Maximizing Your Tummy Tuck Results: Diet And Exercise Tips

Maximizing Your Tummy Tuck Results: Diet And Exercise Tips

Maximizing Your Tummy Tuck Results: Diet And Exercise Tips

You’ve probably heard of a tummy tuck. It can help make your stomach tight and flat. But how do you keep those results and make them long-lasting?

The best way is through diet and exercise. Even though the extra skin and fatty tissue didn’t shrink with your highly focused abdominal workout program, these exercises and healthy foods help keep your newly flat abdomen in top shape.

Proper Food Supplies Proper Nutrition

You want to be sure you incorporate a lot of healthy foods into your diet after your surgery. Greasy and fatty food makes you feel bloated and even nauseous, especially paired with pain medications. Plus, you may have lingering nausea from your dose of anesthesia.

Sugar-rich food and drinks may have the same effect. Carbonation makes people have bloating and can cause your stomach to gurgle and feel “off” while you’re healing.

Fresh foods like vegetables, fruits, and lean meats will help your body heal at a faster rate so you can get back to daily life. These are also great foods to eat to keep your results and make sure you get the most out of your tummy tuck.

A Hydrated Body Is A Happy Body

Water is the lifeblood of every living organism–you know, besides actual blood. Although a lot of people aren’t big on plain drinking water, consider it your best friend while you’re recovering from your tummy tuck.

Don’t make yourself nauseous, but try to drink a glass of water every hour or so to keep those cells in the “regenerate and heal” setting.

Prioritize Exercise

Walk around your house as soon as your surgeon okays you to get up. You may need some help for the first day or two, so make sure someone is around when you take these little journeys.

One to two weeks after your tummy tuck you can start taking strolls through your neighborhood or a nearby park.

Abdomen Workouts

Abdomen Workouts

You’re mostly healed from your surgery. Now what? Ask your surgeon about an exercise regimen, something that focuses on the stomach and abdominal muscles.

Targeting these areas when you exercise helps you keep your results in the best condition. Be sure you also think about more than your core and work your arms and legs with even body strengthening exercises.

Consistency Is Key

Understand from the start that it takes time to build body strength. You may be frustrated if you feel like you aren’t making progress. Think of it like this: if you’re exercising, you’re building strength, simple as that.

These exercises will turn into a healthy habit that you can continue for years. This habit of exercising and eating well can create long-lasting abdominoplasty bellevue results.

Additional Helpful Tips

  • Smoking and vaping are bad for your results. The stress they add to your body is unhealthy and can age your skin, which ages your outcome.
  • Women who plan to have more children should hold off on their tummy tuck surgery. The results will change and may not look as good if you become pregnant after your procedure.
  • Most people consider their cosmetic surgery for months or even years before they have it. While you’re still in this phase, start preparing your body by eating healthy–including high vitamin and mineral foods, along with protein and healthy fats. You can also start an exercise routine that helps strengthen core muscles.
  • Rest is one of the best things you can give your body while healing. Get enough sleep at night–more than eight hours if you can manage it. This rest helps your body reset and heal.
  • Whether your job or your household is causing you stress, lighten the load before and after your surgery. Hire someone or ask a friend or relative to help clean your house and declutter so you don’t spend your recovery thinking about all the household chores you need to do. Take time off work and let them know you will be unavailable during your recovery–and silence your phone notifications! They can survive without you for a short time. Your physical and mental health are much more important.
  • Set aside some time the week before your surgery to stock up on groceries. Fresh produce and fruits are great for your body during recovery, though you probably won’t feel like cooking. Ask a friend or family member to help you prepare food for several days after your surgery. If you have children, arrange childcare for them for a few days, whether that means your spouse taking some time off work or asking your mother (or mother-in-law) to stay for a week or two.
  • Your chances of having to deal with complications decrease if you follow your surgeon’s post-op instructions. These will keep you from struggling through your healing period. Care for and clean your wound, don’t overdo it physically by lifting something heavy, and keep your stress levels as low as you can to reduce the inflammation in your body.
  • Keep an open dialogue with your surgeon. Ask questions if you have a concern about any stage of your recovery. Don’t wait to schedule an appointment–give them a call anytime you need to.

Maximize Your Tummy Tuck Results

A few daily habits will make a world of difference in your recovery and the success of your tummy tuck. Eat three meals a day, and make sure your food is rich in nutrients.

Always have a cup of water at your side. Start slow when you exercise, and be consistent. Work your abs, but don’t neglect the rest of your body.

Most importantly, follow your surgeon’s advice and have patience with yourself. With these tips, you can prolong the life of your tummy tuck results.

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