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Fresh Supps x Nutrition Faktory: Pink Lemons Preworkout

Last year, Fresh Supps burst onto the supplement industry scene, and they immediately hit the ground running. Founded by Greg Helton, the brand’s rookie year saw the introduction of three products: Fresh Supps Pre-Workout, Fresh Amino, and Fresh Creatine Monohydrate. Fresh Supps is celebrating the opening of the Nutrition Faktory’s new Murfeesboro, TN store by […]
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The Genetic Differences of Caffeine Metabolizers

In 2023, something really big happened. MuscleTech launched the EuphoriQ pre-workout — the first mass-market supplement containing paraxanthine, a stimulant that replaces (it’s actually the main metabolite of caffeine). Some people get absolutely wrecked by caffeine, and using genetic research, this article explains why. The solution? MuscleTech EuphoriQ pre-workout, which instead uses enfinity paraxanthine. We […]
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Kaged Kickstarts 2024 in The Vitamin Shoppe’s Fit Lifestyle

Long ago, when we started PricePlow, this corner of the industry was basically called “Bodybuilding Supplements”. As the industry grew and shifted away from just bodybuilding, the niche transformed into “Sports Nutrition”… but that’s not exactly a perfect fit either. Not everyone’s into sports, after all. To combat that, we’ve more recently seen a move […]
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