The Anti-Aging Benefits of Sex

The Anti-Aging Benefits of Sex

Sex doesn’t just feel amazing (for most people), it also comes with a whole slew of health benefits. If sex can help support your overall health, it begs the question “Does sex help slow down the aging process?”

Let’s be clear – sex doesn’t “slow aging”. Aging is inevitable and is a beautiful part of life. But there are many tools you can use to help support your body along the way. These tools can help lower your risk of aging-related health conditions and help you feel better and more energized as your body changes. 

We understand that sex is a broad term, especially for those in the LGBTQI+ community, so by sex, we don’t just mean penetration, it can also mean oral sex, anal sex, etc. It’s also important to note that while some benefits of sex have to do with connecting with another person, many can be experienced by masturbating

Here are just a few of the ways that having sex can help support your body as you age:

Decreasing Stress Levels

We’re all now well aware of the many dangers of high-stress levels. The body releases the hormone cortisol in response to stress. This is entirely normal and part of a healthy, functioning body. Too much cortisol however can wreak havoc on the body. 

Chronic stress can increase your risk of serious health complications like heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, and diabetes. Sex may be able to help with that. 

Physical exercise, including sex, can help reduce stress hormone levels across genders. Having sex, especially during orgasm, helps to release oxytocin, “the love hormone”. This helps boost your mood and increase levels of intimacy, which can also help reduce stress levels. 

A healthy, fulfilling, consensual sex life whether that’s with one partner or more also has a positive impact on stress levels from a social perspective. Getting emotional support, and experiencing intimacy, trust, and safety with another person can do wonders when it comes to stress. 

Better Sleep Health

Sleep hasn’t always gotten enough attention in the wellness space. But getting enough sleep is just as important to your health as eating well and exercising. 

Researchers at the University of California Los Angeles found that partial sleep deprivation can make older adults’ cells age quicker. This means that just one night of poor sleep can age your cells, even if it’s a small amount. When you sleep, your body performs a number of biological processes that impact your brain and overall health.   

Getting enough sleep is key for immune function, lowering your risk of developing chronic diseases, and helping you feel better throughout your days. A study published in the Journal of Sleep Research found that people who had partnered sex that led to orgasm before bed tended to fall asleep better and have better quality sleep. 

Stress is also a big factor when it comes to sleep health. When you reduce your stress levels by having sex, you’re also promoting your sleep hygiene. Unfortunately, there’s limited research on the sleep-boosting benefits of people who masturbate before bed, but lived experience can tell you that it certainly helps a lot of people!

Supporting Heart Health

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), cardiovascular deaths are the leading cause of death globally. More than 80% of these deaths are due to strokes and heart attacks. The biggest contributing factor when it comes to cardiovascular health is lifestyle choices. 

Things like diet, physical activity levels, and tobacco and alcohol use may all impact your cardiovascular health. Another lifestyle choice may as well – your sex life.

One study found that women who have regular partnered sex had a lower risk of cardiac events later in life. They also found that older women who self-reported having a satisfying sex life had a lower chance of having high blood pressure – another contributing factor toward cardiovascular health. These benefits were primarily found in cis women.

Boosting Immune Health

Your immune system is essential for fighting off infectious illnesses, diseases, and infections. Having a healthy immune system can help prevent serious complications when a foreign pathogen enters your body or you happen to get sick. 

Immune health is even more important as you age, when you become more susceptible to a wide range of health issues. Researchers found that college students who reported having frequent sex (three or more times per week) had higher levels of salivary immunoglobulin A (IgA) in their saliva. 

IgA is an antibody found in mucous membranes like the digestive and respiratory tracts, as well as saliva. This antibody is essential for fighting off attacks from infectious microorganisms like viruses and bacteria, especially on your mucous membranes.

Another study found that people who had sex more than three times a month had a lower risk of contracting COVID-19. Participants’ immunity status showed a positive correlation with sexual activity levels. This means the higher the sexual activity levels, the lower their chance of becoming sick. 

Sex and Aging

As sexuality research continues to grow, we are seeing more and more the many health benefits of sex. While these benefits might not stop aging in its tracks, sex can be one part of a healthy lifestyle. It can be difficult to carve out time for intimacy, but a healthy sex life is not only an important part of your relationships but your overall well-being. 

For many people, sex is an essential part of human connection. It’s also a huge source of pleasure and joy. These are some of the most important parts of life, and if you’re able to experience them while also boosting your physical health, then more power to you!

A satisfying sex life isn’t just about having orgasms. When you’re able to increase intimacy, you’re also improving your overall quality of life, and supporting the aging process while you’re at it.

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