Pulsin Soya Protein Isolate 250g

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  • Soya Protein Isolate: A plant-based protein with 90% protein content and rich in isoflavones.
  • Dairy-Free Protein Boost: Ideal for those seeking a dairy-free, gluten-free, and GMO-free protein option.


Introducing Soya Protein Isolate, your premium choice for plant-based protein. With an impressive 90% protein content, it’s a nutritional powerhouse that’s perfect for those looking to boost their protein intake without the need for dairy.

Pure Plant-Based Nutrition: Soya Protein Isolate is derived from natural soya sources, making it an excellent option for vegans and those who prefer plant-based diets. This complete protein source not only provides essential amino acids but also offers the added benefit of isoflavones, which have been associated with various health advantages.

Dairy-Free, Gluten-Free, and GMO-Free: We understand the importance of dietary restrictions and preferences. Soya Protein Isolate is free from dairy, making it suitable for those with lactose intolerance. Additionally, it’s gluten-free, catering to individuals with gluten sensitivities. Plus, you can enjoy it with confidence, knowing that it’s free from genetically modified ingredients.

In summary, Soya Protein Isolate is your all-natural, plant-based protein solution that provides you with the protein you need without compromising your dietary choices. Whether you’re dairy-free, gluten-free, or concerned about GMOs, this protein supplement has you covered. Enhance your nutrition with the goodness of soya and experience the benefits of a complete plant-based protein.

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