How does a Dentist Fix a Chipped Tooth?

How does a Dentist Fix a Chipped Tooth?

Dentist Fix a Chipped Tooth

As we all know that tooth enamel is one of the hardest tissues in our human body, but under certain circumstances, it may cause damage. It generally happens when we try to chew hard substances or hard food.

While trying to crack hard nuts with our teeth, they might lead to awful situations. Therefore I am going to mention some facts which could be done at home and also at dental clinics.

5 Ways to fix Chipped Tooth at Home

  1. Reduce the pain by taking pain relievers like acetaminophen or ibuprofen.
  2. Rinse the mouth areas with some saltwater to lessen the risks of getting infected.
  3. If the damage is serious like we can see a sharp edge, then the area is to be covered with chewing gum.
  4. While eating one must eat soft food and the affected areas have to be avoided while chewing.
  5. The infected area is to be treated with Dentemp. This is available in the local drug stores or pharmaceuticals for a temporary period until one can consult a dentist Bendigo.

How do dentists repair a chipped tooth?

Depending upon the rate of damage, the dentist can give good advice for that particular kind of problem. If the damage is not serious then the problem could be sorted out in one go. If the damage is more, then it would take time to repair.

If someone has chipped a smaller portion of his or her enamel, then it’s easier for the dentist to look into the problem.

The dentist can jolly well apply the filling. If the front teeth don’t stay in their previous form or get spoilt, the colored composite resin is applied to the surface.

You can consider Bonding as a simple process where there is no need to make that particular area senseless. The dentist Boronia starts his or her job by etching that part with a special gel. Next, they apply an adhesive substance and after this apply resin.

After applying resin, he or she would give a definite shape to it so that it matches with the other teeth. Then the dentist will harden that area with the help of ultraviolet light.

In certain cases when the front tooth is broken, they can make it look like the original one by applying dental veneer to it.

It is a composite material made from porcelain in laboratories to meet one’s specific requirements. This is being added over the specific part of the existing tooth by applying a special type of cement.

If someone has damaged a substantial part of his or her tooth, the dentist may cover that portion by using a cap or a crown.

It is being designed to protect the tooth, preserve its function and give it a flawless appearance.

If the damage is so severe that the pulp is getting exposed, then one may develop some pulp infection. Under certain circumstances, the dentist might remove the dead tissues by applying root canal therapy.

Afterward, he or she may file or cover that area with a cap or crown.

One might worry about the cost and expenses required to repair or fix a chipped tooth. This might vary from person to person depending on the damage or infection. If it is simply filling or bonding then it might not be cost-effective.

But if it is related to the replacement of tooth pulp or the gums, then root canal therapy would matter. The cost would be higher but stays safe and secured after the surgery.

Causes of Chipping

If the tongue is the cause of taste then teeth are the basic mechanism for chewing our favorite dishes. Therefore one must be very careful about its utility and not wait for it to decay or become infected.

If one becomes alert to the causes then we can survive happily and freely.

Below I am going to jot down the points which will help us in the long run.

  1. Our tooth gum is basically hypersensitive. It reacts with the heat and cold and at times we can not get used to it. Therefore one must be careful about their drinking habits. Coldwater or soft drinks tend to form a thin layer over our teeth surface on regular usage.
  2. Today’s lifestyle has changed a lot. We are more accustomed to fast food. The food particles get captured in between the joints if not properly chewed. They get stored there for a longer time and if not properly brushed, they might cause damage or infection.
  3. While driving or walking very fast on roads and streets, there are chances of accidents. If by misfortune we happen to dash our heads on something hard, there might be a crack of the molar teeth. This leads to severe pain and the person must be taken care of. If it is left then it might take a serious turn. The dental surgeon knows what to do depending on the problem.
  4. Chipping may be categorized into three types. It might be minor, average or major. If it is minor then simply filling is to be done. Generally filling and bonding are done in average cases like applying resins or veneers. But if the damage is fatal, then root canal surgery is required.

In conclusion, we can end the matter by saying that we must value and take proper care of our teeth. One must go for a check-up at intervals and heed the advice delivered by our local dentists. By doing this one can follow a routine lifestyle and live happily for a long.

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