Profertil Female Capsules 56’s

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PROfertil is a medical dietary supplement designed to support and improve female fertility levels. It is formulated with a combination of micronutrients that play a role in healthy sperm production. The key ingredients include L-Carnitine, L-Arginine, Coenzyme Q10, Vitamin E, Zinc, Folic Acid, Glutathione, and Selenium.


PROfertil is specifically crafted to provide essential micronutrients that contribute to the overall well-being and fertility of females. The supplement aims to enhance the levels of important vitamins, minerals, and enzymes that are naturally present in the body and play crucial roles in supporting sperm production.

Key Ingredients:

  1. L-Carnitine: Amino acid derivative known for its role in energy metabolism.
  2. L-Arginine: An amino acid that is a precursor to nitric oxide, which plays a role in blood vessel relaxation.
  3. Coenzyme Q10: A compound that helps produce energy in cells and possesses antioxidant properties.
  4. Vitamin E: A fat-soluble antioxidant that helps protect cells from oxidative stress.
  5. Zinc: A mineral important for various physiological functions, including reproductive health.
  6. Folic Acid: A B-vitamin crucial for cell division and DNA synthesis.
  7. Glutathione: A powerful antioxidant that plays a role in cellular defense.
  8. Selenium: A trace element with antioxidant properties.


  • The specific usage instructions for PROfertil may vary, and individuals are advised to follow the recommended dosage provided on the product packaging or as directed by a healthcare professional.

Additional Information:

  • PROfertil is categorized as a medical dietary supplement, suggesting a focus on supporting specific health-related needs.
  • The combination of ingredients in PROfertil reflects a comprehensive approach to addressing factors related to fertility.


  • Individuals considering the use of PROfertil, especially those with pre-existing medical conditions or taking medications, should consult with a healthcare professional before starting any supplementation.


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