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Negative Side Effects of Masturbation

It’s Perfectly Healthy to Masturbate, But Is It Possible to Overdo It? What do you call a completely normal behavior that a majority of adult men partake in regularly, but that society oftentimes likes to make you feel guilty about? You may have euphemistically referred to this activity as “choking the chicken” or “playing pocket […]
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Premature Ejaculation Myths, Debunked – AskMen

The Truth Behind 8 Common P.E. Misconceptions For many men, being a good lover has a significant connection to feeling masculine.  As the thinking goes, being able to send your partner into overwhelming paroxysms of sexual ecstasy is a sign that you’re for real, tough, and can’t be made fun of by your peers.  On […]
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Health Risks of Chronic Masturbation

Turns Out Your Penis Can Have Too Much of a Good Thing You might not give a second thought to your masturbation, that private habit that relieves tension, makes you forget about your worries and – no judgment – is a nice way to pass the afternoon. Since most men will begin to masturbate in […]
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