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About Us

Prestige Home Health Care was founded by Dr R. K. Muchangi after he noticed a need for in-home medical care. 

After working in some of Kenya’s top hospitals, the need for post-hospital care came to his attention. While some patients were unable to come to the hospital for treatment while others preferred not to, particularly after the breakout of the Covid-19 pandemic.

It was this need for high quality, affordable medical care that drove him to partner with other health professionals and open Prestige Home Health Care.

prestige home care kenya

To provide our patients with top-notch medical care from the comfort of their homes


To be the premier partner of choice to individuals and families seeking a home-based care provider in Kenya

Why we exist

Our patients’ need for comfort, security and one-on-one attention is our top-most priority.

At Prestige Home Health Care, our licensed physicians offer tailor-made, first-class medical care to each of our patients. 

Our highly trained physicians pay particular attention to each patient’s needs in the courses of treatment given, opting for the most-effective and pocket-friendly. They work together with highly trained medical service providers who ensure the highest standards of care are met during and post-treatment.

We also offer post-treatment follow up to ensure each patient is getting on well.

Our managers work together with the medical team to make certain that each patient gets the best service and all their needs are met.

The team is available to our patients 24/7 to handle each patient’s case and guarantee a quick turn-around time.

prestige home care kenya

Why home care?

Home-based care is a rapidly growing trend in the medical field. More and more people are running their lives from the comfort of their home and thus, having a personal doctor visit them at home fits in with their lifestyle.

Home-based care entails medical services provided by a trained, licensed medical practitioner at the patient’s home.

This form of medi-care is growing in popularity as it provides patients with the privacy that is often lacking in health facilities. It is also more cost-effective and time-saving for the patient as they don’t have to travel to the health facility or sit in long queues. 


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Our Partners

German Medical Centre
Medical and diagnostics centre

Our partnership with the German Medical Centre ensures that your imaging, diagnostic analysis and lab needs are met

The Labib Hospital
Medical Hospital

We have partnered with Labib Hospital to cater for surgical procedures, ambulance services and other inpatient services that you might require.

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