Glaxon Super Greens Pink Lady Apple Flavor with Real Apple Extract!

Glaxon Super Greens Pink Lady Apple Flavor with Real Apple Extract!

Glaxon isn’t a newborn brand anymore. For three years, they’ve been setting themselves apart with bold, novel formulations. Between their more athletics-focused products like the Specimen Pre-Workout and their more general wellness-based products like NAD+ Synergy and Multi + Mood + Metabolism, the team shy away from tackling the whole spectrum of human performance.

Beyond formulation, Glaxon has also made a name for themselves with their flavoring systems. They’ve become known in the industry for making difficult-to-flavor formulations taste great. One such example is their greens powder supplement, Super Greens.

Glaxon Super Greens Pink Lady

We’re excited to announce that there’s a new flavor to add to the Super Greens roster: Pink Lady Apple.

Greens powder that you can savor?

Let’s face it: while greens powder supplements may be filled with antioxidants and extremely beneficial nutrients, they typically taste terrible.

It makes sense. Every toddler knows why. It’s pretty difficult to make vegetables a pleasurable flavor experience. Even when they’re all mashed together and powdered so you can drink them as a liquid.

Somehow, though, Glaxon seems to have cracked the code. While their Super Greens product may still look like liquified grass, they’ve seemingly achieved the impossible by designing their flavors in such a way that you don’t have to spend your day’s allotted willpower trying to get it down. With flavors like Lemon Iced Tea and Dragon Fruit, Glaxon has made a greens powder that you can comfortably sip on.

A realistic Pink Lady Apple greens flavor

They continue the trend with Pink Lady Apple, the iconic apple cultivar, born by a marriage between Lady Williams apples and Golden Delicious apples. And Glaxon’s take on it is as realistic as it comes — this is not a “candy apple” or “sour apple” — it’s the real thing.

We’re going to dive into a little summary on how Glaxon Super Greens works, but first, let’s check the PricePlow for good Glaxon deals, and check out our video review of the new flavor:

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Glaxon Super Greens – How It Works

Glaxon Super Greens Pink Lady Apple Ingredients

  • Acacia fiber (2.5g) is a soluble and prebiotic fiber that’s extracted from the sap of the acacia Senegal tree, as its main source of fiber. Prebiotic fiber offers several benefits such as increasing the production of good bacteria, improving immune system function, and decreasing allergy risk, among others.Don’t let those wacky carnivore and keto dieters trick you — consuming adequate amounts of fiber is crucial for maintaining good gut health.
  • The Green Balance Alkalizing Blend (1g), created by Nature’s Power Nutraceuticals, contains various ingredients that are rich in chlorophyll, including wheatgrass, oat grass, alfalfa grass, kale, spirulina, and chlorella. Chlorophyll is responsible for the green color of plants and plays a crucial role in photosynthesis, without which plants cannot survive. Chlorophyll is a tetrapyrrole, a molecule with a centralized metal atom, and research shows that it can activate phase II enzymes in the body, which neutralize free radicals and can help buffer lactic acid, leading to improved performance.
  • Watermelon powder (500mg), a rich source of nutrients with health benefits, contains citrulline, known for its performance-enhancing properties, making it a common ingredient in pre-workout supplements. When combined with watermelon, citrulline absorption is improved, leading to faster recovery. Watermelon also contains vitamins C and A, which may have an anti-inflammatory effect, further contributing to overall performance improvement and health.
  • Supershroom (1g) is a mushroom blend that provides prebiotic fiber and can enhance performance in various ways. The mushrooms in the blend contain carbohydrates that act as prebiotics, and when consumed with acacia fiber, they can improve gut health and boost the immune system by reducing pathogens. Additionally, the mushrooms in the blend have been linked to increased performance and faster recovery, but extended and continual use is necessary for noticeable benefits.
    Glaxon Supershrooms

    Experience the power of mushrooms with SuperShroom from Glaxon!

    If you want even more details, see the new Glaxon Supershrooms formula that was recently updated in 2023 as well!

