The Secret Is Out | Maze Women’s Health Blogs

The Secret Is Out | Maze Women’s Health Blogs

“In a study by the Melpomene Institute for Women’s Health Research, they found that 52% of girls with a poor body image almost always compare their appearance to others.”  I recently read that Victoria’s Secret is saying goodbye to its “Angels” and will be rebranding. It’s high time we rebrand what is “sexy”.

At Maze Women’s Health I see many women in our practice who are new moms, or experiencing perimenopause, or post menopause. They relate that they are having difficulty recognizing their bodies as their own, and have lost that “sexy feeling.” These body insecurities are holding them back from enjoying the sex life they used to have, and they feel they are missing out. Their bodies have changed and they feel down about themselves. But you are not alone. Download our free guide on topics written by the experts! Low libido, hormonal changes, pelvic pain, and more. 

What to do?
Writing down the negative things we say to ourselves about our bodies and challenging these thoughts can be useful. Asking ourselves: do these thoughts contribute to our stress? Where do they come from? Are these thoughts logical?  Victoria, I have a Secret for you – I’m talking about you!

We can create new rules for ourselves. These can include not talking pejoratively about our own and other women’s bodies. Not making self- deprecating jokes about our appearance. Not allowing others to make us feel bad about our bodies or comment on our looks. When greeting someone, say something about what they do rather than how they look. Let’s reshape the conversation and not get bent out of shape about our appearance!

For any questions or concerns about your sexual health, contact us for a free phone consultation. We’re more than happy to help!

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