I Tried Out Shockwave Therapy for Harder, Longer Erections

I Tried Out Shockwave Therapy for Harder, Longer Erections

GAINSWave Sound Wave Machine Helps with Your Erectile Dysfunction

Find a man who doesn’t want harder erections that last longer. That’s why when I had the opportunity to try out GAINSWave — a form of extracorporeal shockwave therapy for men with erectile dysfunction — I knew I had to give it a try.

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Despite not really struggling with ED much in my life (give or take a few occasions when I’ve had one too many to drink), GAINSWave sounded appealing enough. On paper, it claims to remove micro-plague, stimulating growth to form new blood vessels while optimizing blood flow to the penis.

Even though I can get hard just fine, well, maybe with GAINSWave, I could get harder.

How Does GAINSWave Work?

My first thought upon getting ready for my GAINSWave treatment? It sounds somewhat terrifying. It uses high frequency, low-intensity sound waves to “shock” your penis. Shockwave therapy has been around since the 1980s to disintegrate kidney stones and treat epicondylitis, plantar fasciitis, cuff tendinitis, trochanteritis, and Achilles tendonitis, but it wasn’t until about seven years ago that it was repurposed to treat ED. It’s even shown to be relatively effective, with roughly 75 percent of men reporting significant improvement after treatment.

To me, GAINSWave seems like a much better option than Viagra or Cialis because there’s no relying on medication. What if you’re in a situation where you don’t have your pills with you? What if there’s not much time to let the medicine kick into effect?

Naturally, my interests is what led me to Dr. Shapiro’s office in New York City. Shapiro is the head of Cenegenics New York, a boutique healthcare agency that “focuses on preventive care: averting premature disability related to aging via medically sound strategies.” Shapiro is basically a wizard-doctor hybrid who uses personalized techniques to make folks in their 60s feel like they’re 30 again. When working with younger patients, he aims to prevent the newer generation from experiencing any negative ailments related to aging as they grow older.

When asked how shockwave therapy would help someone like me, Shapiro says that “it will enhance your performance, even if you [don’t] struggle with ED.”

“Some people say their penis gets bigger,” he adds, “[but] it only looks bigger from the additional blood flow.”

Testing Out GAINSWave

Testing out GAINSWave

In the medical room, the technician showed me the shockwave tool before leaving the room so I could apply lidocaine all over my genitals. It turns out they don’t just stimulate the penis itself, but the parts around it, too. However, the technician will not shock the testicles because that would be excruciatingly painful. Your taint, on the other hand, will receive some jolts, as I discovered it can actually increase testosterone levels.

Once the lidocaine had numbed my junk, the technician applied ultrasound gel directly to my genitalia (wherever the “wand” was set to touch). Things kicked off on the lowest number of Hertz (a measurement of sound cycles per second) to check if the lidocaine was working. Luckily, it was.

At this point, I hardly felt anything. I’d describe it as a gentle, almost pleasurable sensation. Over the course of about eight minutes, the technician kept applying ultrasound gel, “shocking” different parts of my genitals as time went on. He slowly upped the Hertz on the GAINSWave machine, going until it eventually reached the max at 3.2. At that point, I could feel it, but the pain was only mild. In fact, I’m not sure if “pain” is even the right word to use. A feeling of pressure might be a more accurate description.

A few more minutes of awkward chit chat and roughly 14,000 “pulses” later, I was done. I wiped off the residual gel and lidocaine, slipped my pants back on, thanked him for his service and went on with my day. Easy enough.

The Result

Roughly seven hours later (once the numbing cream wore off), I was eager to put this treatment to the true test.

While there’s no need to share detailed specifics, let’s just say I dropped my pants in front of someone and … the treatment works. I’m officially a fan of shockwave penis therapy.

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