Top 5 Foods for Men’s Peak Sexual Health

Top 5 Foods for Men’s Peak Sexual Health

If your sexual health isn’t what you’d like it to be, your daily habits could be to blame. Things like tobacco, alcohol, and obesity will all decrease your fertility and negatively affect your sexual functioning. Fortunately, there are many simple things you can add to your lifestyle that will get you back on track toward better health. These five foods are a powerful first step.

Oysters – A Zinc-Rich Delicacy

Oysters have long been identified as an aphrodisiac, but there’s some real science behind how they boost your sexual health. Oysters are rich in zinc which plays an important role in regulating testosterone levels. Crab and lobster contain zinc as well, though they lack the super-doses that oysters can offer.

Peaches – For Peak Fertility

If you’re looking for a natural way to boost your fertility, peaches offer a juicy answer. Their high vitamin C content helps improve sperm motility. The effect of vitamin C on sperm health is so drastic that men who were considered infertile after smoking most of their lives became fertile again after increasing their vitamin C intake. Vitamin C also lowers cortisol, a stress hormone. Increasing your vitamin C for just two months can have dramatic results. Other foods high in this vitamin include watermelon, tomatoes, and green and red peppers.

Chocolate – A Mood Boost with Health Benefits

Chocolate contains phenylethylamine that boosts serotonin and endorphins in the brain, which are chemicals associated with happiness. Chocolate also boosts your cardiovascular health and improves circulation. This in turn can increase blood flow to the penis making it easier to get an erection. So go ahead and indulge in dessert, just don’t overdo it.

Walnuts – A Sexual Superfood

Walnuts play a major role in men’s sexual health. Packed with vitamins B1, B2, A, E, and F, they offer a range of benefits. Walnuts improve motility, morphology, and vitality of sperm. They’re also beneficial for the lining of blood vessels, supporting a strong erection.

Leafy Greens – A Big Magnesium Boost

The magnesium in leafy greens dilates blood vessels which will increase blood flow to the penis for a stronger erection. They’re also packed with other healthy nutrients. Load up on cabbage, spinach, kale, Swiss chard, and other greens.

If you’re ready to change your lifestyle for the better and improve your sexual health, start adding these powerful foods to your weekly menus. A healthy diet and other lifestyle changes can help, whether you’re battling erectile dysfunction or just looking to add extra sparks in the bedroom. Experiencing sexual dysfunction or fertility issues? Contact us for a free phone consultation to find out how we may be able to help you.

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