Can Face Yoga Help You Get a Better Smile? Lifestyle and Health

Can Face Yoga Help You Get a Better Smile? Lifestyle and Health

A beautiful smile is indeed a part of your personality that grabs instant attention and makes people feel comfortable around you. Isn’t it? However, with the accumulation of stress over time, your facial muscles garner tension. Face yoga involves subtle exercises to stimulate your facial muscles, lymphatic system, and skin.

This, in turn, improves skin elasticity, reducing signs of aging, and perfecting your smile. In other words, face yoga can instantly rejuvenate your facial muscles to give you a profoundly better smile.

More About Face Yoga


Face yoga provides you with a natural alternative to improve your structural facial appearance. It works by relaxing overactive muscles, toning weaker muscles, preventing sagging, and reducing expression lines. Moreover, such yoga involves simple exercises that target your face and neck to provide lasting results.

These exercises work as a natural facelift to enhance your overall well-being. While exercises strengthen the muscles under the skin, massage releases tension improves lymphatic drainage, and boosts circulation. Face yoga also promotes skin health.

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Face Yoga Exercises for Better Smile

Although many people believe that you cannot do much to improve your natural features, face yoga exercises target your key facial muscles to change your smile and other facial features effectively.


Here is a list of exercises that you can do to improve your smile. Before you begin with any of these exercises, remember to clean your face and apply a serum or cleansing balm so that your fingers can effectively glide on your skin.


The Whistle

Push your lips tightly together as you do when you whistle. Make sure that you stretch and push out your lips so that you can feel a sense of tension in your surrounding facial muscles. Hold for 10 seconds and repeat ten times. You will notice a visibly wider smile a couple of weeks later.

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The Rabbit


This simple exercise will tone your cheek muscles, provide better control, and make your smile more flexible. For this exercise to work, you need to grab a mirror and try to smile as wide as possible when your mouth is closed. Watch your smile extending from ear to ear. Wiggle your nose to engage your cheek muscles. Hold the pose for a while and repeat at least ten times.


The Wide Smile

As opposed to the previous one, you do this exercise with your lips open. For this, you have to smile as wide as possible, hold the pose for 15 seconds, and repeat ten times. You may feel mild straining sensations in your cheek muscles. Over several days, you’ll notice a visible improvement in your smile.

Give these exercises a try and transmit your feelings through a beautiful smile the way you always desired.

The Takeaway

 Face yoga involves a simple yet effective self-care technique to improve your facial appearance by strengthening and toning your facial muscles. As a result, you get visible outer transformation accompanied by a more confident smile.




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