How Penis Size Can Impact a Man’s Sense of Self-Worth

How Penis Size Can Impact a Man’s Sense of Self-Worth

Is Your Size Down There Negatively Affecting Your Self-Esteem?

A lot of guys put a lot of stock in their member. If you’ve seen any spam emails or ads on porn streaming sites before, you’ve probably intuited that a ton of men wish their dicks were bigger. It may seem strange, but that little guy has a large hold on men’s self-image.

The first time I started to notice my own size was the first time I slept with another man. I had never really thought about whether or not I was “big” or not, but after I saw another man in the flesh, I started thinking that on some level, maybe dick size did matter.

We live in a world of “bigger is better,” after all — whether we’re upgrading our fast food meals or wanting a bigger TV, modern culture has a size obsession. But is that healthy? Knowing you realistically can’t do much — if anything — to impact your size, wouldn’t it make more sense to focus on loving the penis you have?

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Besides, how much does penis size impact your partner’s pleasure? There’s research that suggests it’s not a huge factor, especially for straight guys or men who primarily sleep with women, since they’re more likely to climax from clitoral stimulation than penetration.

But regardless of who — if anyone — you want to sleep with, you can still feel insecure about your penis, and it’s a topic that too many men feel negative emotions about in secret. Being the investigative journalist that I am, I decided to ask the guys I know about a time that their little friend caused them to be self-conscious about themselves.

As I spoke to the 14 men below, a pattern began to appear: comparison is the root of all evil. So what do men really think about their penis sizes? Read on to find out:

“The first time I really became aware of how big I was was in middle school when I began using the locker room. I was always like, ‘How am I measuring up?'” — Mike

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“The first time I hooked up with a girl, she said, ‘Wow, it is bigger than my ex’s!’ and that’s when I was like, ‘Yeah, I guess dick size does matter.’” — Christopher

“I found out I was pretty, uh, lucky down there the first time I got changed in the locker rooms after gym class. My friend was like, ‘Sh*t, dude.’ It made me feel good, but at the same time I don’t think about it that often.” — Joshua

“When I first had sex with my girlfriend, she kept asking ‘Is that it?’ and that’s when I knew I probably would never measure up (haha). Needless to say, she dumped me a few weeks later. I take it in stride, though. Not everyone needs a big dick.” — Jasson

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“I try not to watch porn anymore, because those guys are like freakin’ gods and I’m a mere mortal. In all seriousness though, as great as porn is, I think it builds up this insecurity.” — Rob

“When I first saw another dick in person, hard, I was like, ‘Hmmm, yeah, this seems like a big deal.’ Being a gay guy, I feel like everyone wants to talk about their dick size.” — Eli

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“I don’t really notice other guys’ dicks or their sizes. I’m sort of stuck with the one I’ve got.” — Edward

“I remember watching HBO after hours and seeing a guy’s soft dick and immediately comparing mine to it. I felt really… inadequate? I guess that would be the right word. I’m not sure, it was just the first time I ever really considered that it could matter.” — Aaron

“I think I first started caring about my dick size when I overheard some girls in school talking about their boyfriends’ [penises] and thinking, ‘I really hope that they think mine is OK.’” — Nicholas

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“I remember being in a group sex situation and being really self-conscious about myself. Even though I really shouldn’t be, it’s like ingrained in my mind to compare myself to other people, and sex is such a massive part of our culture. It was a bummer for sure.”— Miles

Porn. Porn is when I realized that dick size mattered. I knew I would never be, like, 12 inches, but then I learned that most girls don’t want that anyways, and felt fine.” — Noah

“Eh, I guess I always noticed that it mattered, but as long as you look proportional, I’m sure you’re fine. We gotta stop putting so much stock into how we measure up — pardon the pun.” — Leo

“I think I realized I was bigger than other guys when the girl I was seeing at the time couldn’t handle it. Then it happened again, and again, and again. I would take being average over having a big schlong any day of the week.”— Kevin

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“I guess the first time I noticed my penis size in relation to other guys is when I would jerk off with my middle school friends. It wasn’t like a gay thing, we just would jerk off together while watching porn. I definitely would sneak a peek at my friends to see who was bigger.”— Curtis

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