  • Super Greens contains several fruits, including BettaBerries (500mg) a blend containing berries like AcaiVida, acerola, goji, pomegranate, and more. Berries are recognized to have numerous health advantages since they are packed with antioxidants that can help prevent free radical damage, inflammation, and enhance our lipid and glycemic response. Berries, such as raspberries, blackberries, and blueberries, contain anthocyanins, which have a significant effect on vasodilation and blood flow, which can help to increase performance and recovery. BettaBerries are known to be high-quality, safe, potent, and pure, with a wide range of active constituents, including phyto-nutrients and antioxidants.
  • CherryPure (500mg), or Montmorency tart cherry powder, is known for its high vitamin C and anthocyanin content, and its unique mechanisms that aid recovery. Studies have shown that CherryPure can reduce muscle soreness and markers of muscle breakdown, and improve performance by reducing cortisol response and pro-inflammatory markers.
  • Organic Apple (Malus Domestica) [Fruit] Juice Powder (500mg) – You didn’t think they were just going to add apple flavor, did you? Glaxon goes above and beyond mere flavor systems by adding some dehydrated powder from apple juice itself!

    Glaxon Super Greens Pink Lady Flavor

  • Sunflower lecithin (200mg) is a common ingredient added to protein powders to enhance their mixability, but it may also provide a cognitive boost due to the presence of phosphatidylcholine (PC). PC is an important phospholipid in mammalian cell membranes and helps to maintain the structural integrity of cells. Additionally, PC may improve cognitive function by increasing acetylcholine levels in the brain, leading to better focus, mind-muscle connection, and memory.
  • Super Greens Pink Lady AppleAshwagandha (100mg) is a popular ingredient in such supplements due to its adaptogenic properties, which help the body cope with stress by regulating physiological processes during periods of excessive strain and tension. Research indicates that ashwagandha has additional benefits, such as anti-inflammatory, neuroprotective, memory-enhancing, hematopoietic, sleep-inducing, and anxiolytic properties.
  • Glaxon has incorporated a plant digestive enzyme blend (50mg) into Super Greens V2 to aid in proper digestion and nutrient absorption. The blend contains several enzymes that target specific substrates such as carbohydrates, cellulose, hemicellulose, sucrose, beta-glucans, alpha-galactose groups, and glycolipids. The enzymes help break down these substrates and promote optimal digestion and absorption of nutrients.
  • Sodium copper chlorophyllin (25mg) is a rare ingredient in supplements. This addition is because chlorophyll helps in the regeneration and repair of red blood cells, which is crucial for optimal performance.
  • Black pepper extract (5mg), specifically Bioperine, helps to improve absorption and bioavailability of the nutrients in Super Greens. Bioperine contains 95% or more piperine, which prevents enzymes from breaking down nutrients and supplements in the body.

Again, see the details with scientific references in our main Glaxon Super Greens article.

All Glaxon Super Greens flavors

Super Greens also comes in a whole host of tasty flavors. Check out our up-to-date list below:

Glaxon Super Greens Pink Lady Apple

Great For You and Great Tasting

Many health advocates strongly believe they need to “get our greens in”. We’ve been told that since we were still sitting in our high-chairs, being force-fed vegetable goop by our mothers. Regardless of the airplane motions and other such trickery, nothing could mask the bland or even disgusting taste of the pureed vegetables.

Nonetheless, the human body cannot achieve optimal performance without the nutrients and other goodies contained in things that grow from the dirt. If you still hate vegetables in adulthood, greens powders are a great alternative, provided you can get them down quick enough.

That’s not as much of a problem with Glaxon’s Super Greens, though. If you ignore the color, you might even mistake it for a nice tall glass of refreshing apple juice made from Pink Lady Apples.

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Disclosure: PricePlow relies on pricing from stores with which we have a business relationship. We work hard to keep pricing current, but you may find a better offer.

Posts are sponsored in part by the retailers and/or brands listed on this page.

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