Black Friday / Cyber Monday Supplement Deals 2022

Black Friday / Cyber Monday Supplement Deals 2022

Black Friday Supplements 2022

It’s a great Black Friday for supplements in 2022, with most brands matching or beating last year’s deals!

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This year’s Black Friday / Cyber Monday specials in the supplement industry are looking very good, with most brands matching or beating last year’s offers.

  • CORE Nutritionals

    Stackable deals to get to 25% off! CORE is offering 20% off regular prices (no coupon needed), but then our PRICEPLOW coupon code still provides another 5% off!

    Core Nutritionals Black Friday 2022

    Depending on your spend levels, you can get a free hydronator, shirt, classic tub of Red, White, & BOOM pre-workout, gym bag, Core ZONE, and even a case of Merica Energy — some incredible gift levels!!

    See it all at

  • Performax Labs

    Performax Labs is looking for a return championship Black Friday run with another 40% off site-wide sale using coupon code BF40 at

    Performax Labs Black Friday 2022

  • Revive MD

    Revive MD Black Friday 2022

    Hit up for Buy 1 Get 1 50% off site-wide with coupon code BLACKFRIDAY.

    They’re also throwing in some extras:

    • Get a free tub of Revive MD Fiber when you spend $100
    • Get a free tub of Revive MD Fiber and unflavored Collagen when you spend $200

    This is to celebrate three new supplements:

    1. Revive MD Gut Health+
    2. Revive MD Zinc Carnosine
    3. Revive MD Betaine HCl

    Three new supplements to round out a huge Revive MD Gut Health stack – pick and choose the ones you need!

  • Arms Race Nutrition

    What more can you ask for? The limited edition Apple Pie Moonshine flavor is available, and it comes with a free ARN mason jar!

    And like CORE’s deal, you can get an additional 5% off the already-20%-discounted Black Friday special by stacking in coupon code PRICEPLOW

    Arms Race Nutrition Black Friday 2022

    Don’t miss the free box of the incredible Foundation Bars when you spend over $100 there!

  • Raw Nutrition

    Raw Nuterition CBum Thavage Dragon Fruit

    For Black Friday, you can Buy One, Get One 50% Off with code BLACKFRIDAY – The Miami Vice flavor is available there too! So either buy one and use coupon code PRICEPLOW or buy two and use the BLACKFRIDAY code!

    Additionally, there’s a new Dragon Fruit flavor of the original CBUM Thavage Pre-Workout now out!

    Miami Vice Ghost Legend Collab? Sold out!

    Regarding the Chris Bumstead’s CBum Thavage Ghost Legend Miami Vice collab — you asked and Raw Nutrition heard you loud and clear — it came back for Thanksgiving and sold out on both sites by early Friday!

  • Ghost

    In addition to the return of the CBum Legend Thavage collab listed above, Ghost has a major site-wide coupon!

    Same as last year, you can use coupon code BFCM — only this year Ghost is offering 30% off site-wide at (2021 was 25% off).

    They’re also bringing back the High-Protein Hot Cocoa Mix, with a new Chocolate Peppermint flavor!

    GHOST Lifestyle Black Friday 2022

    Don’t miss the great new apparel, shaker, and schwag drops from Ghost as well

  • Kaged

    Kaged has been getting after it all month with a 30% off site-wide deal (coupon code PRICEPLOW30), but for Black Friday they’re especially excited to announce more Glacier Grape and Strawberry Yuzu Hydra-Charge flavors in full-size tubs!

    Kaged Black Friday 2022

  • Myprotein

    Myprotein is staggering their deals, but they’re all great!

    • Use coupon code FRIDAY50 to get 50% off site-wide on Black Friday!
    • If that’s not working outside of Black Friday, try coupon code DEAL or SALE45 to get 45% off!

    Myprotein Black Friday 2022

    Check it out on

  • MuscleTech

    Looking for the first-ever deal on EuphoriQ and Burn iQ to try enfinity brand paraxathine?

    Well you’re in luck — they’ve decided everyone needs to try them, giving 40% off the iQ Series with no coupon needed! Head over to now!

    MuscleTech Black Friday 2022

  • Merica Labz

    On the ‘Merica side, our coupon has been disabled, because everyone is getting 25% off right out of the gate, no coupon added!

    Merica Labz Black Friday 2022

    Merica also released four new updated flavors of their F-Bomb pre-workout supplement: F Your Feelings, Fruit Cocktail, Upside Down Pineapple, and Cat Scratch Fever

    …and just wait til you see the tubs themselves!

    For the spend gifts, tiers can get you a Can’t Cancel Patriotism t-shirt, shaker, Stars n’ Pipes (stim-free pump pre-workout), Red, White and BOOM (pre-workout), and Suprimos.

  • Primeval Labs

    The flavor kings at Primeval Labs are running another site-wide BOGO using code BF22 – try it at (but note the exclusions on their Ape Sh*t MAX series and their proteins):

    Primeval Labs Black Friday 2022

  • Merica Energy

    BOOM! No coupon needed, is offering an amazing straight-up BOGO on their Merica Energy cases – just add one to your cart and watch what happens!

    Merica Energy Black Friday 2022

    Can’t beat that. Our favorite flavors are Victory (cream soda), Alpine Pew Pew, and Patriot Punch, but they’re all incredible!

  • Inspired Nutraceuticals

    Inspired Nutra’s besting their 30% offer from last year by giving 35% off site-wide at

    Inspired Nutraceuticals Black Friday 2022

    No coupon needed, just add it to the cart!

  • 5% Nutrition

    Check out these tiered deals at, which will get you 30-50% off depending on how many supplements you buy:

    5% Nutrition Black Friday 2022

    They also have a new Hydrate STK electrolyte supplement that looks really well-formulated!

  • Glaxon

    Glaxon Black Friday 2022

    For Black Friday, they’re going 25% off site-wide at (no coupon needed) and providing free shakers, samples, and even a hoodie based on spend.

    They’ve also released Glaxon Grit (natural pain support) and an updated version of Serenity (stress relief).

  • Anabolic Warfare

    Hit up for a Buy 2 Get 1 Free sale to save on Project Muscle supplements:

    Anabolic Warfare Black Friday 2022

  • PEScience

    PEScience has their biggest sale of the year with 25% off site-wide using coupon code CYBER, and they’ve just released a Black Cherry flavor system in some of their supplements as well! Check it out at

  • Alpha Lion

    So far, Alpha Lion has a limited-edition Merry Fudgin’ Christmas flavor of SuperHuman Protein coming on Black Friday to, as well as the following deals:

    Alpha Lion Black Friday 2022

  • Fit Butters

    It’s a great time to stock up at

    Fit Butters Black Friday 2022

  • Morphogen Nutrition

    Check out Morphogen’s different savings tiers, 10-30% off!

    Morphogen Nutrition Black Friday

  • Ice Shaker

    Ice Shaker has a new Sport Shaker and is running a Buy 2 Get 1 Free deal:

    Ice Shaker Black Friday 2022

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