Bucked Up Pre Workout VS Woke AF Review (2023)

Bucked Up Pre Workout VS Woke AF Review (2023)

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Pre workouts can be a dime-a-dozen, so finding one that works for you can mean sorting through a lot of fails. And that’s where we come in! In this post, we’re diving into a pre workout that’s rising in popularity, Bucked Up from Das Labs! But Bucked Up isn’t the only pre workout from Das Labs. Their line of pre workouts features products that support focus, weight loss, high energy, and even stim-free.

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What Is Bucked Up?

Bucked Up Pre Workout is what we call a good intermediate pre workout. It features a fully disclosed label with ingredients geared to promote endurance, focus, and growth.† To take things even further, there are currently three versions of Bucked Up; the OG, Bucked Up Stim-Free, and Bucked Up Black. In which the OG and Stim-Free pre workouts are optimized for different tolerances of stimulants (Caffeine). In comparison, Bucked Up Black features an identical formula to the OG with one additional ingredient. But we’ll be diving into that further in the blog.

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Bucked Up Ingredients:

Original Bucked Up Pre Workout

Serving Size: 1
Servings Per Container: 30
Citrulline Malate 2:1 6000mg
Beta-Alanine 2000mg
Caffeine Anhydrous 200mg
AlphaSize® Alpha GPC 200mg
Taurine 100mg
Himalayan Rock Salt (Trace Minerals) 100mg
Deer Antler Velvet Extract 50mg
AstraGin® 25mg
ActiGin® 25mg

With a total of ~9.98 grams of active ingredients per serving, Bucked Up features 30 servings per tub. As we mentioned above, there is also a stimulant-free version of this pre workout. The stim-free version features the same label, just without Caffeine.

Stimulant Free Flavors:

  • Pink Lemonade
  • Orange Mango
  • Strawberry Kiwi
  • Grape
  • Raspberry Lime

Citrulline Malate:

Our first ingredient in Bucked Up is Citrulline Malate, which is also our first pump ingredient. Citrulline is a nonessential amino acid that can increase arginine, the primary substrate for nitric oxide biosynthesis. Unlike arginine supplementation, citrulline isn’t taken up by the liver. Instead, it is transported to the kidneys and broken down to arginine. (1) Additionally, citrulline can help stimulate protein synthesis in skeletal muscle. But citrulline is most commonly known for improving vascular function through increased L-arginine bioavailability and nitric oxide synthesis, which can support reducing blood pressure. (2,3)


Beta-Alanine is another popular pre workout ingredient. This ingredient may assist with buffering away lactic acid, which begins to build up in our muscles when we train, causing the “burn”. With Beta-Alanine supplementation, you may delay the onset of this build-up, allowing you to continue training. (4,5)

Caffeine Anhydrous:

There are 200mg of caffeine per serving in Bucked Up, which translates to over 2 cups of coffee in one scoop. Because of this, stimulant-sensitive users may experience unfavorable side effects (like jitters) if they don’t assess their tolerance. Caffeine is the only source of energy-promoting properties in this formula. With Caffeine, you can expect an energy boost, enhanced focus, and you may notice some improvements in physical performance as well. (6)

AlphaSize® Alpha GPC:

Alpha GPC is our first ingredient for improving cognitive processes like memory and attention. Normally, the dosage is between 300-600mg, but in Bucked Up, there is only 200mg. So whether or not you feel some enhancement of focus or mood at this dose will depend on whether you have low choline levels. (7) There would need to be more research on low doses of Alpha GPC to indicate its benefits.


Our next ingredient, Taurine, is dosed at 100 mg, which is a pretty low dose for this ingredient (clinical dose range .5-2 grams). L-Taurine is another amino acid, like citrulline, except it is a conditionally essential amino acid. Meaning your body can produce this amino acid, but there are times you may need to supplement it. Taurine plays a role in many bodily functions like maintaining hydration, and digestion, supporting central nervous system (CNS) functions, and even may aid in regulating your immune system. (8)

For the gym, Taurine may aid in protecting muscles from cell damage and oxidative stress while also removing waste products that lead to muscle fatigue. (9)

Himalayan Rock Salt:

Next, we have Himalayan Rock Salt, which is something we see in pre workouts but isn’t common. Sodium is a major salt in sweat, so it’s possible that including Himalayan Rock Salt may aid in rehydration. (10)

Deer Antler Velvet Extract:

Deer Antler Velvet Extract may help increase testosterone levels and muscle growth.† However, more research is needed on this ingredient.


AstraGin® is a compound of ingredients featuring Astragalus and Panax Notoginseng. This ingredient may assist with increasing the absorption of important nutrients and ingredients in this formula. (11) However, more research is needed on this ingredient.


Similarly, ActiGin® features a combination of Panax Notoginseng and Rosa Roxburghii. This combination may assist with improving your recovery times and maximizing muscle growth†, but again more research is needed.

