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Why you should
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Home based health care is a rapidly growing trend in the medical field. More and more people are running their lives from the comfort of their home and thus, having a personal doctor visit them at home.
Home-based care entails medical services provided by a trained, licensed medical practitioner at the patient’s home.
This form of medi-care is growing in popularity as it provides patients with the privacy that is often lacking in health facilities. It is also more cost-effective and time-saving for the patient as they don’t have to travel to the health facility or sit in long queues.

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Available Lab Tests 

We offer a range of lab tests  for a variety of ailments and conditions

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Available Lab Tests 

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Available Lab Tests 

Get thyroid function, h. pPylori,  and blood sugar tests

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We are committed to enhancing your healthcare by providing you with out-of-hospital medical advice, lab tests and medication from the comfort of your home.

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