Hyper 3D Teased by Performax Labs: What’s in the Box?

Hyper 3D Teased by Performax Labs: What’s in the Box?

On May 18th, Performax Labs posted a new series of images to their Instagram account, teasing their next new product:

Performax Labs Hyper 3D Teaser

Performax Labs Hyper 3D Teased!

Performax customers are no stranger to the word Hyper, thanks to their long-running HyperMax pre-workout series, which no doubt lives up to its name. But what is Hyper 3D?!

All we know is that it seems to come in a box, and their imaging says energy, pumps, and focus, which sounds like a pre-workout supplement.

Is 3DPump Breakthrough inside?

Performax Labs Hyper 3D Teaser!

And at this point, you can probably guess that the new patented pump ingredient, 3DPump Breakthrouh, is probably involved — anything in the supplement industry with the word “3D” in it lately has had the ingredient.

And this would be great news, because just last week a new 3DPump-Breakthrough study was published, showing that 6 grams of it has similar pump effects as 8 grams of L-citrulline, but even better cardiovascular effects!

But here’s the thing — Performax Labs already has three supplements that utilize 3DPump:

  1. HyperMax Extreme – Aggressive stimulant-based pre-workout sometimes now called HyperMax 3D
  2. VasoMax – Stimulant-free pre-workout supplement for maximum pumps and vasodilation
  3. 3DPumpMax – 3DPump capsules – the best way to test the ingredient solo

So if 3DPump is inside, what more can Performax do? No clue yet, but the Instagram postings say it launches June 16th, 2023, so we’ll find out soon enough.

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