The Best Makeup Tips for Heavy-Lidded Eye Shape

The Best Makeup Tips for Heavy-Lidded Eye Shape

There is a point in life that every woman, no matter how beautiful she is, decides to put on a great deal of makeup to look like one of her favorite celebrities. However, there are two things you need to focus on, firstly, makeup enhances and complements your beauty, and it does not change your face.

The second aspect here is that makeup is never about quantity but is actually all about the right technique. The same applies when you have to apply makeup to your heavy-lidded eye shape. That is why for the perfect eye makeup, you need to keep the shape of your eye in mind.


If your eyelids are heavy, giving an expression of weighed down to your eyes; you have a heavy-lidded eye shape. Here you need to be careful with your makeup because you don’t want your eyes to appear even more weighed due to the makeup. Here are a few best makeup tips for heavy-lidded eye shape to apply for the perfect makeup to your eyes:

Best makeup tips for heavy-lidded eye shape

Step 1:

Shabby eyebrows are something that can really make your eyes even more weighted than they really are so you need to start your makeup by plucking your eyebrows. You should remove the stray ones and trim the rest.

This way you improve the shape of your eyebrow, brightening it up. After this, you need to fill your eyebrows with a brow pencil of the same color as your brows.

Step 2:

Apply eye makeup primer to smoothen your heavy-lidded eye shape and prepare them for makeup.

Step 3:


The choice of eyeliner is very crucial here because the choice of the right color, which suits the color of your own eyes can really make your eyes look spectacular. If you have green eyes, gold, bronze, or caramel is going to work the best for you.

Suiting shades of eyeliner for brown eyes are copper and deep brown. While applying, you need to extend the eyeliner past your eye and you need to sweep it past the eyelid in upward strokes.

 If you apply eyeliner on your lower eyelashes, it will make them appear further droopy, so better to avoid this. The best thing is to apply eyeliner/ kajal on the interiors of the upper eyelash to make eyes pop out.

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Step 4:


Eye shadow is a very important part here and you need to be careful with it. Firstly, you don’t have to apply shadow beneath your eyes, instead of which you should use concealer, in salmon color, to prepare the appearance of under eye shadow. Additionally, apply eye shadow along the lash line, but do not overload the same.

Lighter shades of eye shadow, such as taupe, ivory, or delicate pearly are best-suited for heavy-lidded eyes. You need to brush the shadow along your brow bone to highlight it as well.

Step 5:


Once you have highlighted your brow bone, you just need to take a shadow brush and a little darker shade of shadow to brush it all over your socket. This will blend in your complete makeup for a perfect finish. Remember, to use a highlighter only on the brow bone and not extend it to the eyelid as it will make it appear more droopy.

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Step 6:


Mascara is one beauty product that can radically help you in making your eyes appear and widening them. All that you need to do is to apply a couple of coats of the mascara of your choice.

Above mentioned makeup tips for heavy-lidded eye shape will help you transform your eyes and face more attractive.

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