Indian Diet Plan After Heart Bypass Surgery ( Post-Operative cardiac Diet)

Indian Diet Plan After Heart Bypass Surgery ( Post-Operative cardiac Diet)

Are you confused about what to eat and what not after bypass? Eat right foods immediately post-surgery for better recover. Anxiety, confusion, heartburn, arm and chest pain, sweating, back pain, jaw pain can all be indication of cardiac arrest. It calls for an emergency medical intervention. This happens because of the blockages in the arteries of the heart. A stent is inserted in the heart for better blood flow if blockage is less. However, if there are more blockages in the main arteries of heart then a bypass surgery becomes necessary. Here is an Indian Diet Plan After Heart Bypass Surgery ( Post – Operative Cardiac Diet/CABG diet).

Indian Diet Plan After Heart Bypass Surgery ( Post - Operative Cardiac Diet)

What is a Bypass Surgery?

Bypass surgery is known as coronary artery bypass surgery or CABG. The part of healthy blood vessel from hand, thigh or chest is removed. It is then used as a bypass for the blocked artery. The new artery is grafted below as well as above the blocked area in such a way that it bypasses the blockage and allows unrestricted blood flow. CABG helps in relieving the symptoms like chest pain, shortness of breath, as well as improves the heart function.

How to Prepare for Bypass surgery?

Before the surgery

In a planned surgery, all the biochemical parameters are checked as well as managed. If it is a case of emergency, the surgery is performed based on medical history as well as present vital of the patient.

During the surgery

The CABG takes at least three to six hours to finish under the effect of general anaesthesia. The patient is attached to the ventilator for external breathing, till the patient comes out of the effect of anaesthesia. CABG is an open heart surgery where, the chest cavity is cut open to perform the surgery. The sternum is cut open and heart is kept pumping using a heart and lung machine. The healthy blood vessel is prepared to create a bypass at the blocked area. Numbers of bypasses are decided according to the number of blocks in the arteries. The healing of arteries as well as bones might take at least 6 weeks before you can get back to your regular routine.

After the Procedure

Once the ventilator is removed the patient is then asked to start with oral feeds. The patient is asked to try to get up and sit or walk few steps as early as 1 to 2 days after the surgery. The cardiac rehabilitation starts while the patient is recovering in the intensive care unit itself.  There is a set of exercise as well as diet programme that the patient needs to follow for better recovery. First 24 hours after the surgery the patient is given liquid diet only.


Indian Diet Plan After Heart Bypass Surgery ( Post-Operative cardiac Diet)

What is liquid diet?


Liquid diet consists of clear liquid as well as full liquids.

  • Clear liquid: Clear liquids are without fiber, very low in calories and easy to swallow and digest. These include dal water, rice water, fruit juice or vegetable juice, or clear vegetable soup. Green tea, infused water as well as concoctions also are considered as clear liquids.
  • Full-liquids: The full-liquids contain milk products along with other food groups which can be digested easily. These are a bit thicker in consistency as well as it takes time to digest. The full-liquids include blenderized feeds, liquid porridges, smoothies, commercial supplemental feeds or high protein meal replacers.

Why is liquid diet given to patients after bypass surgery?

Post- surgery the patient is still under the influence of general anaesthesia. The bodily activities as well as muscles are sluggish. If the patient is given full diet then there are chances of food pipe blockage or food entering windpipe. There can also be incidents of bloating, regurgitation, acid reflux, or indigestion. This can worsen the patient’s recovery.

Thus always start with a clear liquid diet few hours after the surgery. Once the patient tolerates the clear liquid, start with the full-liquid diet. Clear liquids are better absorbed as well as can help retain muscle activity of the intestines after the surgery. Once the patient tolerates clear liquid, start with full –liquids.

Indian Diet Plan After Heart Bypass Surgery ( Post-Operative cardiac Diet)

Foods to include an Indian Diet Plan After Heart Bypass Surgery 

Barley water is high in antioxidants that will help to reduce the post-surgery stress. Rice water has the prebiotics that can help the intestines to work better.

The dal water or dal soup provides the proteins needed for recovery after the surgery. Sattu can provide the required carbohydrates as well as protein ratio that will help the better recovery of the patient. Dal khichdi can be given in a semi solid form which provides good quality proteins that helps in better recovery.

Start with curd or buttermilk. Curd or buttermilk are easy to digest. The probiotic effect of curd helps for better GI function. The proteins help in fast healing as well as better recovery.

Egg is a complete protein that is easily absorbed in the body and provides vitamins A, D, E, K, vitamin B complex, vitamin D, calcium and iron. All these nutrients are necessary for the recovery. Chicken provides the extra proteins needed for faster recovery as well as healing of the body after surgery.

Fruits and vegetables provide necessary vitamins, minerals as well as fiber. The patient is immobile or has very little movements immediately after the surgery. Thus, a patient can experience constipation or bloating. The fiber helps to relive the constipation. Include fruit juices, smoothies, vegetable juices, as well as vegetable soups.

Add oil or ghee as per the requirements. Coconut oil as well as ghee are easily digested post-surgery. You can also use olive oil, groundnut oil as well as ricebran oil. Use walnut powder, flaxseed powder or chia seed powder as they are high in omega 3. Antioxidant properties of omega 3 helps in reducing stress after surgery, promotes healing, as well as fastens the recovery.

Indian Diet Plan After Heart Bypass Surgery ( Post-Operative cardiac Diet)

Sample Post-Operative Diet Plan :

Provide liquid meals every hourly or two hourly as per the requirement as well as tolerance of the patient. Each liquid meal is of 150 – 200 ml.

8.00 am: Dal water

9.00 am: Coconut water or green tea

10.00 am: Fruit juice (Orange, mosambi, pomegranate, or pineapple)

11.00 am: Buttermilk

12.00 noon: Fruit and nut smoothie (Banana, curd, walnuts, chia seeds powder)

2.00 pm: Sattu or eggnog

4.00 pm: ABC juice (apple, beetroot and carrot) with flaxseed powder

6.00 pm: Vegetable soup or chicken soup

8.00 pm: Liquid khichdi blended with curd or oats porridge

10.00 pm: Milk with turmeric

End note:

The main aim of the liquid diet is to avoid any post-surgery GI disturbances. Faster the transition from clear liquid to full-liquid and full-liquid to soft diet indicates better recovery and fast healing. After following this Indian Diet Plan After Heart Bypass Surgery ( Post – Operative Cardiac Diet/CABG diet),  you can follow a semisolid  and then a soft diet. Indian diet plan for heart patient. 

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