Twenty Tips to Feel Energized on a Rainy Day, Lifestyle

Twenty Tips to Feel Energized on a Rainy Day, Lifestyle

Who says you cannot have fun and feel energized on a rainy day? You certainly can! However, there are times when rainy days make it tough for you to get out of bed, and the weather makes you feel uninspired and sluggish. Nevertheless, they are innovative ways to improve your mental health and feel energized on a rainy morning.

tips to feel energized on a rainy day
How to feel energized on a rainy day?

Twenty Tips to Feel Energized on a Rainy Day

Here’s a list of 20 tips to make you feel energized on a rainy day morning

Get Some Fresh Air

Once you wake up and know it is a gray day, it is obvious that you would want to go back to bed and sleep! Instead of sleeping, go to your terrace, or balcony, or simply stand in front of an open window. Let the rain droplets and outdoor air make you feel refreshed.

Drink Water with Lemon Slices

water with lemon slices

This amazing water will help you rehydrate, and the zing of lemon will eventually wake you up.

Perform Stretching Exercises

stretching exercises

Anything from slow yoga moves to slow jumping jacks will increase the circulation of blood in your body.

Allocate Digital Detox Time

After waking up, try to ignore your phone for at least 30 minutes. Enjoy the weather and think of all the positive things that you want to do during the day. Besides, once in a while, you can take a break from screen time and indulge in indoor games or family time.

Have a Healthy Breakfast 

Whether you are going to the office or staying home, it is necessary to have a good breakfast that consists of fruits, cereals, and yogurt. Also, a freshly made warm breakfast sets the tone right for the day. Check out amazing recipes and go ahead, and treat yourself to a healthy, aromatic, and fulfilling breakfast. This will make your rainy day morning happier.

Try Breathing Exercises 

You need to do a breathing exercise to let the fresh air go into your body and make you feel rejuvenated. Anulom-vilom, bhramri, kapalbhati and 2-4-7 are some of the breathing techniques that would help to keep your mind light!

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Repeat Affirmations

Say positive things every day like, “Today is a happy day, healthy day,” and this will motivate you to go to work on a rainy day too. Some other affirmations can be – “I love myself for who I am”, “I will get through today”, “I can handle change”, “I am worthy of trust and love”, and so on.

Switch on your Favorite Music

You can create a good rain song playlist, play it on a rainy day morning, and see yourself bright and breezy. Or listening to a peppy number or even instrumental music work wonders for your mood!

Declutter Your Closet

You will admit that this is the best thing to do on a rainy day. Make piles of items that you do not wish to wear and stack them in a different place and donate them whenever you want.

Invest in Quirky Raincoats 

Polka Dot Rain Coat


Who says grown-ups have to wear a dull-colored raincoat? Opt for bright colors like neon and bright pink to brighten up your rainy day morning while you go out for a meeting or lunch.

Rubber Tall Rain Boots

Buy Catchy Rain Accessories

Umbrellas are a good fashion statement too. If you are someone who loves to collect umbrellas, then go for different shades and choose one according to your mood while going out. Also, buy stylish yet function and water-resistant rain pouches, bags, and backpacks to keep your stuff safe.

Keep Your Galoshes Ready!

PVC Rain Shoe Cover (various designs)

Rubber boots are probably one of the best things that you should love about rain. Protect your rain boots or other footwear with galoshes, also known as shoe protectors. These can be transparent, may have zippers, or combined with fabric. Now, you won’t have to worry about your expensive footwear while roaming around on a rainy day!

Get Set for Binge-Watching

activity for happy rainy day
Binge watching does not hurt, once in a while!

If you are not in the mood to go out anywhere, watch your favorite movie with a cup of tea and snuggle in your bed to feel good. Otherwise, binge-watch shows on Netflix and chill. The time will pass soon!

Get a Vitamin D Lamp

When feeling rainy day blues, light up this Vitamin D lamp or sun lamp to brighten your day and mood as well. Also, consume Vitamin D-rich foods such as tuna and salmon to boost your mood.

Bake Bread and Brownies

If you are a baking lover, a rainy day is the perfect day for spending some time baking what you love and filling your house with a luscious aroma of cinnamon. So quickly, check out some Youtube videos and try a brand new recipe right away!

Invite over Your Friends 

You can invite your friends to your place and throw a tea party. This is the perfect escape from a monotonous life and makes you feel energized too. After all, what are friends for? Whenever you feel gloomy or stressed out, a chat with a friend is the right recipe for happiness!

Dip into Soothing Lavender Bath

ROUND A ROUND – Fizzy Sound Bath Bomb – 3 Types Lavender Moon

Lavender soothes your mind. So, take a long and soothing lavender bath and pamper your skin with essential oils on a rainy day. This not only freshens your body but destresses your mind, making you feel better like never before!

Painting a Clay Pot

You can paint a clay pot with a cool, colorful design and let it dry. Once it dries, plant herb seeds in it and see how beautifully it grows. The feeling of helping a seed grow into saplings can’t be explained in words, right?

And how about taking a pic of your creation and posting it on social media, your people are going to love this for sure!

Organize Your Bookshelf



You can organize your bookshelves and pick an unread book to start and this will definitely make you happy and energized. Interestingly, reading books has a calming effect and as you know books are great friends too. Go ahead and find the right book for yourself to read 🙂

Plan Your Next Day

Plan your next day and think about what needs to be done. Besides, jot down your ideas in a journal about your personal life, work life, and relationships. Moreover, you can maintain a journal for different purposes such as a habit tracker, planning your week/ month, mood trackers, self-care, etc. This will make up your rainy day more productive.

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