How To Take Bucked Up Pre Workout:

Das Labs recommends mixing one well-rounded scoop into 6-8oz of water 15-30 minutes before physical activity. They also recommend taking no more than one scoop. Do not exceed two scoops in a 24-hours.

Bucked Up Customer Review:

Review By Calvin: “Great pre-workout. It really helps me get motivated and avoid skipping a workout. It’s great for pumps and energy, and it tastes amazing.” Posted on 

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Bucked Up VS Bucked Up BlackAs we mentioned above, Bucked Up Black is identical to the original formula with just one addition, Humic/Fulvic Mineral Blend Extract. Fulvic acid is also featured in Psychotic Pre Workout under the name OxyGold®. This ingredient can assist with increasing the bioavailability of other ingredients. (12)

How To Take Bucked Up Black:

Das Labs recommends mixing one scoop into 6-8 oz of water 15-30 minutes before your workout.

Bucked Up Black Customer Review:

Review By Kelly: “This has been one of my favourites for ages. No crash, no extreme jitters, ability for full workout focus. Have tried a few others but alway come back to the bucked up products!” Posted on 

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Woke AF VS Bucked Up Pre Workout:


Bucked Up VS woke af

Our next pre workout comparison is Woke AF VS Bucked Up. Woke AF is Das Lab’s high-stim pre workout, featuring a very similar formula as Bucked Up with three changes. First, there is 133mg more caffeine in Woke AF compared to Bucked Up (333mg total). Additionally, Woke AF features two different ingredients, Dendrobium, and Synephrine HCl.

Similar to Bucked Up, there is a second version of Woke AF feature Fulvic Acid, Woke AF Black.


Dendrobium is another stimulant that was previously expected to replace DMAA. This ingredient features phenylethylamine (PEA) alkaloids which can contribute to more euphoric energy. This is often compared to a “runner’s high” effect.† Unfortunately, there isn’t enough research on this stimulant to compare it with DMAA or other strong stimulants.

Synephrine HCl:

The next ingredient, Synephrine, is also a stimulant. But, unlike Dendrobium, it’s much more common and popular in other products like fat burners. Synephrine (Bitter Orange Extract or Citrus Aurantium) can assist with promoting energy and may play a role in cognitive enhancement (13).

How To Take Woke AF:

Das Labs recommends mixing one scoop of Woke AF into 6-9oz of water 15-30 minutes before physical activity. Due to its potency, we recommend taking no more than one scoop.

Woke AF Customer Review:

Review By Ericburt: “Excellent product. Great customer service and price. Always a pleasure to do business with!” Posted on 

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BAMF VS Bucked Up Pre Workout:

Bucked Up VS BAMF

Next, we have BAMF Pre Workout, another high-stimulant pre workout from Das Labs. Compared to Bucked Up, there is again 133mg more caffeine in BAMF, and it also features two other ingredients. But in BAMF, those ingredients are Hordenine and Huperzine A, also common in fat burners. And as you might guess, BAMF Black is the same formula as BAMF, but with Fulvic Acid.


Hordenine is similar in chemical structure to Synephrine. Because of this, they may work similarly by promoting energy, mood, and even thermogenesis. (14)

Huperzine A:

Huperzine A is considered a natural antidepressant, but it is also may be beneficial for improving focus. Additionally, it may help increase the level of acetylcholine, which could would synergistically with Alpha GPC. This may result in boosting mental alertness, focus, and concentration (15).

How To Take BAMF Pre Workout:

Das Labs recommends mixing one scoop of BAMF into 6-8oz of water 15-30 minutes before physical activity. Due to its potency, we recommend taking no more than one scoop.

BAMF Customer Review:

Review By Annie: “I feel great about this pre workout. I am on top of my workout with a tunnel-vision-like level of focus. I finally understand what a mind-to-muscle connection is now, lol!” Posted on 2/10/23

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Bumped Up VS Bucked Up Pre Workout:

Bucked Up VS Bumped Up

The next pre workout, Bumped Up, is almost completely different from Bucked Up. For starters, it features a much smaller ingredient list with only six ingredients for a total of ~11 grams per scoop. Of these ingredients, there are only three shared with Bucked Up. But none of the dosages are the same:

  • Beta Alaine: 2 grams compared to 3.2 grams
  • Taurine: 1 gram compared to 100mg
  • Caffeine: 100mg compared to 200mg

L-Citrulline VS Citrulline Malate:

At the top of the label, Bumped Up features L-Citrulline instead of Citrulline Malate. The only difference between these ingredients is the addition of malic acid. Traditionally, malic acid is used as a preservative in packaged foods. But as a supplement, it can improve stamina and reduce pain and inflammation induced by high-intensity training. (16) But more research is needed to define which ingredient is better.

