What Is Sex Ed for All Month?

What Is Sex Ed for All Month?

By , 16, Staff Writer

May 14, 2024

Besides “May flowers,” May also brings #SexEdForAllMonth! Since 2019, Sex Ed for All Month has brought awareness to the importance of quality comprehensive sex education. A group called the Sex Education Collaborative (SEC)—“made up of 26 national, regional, and state-based organizations with extensive experience training educators to deliver school-based sex education,” according to their website—named May as Sex Ed For All Month.

The goal is to have a world where all young people—no matter who we are or where we live—get the sex education we deserve!

Accurate, Non-Shaming and Inclusive

So, what would this look like? Well, we deserve sex ed that is medically accurate, non-shaming and inclusive of all—whether that be race, gender identity, sexual orientation, ability or any other part of our identities. We deserve to have our questions answered without being judged. We deserve to know not just about anatomy and sexually transmitted infections (STIs) but also about safer sex and the importance of consent and communication in relationships.

Having this type of information is incredibly important for young people. It allows us to make safe decisions about relationships and sex by learning not just about any “risks” but also how to be healthy, compassionate and respectful of others. Sadly, there are too many schools in the U.S. that deprive teens of this right, providing a limited education, if any sex ed at all. In fact, “only 29 states and D.C. mandate sex education in schools, and where sex ed is taught, 13 states don’t require the content to be evidence-informed, medically accurate or age-appropriate,” according to the SEC.

Why Is This Important for Teens?

Did you know that research has shown that sex education helps students? Having the facts leads to fewer unintended pregnancies and STIs. It encourages better communication skills and healthier relationships. It provides information that teens may be curious about so they don’t have to go searching for it in places that may give inaccurate, harmful information. It helps LGBTQ+ teens feel seen and understood and all teens to develop empathy for those who may be different than them.

At a time when reproductive rights and sex ed are under attack, having comprehensive sex education is incredibly important. Even though the overwhelming majority of adults in the U.S. believe in the importance of sex ed, there is a minority who are trying to prevent young people from having this valuable information.

But everyone deserves the right to a quality sex education and the ability to safely make decisions regarding sex, relationships and/or their identity.

How Can You Help?

There are many ways teens can help!

For starters, you can build awareness and support the right to sex ed by finding out who makes decisions about sex ed at your school and speaking with them, with respect and curiosity. You can discover how decisions are made about what does and doesn’t get taught as a part of your district’s sex ed.

You could gather friends and peers and ask them what they would like to see as part of their sex ed. You can plan different ways to advocate for more comprehensive sex ed, such as attending and speaking at school board meetings.

Don’t forget there are so many resources out there, including Sex, Etc., to help you along the way!

By bringing awareness to this issue, we hope that it will help remove stigma, spread the word about the importance of comprehensive, inclusive sex ed and allow a judgment- and shame-free zone for every teen to freely ask questions about sex and sexual health.

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