings.

The so-called “enlightenment” that you might be trying to achieve can only happen when there is a sexual and spiritual union involved.

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6. When there is sexuality and spirituality involved, you will feel complete and whole

Being in a truly intimate relationship can make you feel better about yourself. You have more peace of mind, you will feel more content, and you start to appreciate your life more.

Simply put, a lot of good things can happen to you when you are spiritually and sexually healthy.

  • You become less and less interested in material things especially in gaining wealth and power.
  • You start to contribute more to the good of the community.
  • You become less self-centered.
  • You become more concerned about the needs of others.

Many people fail to understand what spirituality and sexuality are all about. Do know that both of them are closely intertwined. By finding out who you truly are and being intimate with someone you deeply love and trust; you will become whole as a person.

Spirituality and sexuality also affect every other aspect of our lives since they are both essential for our overall growth.

So be sure to keep track of your sexual and spiritual health as well.

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