A Lentil Protein Hydrolysate Containing Bioactive Peptides

A Lentil Protein Hydrolysate Containing Bioactive Peptides

What is PeptiPump?

Nutrabolt has announced what PeptiPump is inside of the new C4 Gen5 series. What is it?! An ACE Inhibitor peptide network!

After many consumers (including ourselves) have asked for information on Nuritas’ new PeptiPump™ ingredient in the new 2024 Generation of C4 Pre-Workouts, we finally have an answer!

Below is a text written from Nutrabolt’s development team. We’ll eventually update this article to use our own writing and science, but wanted to publish this as soon as possible.

PeptiPump™: A Lentil Protein Hydrolysate Containing Bioactive Peptides

Begin text, as written by Nutrabolt:

In this 5th Generation of the #1 Global Pre-Workout Brand, Nutrabolt has announced a suite of C4 products incorporating PeptiStrong™ and Nuritas’ newest ingredient PeptiPump™.

PeptiPump™ is a proprietary peptide network discovered by Nuritas using their Magnifier AI platform.

PeptiPump™ contains a network of peptides with specific targeted action on ACE inhibition and Magnifier AI predicted activity on mTOR upregulation of phospho s6 pathway, glucose uptake enhancement and a broad anti-inflammatory profile against exercise induced inflammation

ACE inhibition has been shown to improve both muscle oxygenation and improved skeletal muscle blood flow. Food derived ACE inhibition peptides have shown potential as nutraceutical-based tools to achieve these goals (Hata et al., 1996; Barbosa et al., 2006; Michelke et al., 2017).[1-3] However, the bioavailability of these peptides is the biggest challenge. These peptides must survive gastrointestinal digestion to exert any ACE inhibitory activity (Vermeirssen et al., 2004; Foltz et al., 2008).[4,5] PeptiPump™ is a lentil protein hydrolysate containing an AI-discovered network of patented bioactive peptides; that have been shown to survive gastrointestinal digestion.

What is PeptiPump?

Combining increased muscle oxygenation and improved skeletal muscle blood flow combined with the mTOR activation of Nuritas flagship ingredient PeptiStrong™ makes for the world’s most technologically advanced pre-workout formula.

PeptiPump™ represents the latest peptide signaling molecule offering significant promise to the world of pre-workout supplementation. As a result, we are excited to bring an innovative and novel ingredient like PeptiPump™ to market in some of the latest generation of C4® branded products.

The C4® platform is designed to enhance human performance through a myriad of ingredients which can deliver unique benefits and appeal to a diverse audience of sports nutrition consumers with varying training goals and objectives. As we engineer new formulas, one of our considerations is to combine ingredients which may enhance benefits through complementary mechanisms of action to potentiate the desired physiological response. In the case of PeptiPump™, we believe it is a perfect addition to Velox®, a patented blend of L-Arginine and L-Citrulline, which has been clinically studied to increase plasma Arginine, enhance nitric oxide, support healthy blood flow, and boost exercise performance (Suzuki et al., 2017 & 2019).[6,7] This combination of ingredients can be found in products such as C4® Original, C4 Ultimate®, C4 Ultimate® Shred, and C4 Ultimate® Strength, amongst several other clinically studied performance ingredients that support desirable ergogenic benefits.

So ultimately, we’re looking at ACE inhibition!

More on PeptiPump Coming: Stay Tuned to PricePlow

We’ll have more information updated at this location, so stay tuned. You can head back to our main C4 5th Generation (2024) article, and sign up for alerts on Nuritas and PeptiPump below. After that, compare prices on the new C4 Ultimate Strength pre-workout using PricePlow!

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