Animal X Gymreapers: Limited Edition Apparel Collab!

Animal X Gymreapers: Limited Edition Apparel Collab!

Animal is a pioneer. With their release of their now hyper-famous Animal Pak – which continues to be iterated upon – Animal paved a way for serious athletes to supplement safely and effectively. The brand isn’t one to waste time on frills, but rather hones in on what truly works.

Animal Gymreapers Collab

Animal and Gymreapers have teamed up for a limited-edition apparel collab (shirt, hoodies, shorts, lifting straps), and the duo make a perfect pair!

We inspired the team to bring their ultra-popular Cage event back to the Arnold, and it looks like they’re coming with some new friends:

Animal Partners with Gymreapers for an epic apparel launch

Besides The Cage, there’s something else brewing in the Animal camp for the start of 2024. After days of social media hints, Animal has launched a limited collaboration with Gymreapers – the famous fitness equipment and apparel brand.

It’s while supplies last, and the initial launch includes:

  • Animal X Gymreapers Hoodie
  • Animal x Gymreapers Mesh Shorts
  • Animal x Gymreapers Lifting Strap
  • Animal x Gymreapers Tee

…all in the iconic black color with white graphics and text.

You can see it for sale in the link below:

Head to to see the Gymreapers collab page while supplies last!

Gymreapers goes on the record

Here’s how they describe the partnership on the Gymreapers site:

“In the intense world of hard work and perseverance, where determination is cultivated and boundaries are pushed, a powerful collaboration has emerged. Animal X Gymreapers is not merely a collaboration; it is an invitation to those who embrace the challenge individuals who seek more from themselves.”

— Gymreapers

Animal Gymreapers

It’s while supplies last, so get in on it while you can at the link above! You can also sign up for our Universal Nutrition / Animal alerts on PricePlow below:

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