Big Dick Problems – AskMen

Big Dick Problems – AskMen

Believe It Or Not, Some Guys Actually Wish They Were Smaller — Here’s Why

At one point or another, pretty much every guy has thought about penis size.

What would your dick look like if it was double the size? Would it have the circumference of a soda can or a 2-liter bottle? Would it sit on his thigh like a king on his throne or have its own gravitational field, inviting people of all sizes and shapes to stand around it and gawk? As a big-dicked man, would having sex with a woman be the best thing in the world or the worst? 

Would that gigantic dick be a blessing or a curse? A treasure or a double-edged sword covered in skin? Well, whether we’d like to admit it or not, public opinion has helped us take down the myth of the giant penis as the answer to all of life’s sexual problems and have put it in the same category as owning an elephant or winning the lottery… something that sounds great, but brings along a plethora of difficult consequences.

If you’ve heard it before and need to hear it one more time, hear it now: having a big dick can be a huge pain in the ass.

A Place For Big Men To Bond

The first stop on the “Big Penis Reality Tour” is, of course, Reddit. The platform gives millions of people, who previously never had a voice, a chance to tell their side of the story. Enter the subreddit: /rBigDickProblems — a subreddit in which the general population sees a side of the world they never thought existed.

Pages upon pages of anxiety-driven questions, comments, and gripes fill the site’s subreddit, fueled by the issues of over 34,000 ostensibly large-dicked individuals. Posts titled “My penis hurts my girlfriend,” “Insecure About my Size in Relation to Weight,” and “Being discrete about magnum condoms?” jump out at the reader, leading us to wonder if those submitting question will even get the answers they’re looking for. Within the community is a subsection of men burdened by their own junk, embarrassed by the the large penises they possess.

One particular post gives us an idea of how having a large penis can affect a person even when they’re not having sex. An anonymous user submitted the post “Family had a photoshoot. Dress code called for light colored pants.” and had this to say about the experience:

“You could look at a picture of the whole family and tell who I was by looking from the waist down. Everybody else has a flat front, I look like I’m smuggling a goddamned plantain in my trousers. I thought I should take my wallet out of my pocket for a photo, this was a mistake. I was wearing tight underwear too, I was trying everything flat, and the khakis were correctly sized and everything, and I was wearing the khakis low on my hips. I could have worn a wallet on the same side as my unit which would have helped things but I think I have a problem. Maybe next photoshoot I’m gonna do some laps in a cold pool first and then down 4 cups of coffee.”

It goes without saying that pain and discomfort for a man and their partner is far from the only problem guys with big dicks have. While a majority of the posts on r/BigDickProblems refer to the drawbacks of comfortably having sex without their penis hurting their partner, a large number of the posts are from men who simply don’t know how to handle their penises in the wild.

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On the other hand, emerged from the subculture of long-donged dudes have come a sub-subculture of guys who’ve learned how to cope with their enormous genitals and have actually taken the issue into their own hands to figure out how their lives can be as normal and happy as possible. These men use copious amounts of lube to ensure their partner’s comfort and find ways to put their penises on the proverbial pedestal so as to honor the treasure they’ve been blessed with.

“First, I know there’s a lot of guys who try lube and foreplay, but something else is missing. Try stepping up your out-of-bedroom game, says Reddit user Mahomie80, in a post entitled “Lube, foreplay, and emotional intimacy: What I’ve learned about BDP sex and emotion.” He continues: “Try connecting on a more emotional level throughout the day. It has blown the lid off my sex life, and my marriage in general.”

So, how easy is it to come to this conclusion with sex?

What’s The Medical Viewpoint?

Enter Dr. Zvi Zuckerman.

Zuckerman is a professional consultant of the Florida-based Between Us Clinic, which provides the PE Program — an online system that includes a home exercise program for self-treatment for premature ejaculation. The good doctor is an expert in sexual health issues and knows a thing or two more than the average person about the issues of having a large penis and gives us some insight into what the day-to-day is like when you’re packing heat.

“When we talk about a larger-than-average penis, the circumference is more important than the length,” says Dr. Z. “A penis with a circumference of more than 5.9 inches (or 15 cm) when erect is considered big and might cause pain during sex.” He goes on to admit that only “a small percentage of men have a penis with a larger-than-average circumference.”

Like the subreddit suggests, one of the bigger problems of having a large penis is how it affects the person on the business end of it during sex.

“The main problem associated with having a large penis is causing your partner pain during intercourse. When the woman’s vaginal opening is narrow, a large penis can cause her pain. There a few things you can do to ease pain during sex caused by a large penis. The first thing is to find sex positions that is not painful or less painful. Another is to use a lubricant, such as K-Y Jelly. Finally, it’s important to start slowly and not penetrate aggressively. Of course, it is always better when there is a good match between the couple’s relative penis and vagina size.”

In Conclusion

So, we get to the final question in the matter of having a large penis vs. having a not-large penis. Is it all worth it? Are the egregious complements, points, gasps, and moans worth having to constantly check the state of your pants and having to plan ahead when it’s picture day?

Like most things in life, it simply depends. Now that there are dedicated subreddits, message boards, and doctors on hand to guide a large penis onto the path of redemption, maybe the big penis isn’t so scary and looming after all?

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For men like Jonah Falcon or Lexington Steele, you’ll always find a way to hide — or display — your manhood while taking into account that the people you impress won’t be able to handle all 12-plus inches of fame. As long as men take the time to inform their partners about their penis and take the extra precautions to ensure nothing terrible will happen in the bedroom, you should be alright.

Everyone’s idea of an ideal penis size changes and some people are perfectly happy with a penis that could be under the average size. To each their own, then, and may everybody enjoy the penis of their dreams… whether it’s theirs or not. 

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