L-Arginine HCl:

Like Citrulline, Arginine can assist with boosting nitric oxide while promoting blood flow and better pumps (17). However, Arginine is not as bioavailable as Citrulline. So the addition of hydrochloride salt (HCl) may improve the absorption. †


The final different ingredient in Bumped Up is L-Glutamine. This ingredient may help improve recovery and reduce soreness (18).

How To Take Bumped Up:

Das Labs recommends mixing one scoop of Bumped Up into 6-8oz of water 15-30 minutes before physical activity.

Bumped Up Customer Review:

Review By Liz: “Love this pre-workout! I used it while pregnant with my youngest and now while she is nursing and have had great success! No adverse effects for myself or my daughter and I still get a good tasting pre-workout to start my daily routine!” Posted on 

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LFG Burn VS Bucked Up Pre Workout:

Bucked Up VS lfg

Our next comparison to Bucked Up is also one of the newest pre workouts from Das Labs, LFG Burn. Based on the label, we believe this is going to be a good option for individuals looking to sweat. LFG Burn features five different ingredients compared to Bucked Up which only has five. Where two of the five have different doses:

  • Caffeine: 300mg compared to 200mg
  • Himalayan Salt: 80mg compared to 100mg

The different ingredients include:

  • Nitrosigine
  • B-aminoisobutyric Acid (MitoBurn)
  • Mucuna Pruriens Extract
  • Paradoxine
  • Huperzine A


Nitrosigine is an inositol-stabilized arginine silicate. Research indicates that it may promote the increase of arginine, silicon, and nitric oxide production. This can assist with improving endurance and may promote better recovery. Interestingly, research on Nitrosigine also dives into cognitive function. Studies indicate it may aid in improving the ability to perform complex cognitive tests requiring mental flexibility, processing speed, and executive functioning.  (19)

B-aminoisobutyric Acid (MitoBurn):

B-aminoisobutyric Acid or MitoBurn may play a role in metabolism and thermogenesis. (20)

Mucuna Pruriens Extract:

Mucuna Extract or L-Dopa may be beneficial for improving testosterone levels. (21)


The last different ingredient is Paradoxine®.  Paradoxine® or Grains of Paradise Extract comes from Alframomum melegueta and is a popular thermogenic ingredient in fat burners. Where it may aid in increasing energy expenditure (calorie burning) through the activation of brown adipose tissue. (22,23)

How To Take LFG Burn:

Das Labs recommends mixing one scoop of LFG Burn into 6-8oz of water 15-30 minutes before physical activity. Due to its potency, we recommend taking no more than one scoop.

LFG Burn Customer Review:

Review By Andrea: “I love the taste of the berry flavor and the energy this gives me. I couldn’t decide between a fat burner or pre workout and this is a happy-medium! I’m sweating more and getting a great workout. I recommend!!” Posted on

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Bucked Up VS Mother Bucker Pre

If you were looking for a pre workout you can feel Mother Bucker is for you. Mother Bucker is Bucked Up’s newest pre workout and its formula is not for the faint of heart. Out of a total of 14 active ingredients, it only shares five directly with the original Bucked Up, but all the doses are larger in Mother Bucker.

  • Beta Alanine: 6.4g compared to 3.2g
  • Caffeine: 300mg compared to 200mg
  • Himalayan Salt: 300mg compared to 100mg
  • Alpha GPC: 300mg compared to 200mg
  • AstraGin: 50mg compared to 25mg

The different ingredients include:


L-tyrosine is an amino acid that is a precursor for several neurotransmitters; including Dopamine, and hormones; including thyroid hormones. However, increasing your body’s L-tyrosine levels doesn’t necessarily translate to increasing these compounds. Supplementing with L-tyrosine may assist with boosting alertness, attention, and focus. Tyrosine is commonly in 500–2,000mg doses, so a dosage of 1.5g per serving is a great way to promote these benefits. (24,25,26)


Glycerol Powder is a popular ingredient for pre workouts both stimulated and non-stimulant, for its effect on aerobic and anaerobic exercise performance. It has several performance-enhancing qualities. For starters, it can be used as an energy substrate, contributing to the energy yield during exercise. Next, it has osmoprotective properties. This can help delay muscular fatigue. Lastly, when consumed with sufficient water, glycerol can play a role in maintaining hydration and thermoregulation. (27)

Delay Release Caffeine:

The next ingredient is Delay Release Caffeine. As the name suggests, this ingredient is delayed-release or time-release caffeine. Adding time-release caffeine to Mother Bucker Pre Workout allows consumers to expect long-lasting energy without a crash.†


Theobromine is an alkaloid of Theobroma cacao and serves medicinal purposes as a bronchodilator and vasodilator. Although it has practically no stimulatory effects on the central nervous system, like caffeine, it may have stimulatory effects on smooth muscle, which contributes to its effects as a vasodilator. (28) Studies utilize a range of doses for theobromine, often between 250mg-1000mg. (29)


This next ingredient may assist with increasing the absorption of essential nutrients and ingredients in this formula. (30) However, more research is necessary on this ingredient.


