Yoga asanas and Best power yoga exercises for weight loss

Yoga asanas and Best power yoga exercises for weight loss

Power Yoga, a recent term which has been popularized by celebs all across the globe is nothing but yoga asanas which uses a maximum of the muscles in the poses that one takes effectively helping a person to increase body metabolism, relieving stress along with lose weight effectively. While there are plenty of power yoga exercises, here is a list of the best power yoga exercises for weight loss, which one can practice at home:

Top Power Yoga Exercises for Weight Loss

Weight loss through yoga is natural and does not have side effects. Check out these yoga asanas and include them in your workout-

 The Cobra Pose

This one helps one in firming the abs and the buttock region and can be practiced by lying down on the floor and keeping the arms by the chest. The next step is to lift the upper body portion off the floor and looking up till you release it in a while.

 yoga asana- cobra pose

yoga- cobra pose

Cobra pose or bhujangasana is one of the best power yoga exercises that you must include in your fitness regime.

The Side Stretch Pose

Another form of best power yoga exercise for weight loss is the side stretch pose which keeps your sides in shape. Stand straight and lift hands up. Now, bend at the right side to stretch the right hand over your head towards your right leg and then repeat the process on the left side.


The Extended Side Angle Pose

This power yoga exercise is also a great way to shed weight on ones’ sides when you try it out on a regular basis. To perform this, one would need to stand straight. Then, turn the right leg at a ninety-degree angle while keeping the other leg straight and in place. The next step is to lift the left hand upwards and then stretch it on the right end over your head while looking to ones’ right. Repeating on the other side as well.


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The Seated Forward Bend Pose

This is another great exercise that might help one to lose some tummy fat with the utmost ease. To try this, one would need to sit straight on the floor and then spread the legs at the front. The next step is to exhale while bending the body towards the legs and trying to reach the toes with the hands. After this, one would need to rest the head on the knees till the final release.

seated forward bend pose is great power yoga exercise

seated forward bend pose

The Wind Release Pose

In case one is looking at losing weight at the stomach as well as in the abdominal region, the wind release pose is a great power yoga form. Here, one needs to lie down on the floor and then lift both the legs at ninety degrees towards your tummy. And then, press the legs in with the help of your hands. Doing it regularly helps to a great extent.


The Boat Pose

This weight losing exercise form is great to lose weight in no time where you first need to sit with legs at the front. The next step is to place the hands behind the hips while the fingers point at the feet direction. The final step is to try and lift the legs to make a full forty-five degree and stay on for at least 20 seconds before release.

power yoga for weight loss

Boat pose is one of the power yoga exercises you need to try!

The Warrior Pose

To practice this pose, one needs to stand straight and turn the right leg at a 90-degree angle. Keep the other leg straight and strong. Lift and stretch your arms towards the top over your head. Keep stretching towards the right until your thigh aligns parallel to the ground. Hold for 30 seconds and ensure normal breathing.

warrior pose or Vir bhadrasana

warrior pose or Vir bhadrasana

This pose helps tone your thighs and shoulders, tightens your quads, improves concentration, and enhances weight loss. Regular practice of the warrior pose improves body balance by toning your back, arms, and legs. This yoga pose helps you achieve a flat belly by contracting your abdominal muscles and toning your tummy as you hold the position.


The Downward Dog Pose

downward dog pose

downward dog pose is an amazing Power yoga pose!

This simple exercise tones the entire body and strengthens your back, hamstrings, arms, and thighs. For this exercise, stand on your arms and knees, making a tabletop position. Keep your palms under your shoulders and knees under your pelvic bone. Now, slowly turn in your toes, exhale, and straighten your legs. Further, keep pushing your head down, thereby making an inverted V. Remember, holding this position engages and tones your muscles, enhances concentration, and improves blood circulation. It is one of the most effective power yoga exercises that you must perform.


The Raised Feet Pose

This power yoga pose enhances weight loss by strengthening and toning muscles of the abdomen, thighs, perineal, pelvis, and lower back. To try this pose, lie down on the floor. Keep your legs and back straight. Keep your hands on either side with the palms facing down.

Next, lift your legs straight up perpendicular to the ground. You can start by lifting one leg at a time keeping the other straight on the ground. Once you are comfortable, slowly lift both legs, keeping them perpendicular to the ground. Repeat 10-15 times for effective weight loss.


While benefits of power yoga exercises are plenty, some of the major ones are given below.

  • It helps in effective weight loss from the right places. Some of the best power yoga exercises for weight loss are mentioned above.
  • It improves the metabolism of the body overall as well as increases strength, stamina, and flexibility all over.
  • It can be performed by people across age groups due to the fact that it is low impact with high effectiveness.



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