Rauwolscine, also known as Alpha yohimbine or Rauwolfia Vomitoria, may be a stronger version of the popular fat burner ingredient yohimbine.† Where yohimbine is a stimulant and an alpha-2 antagonist, meaning it can stimulate adrenaline and noradrenaline receptors. This action can suppress appetite, improve energy and focus, and mobilize fat. (31, 32)

How To Take Mother Bucker:

The manufacturers recommend mixing one (1) rounded scoop into 8oz of water 15-30 minutes before physical activity. Due to its potency, we recommend taking no more than one scoop and testing your tolerance by taking a half scoop at first. 

Mother Bucker Customer Review: 

Review By Talib: “Works and tastes great. The beta alanine will get you going.”

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Which Bucked Up Pre Workout Should You Try: 

Choosing between pre workouts can be made easier by understanding the type of workouts you do. So if your workouts are centralized around intensive aerobic exercises, a stimulant heavy pre workout won’t be as beneficial for you as a low to moderate one. And these were the results from one study that found caffeine dosages at around 3-6mg/kg may help increase aerobic-based performance. However, there wasn’t more performance improvement at higher doses. (33) For example, at around 120lb (~55kg), according to this study, the optimal range of caffeine would be around 165 mg-330 mg. 

Bucked Up Pre workout is a great moderate/intermediate pre workout option. This formula has a great balance between caffeine and performance ingredients. Additionally, these ingredients are at dosages optimal for performance. However, at 200mg of caffeine, this pre workout likely isn’t the best option for “stim-junkies.” Instead, we would recommend Bucked Up for individuals who favor a pump-complex/endurance-based pre workout.†

Woke AF is nearly identical to Bucked Up, but with the advanced stimulant ingredients, this formula is more optimized for individuals with a high tolerance. We wouldn’t say Woke AF is as stimulant-potent as other pre workouts like Mesomorph or Jack3d, but it is a good option to cycle with.†

BAMF is right up there with Woke AF for stimulants but is promoted as more of a focus-nootropic pre workout. So if energy-tunnel vision pre workouts are what you are looking for, this might be a great option for you. However, you may find BAMF and Woke AF to be pretty similar, so if you tried one and didn’t like it, the other isn’t likely to convert you.†

Bumped Up is one of Das Lab’s newer pre workouts; we like this formula. It’s a great blend of focus, performance, and energy dosages for individuals new to pre workouts or for individuals who don’t like a lot of stimulants.†

LFG Burn is another new pre workout from Das Labs, and if you couldn’t tell by the name and ingredients, this is a fat burner/pre workout. So if you’re cutting or like to sweat, this pre workout is up your alley. Unlike their fat burner, Heat Hardcore, LFG Burn also features classic performance ingredients to get the best of both worlds without sacrificing energy. If you are more interested in a fat burner and would rather utilize more of a diuretic/appetite suppressant formula, we suggest looking at Heat or Heat Hardcore.†

Mother Bucker Pre Workout is perfect for anyone looking to take their fitness journey to the next level. It’s ideal for individuals who want to enhance their performance or endurance while supporting focus and energy. However, because of the 6.4 grams of Beta Alanine and 400mg of the Caffeine combination, we wouldn’t recommend this pre workout for beginners.†

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Wrapping Up!

And this marks the end of our post on the different Bucked Up and the other Das Labs Pre Workouts. Thank you for reading! And as always, if there was something that wasn’t clear, another question you might have, or if you have another idea for a blog, Email Us!

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Warnings And Side Effects:

These pre workouts are intended for use by adults 18+. Keep out of reach of children. Consult your physician before using this product if you are taking any prescription or over-the-counter medications or supplements. Do not use this product if you are pregnant or nursing. Do not use this product if you are at risk of being treated for any medical condition. Discontinue use and consult your healthcare professional if you experience any adverse reaction to this product.

This product contains ingredients that may be banned by some sports organizations and/or increase the risk of a false positive on a drug test. Please consult with your sports organization or physician before taking this product.

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†PLEASE NOTE: The intention of the information provided is for reference only. Furthermore, we are in no way providing medical advice or instruction. Instead, the information provided in this guide/blog utilizes anecdotal information and available studies/reviews. While our goal is to maintain and display accurate information, we can’t guarantee it represents the latest formulation of the product or information. Therefore, please visit the manufacturer’s website if you have any concerns. Also, the information above does not represent our views here at Same Day Supplements. Instead, these are the manufacturers’ and users’ views and information. The Food and Drug Administration has not evaluated these statements. Finally, these products aim not to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or illness.

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