Is Gorilla Mode Pre Workout Good For You? (Review)

Is Gorilla Mode Pre Workout Good For You? (Review)

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Getting to the gym can be tough. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or just getting started, the motivation for a workout isn’t always there. But that’s where supplements like a pre workout can come in. A pre workout can be a great option for boosting energy and kick-starting muscle protein synthesis. † Unfortunately, pre workouts can vary a lot in ingredients and servings. So, knowing how well your pre workout is working or if there’s a better option for you can be difficult. Luckily, that’s where we come in! In this post, we’re reviewing and breaking down Gorilla Mode Pre Workout and going over similar products!

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What Is Gorilla Mode Pre Workout?

Gorilla Mode Pre Workout is a pre workout supplement from Gorilla Mind. Like most pre workouts, Gorilla Mode is designed to support endurance and promote pumps/performance. It also may support an energy and focus boost with the addition of stimulants and focus-enhancing ingredients.† 

Gorilla Mode Flavors:

  • Tigers Blood
  • Krush
  • Mouthwatering Watermelon
  • Sour Candy Apple
  • Spiked Cider (Limited Edition)
  • Blackberry Lemonade
  • Cherry Blackout
  • Pina Colada
  • Bombsicle
  • Fruit Punch
  • Jungle Juice
  • Strawberry Kiwi
  • Cotton Candy Grape
  • Volcano Burst

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Gorilla Mode Ingredients:

Product Image: Gorilla Mode Pre Workout Product

Ingredients: 1 Scoop 2 Scoops
L-Citrulline 4,500mg 9,000mg
Creatine Monohydrate 2,500mg 5,000mg
GlycerPump™ 1,500mg 3,000mg
Malic Acid 1,500mg 3,000mg
Betaine Anhydrous 1,250mg 2,500mg
L-Tyrosine 750mg 1,500mg
Agmatine Sulfate 500mg 1,000mg
Kanna (Sceletium Tortuosum) 250mg 500mg
Caffeine Anhydrous 175mg 350mg
N-Phenethyl Dimethylamine Citrate

(Eria Jarensis Extract)

175mg 350mg
Bioperine® 5mg 10mg
Huperzine A 200mcg 400mcg

When you review the formula, the first thing to note is the fully disclosed label. This is an important feature of a supplement to compare ingredients and dosages to other products. Additionally, you can see the label lists the dosages for both 1 and 2 scoops. However, the intended serving size is one scoop, which features 15.42 grams of active ingredients. By sticking with the intended 1-scoop serving size, you have about 40 servings per container. Whereas if you decide to use 2 scoops, you have 20 servings per container. 


Our first ingredient in Gorilla Mode Pre Workout is L-citrulline. L-citrulline is a nonessential amino acid that can increase arginine, the primary substrate for nitric oxide biosynthesis. But, why not just take arginine? Unlike arginine supplementation, citrulline isn’t taken up by the liver. Instead, it is transported to the kidneys and broken down to arginine. (1)

So why do we like this for workouts? Although citrulline is not a component of proteins, it can help stimulate protein synthesis in skeletal muscle. Additionally, it may improve vascular function through increased L-arginine bioavailability and nitric oxide synthesis, which can support reducing blood pressure. (2,3)

Lastly, research indicates that L-citrulline supplementation can help improve exercise performance. However, to benefit endurance, an L-citrulline supplement should be taken for one to two weeks. Generally, research on L-citrulline uses dosages between 3 and 6 grams. However, taking more than 6 grams may help promote oxygen content in muscles. (4,5)

Gorilla Mode features 4.5 grams per serving, an optimal dosage for supporting endurance. 

Creatine Monohydrate:

Next, we have creatine monohydrate, which is one of the most researched ingredients in dietary supplements. Despite this, creatine isn’t often included in pre workouts. But there are many possible reasons for that, one major reason being creatine isn’t necessarily time-dependent. So, taking it prior to your workout wouldn’t have an immediate effect on your gym hit.

Creatine monohydrate is a combination of 3 naturally occurring amino acids: L-arginine, Glycine, and L-methionine. In combination with resistance training, creatine can support building lean tissue mass and muscle strength. However, there is a possible interaction between creatine and another ingredient in this formula. Combining caffeine with creatine might decrease the efficacy of creatine. This is likely another reason we don’t see creatine in stimulate-based pre workouts. (6,7,8) Generally, creatine is dosed between 2.5 grams to 5 grams, which is equivalent to the dosage in Gorilla Mode.


GlycerPump™ or Glycerol Powder is a popular ingredient for pre workouts, both stimulated and non-stimulant, for its effect on aerobic and anaerobic exercise performance. Glycerol has several performance-enhancing qualities. For starters, it can be used as an energy substrate, which contributes to the energy yield during exercise. Next, it has osmoprotective properties. This can help delay muscular fatigue. Lastly, when consumed with sufficient water, glycerol can play a role in maintaining hydration and thermoregulation. (9) Generally, a dose between 2 and 5 grams is efficient for this ingredient. So one scoop of Gorilla Mode may not yield the effects as prominently as two scoops. 

However, this ingredient does come with an annoying consequence of being a hyperhydrating agent. Glycerol tends to increase the moisture drawn into powdered supplements. This means that if not stored correctly, these products tend to have more clumps or get hardened. While the clumping is generally easy to break apart and won’t affect the performance of the product, it can be annoying. We recommend that products with high contents of glycerol and other hydrating/pumping ingredients (e.g., creatine, citrulline, betaine, etc.) be stored in the refrigerator or another cool, dry area to reduce the risk of clumping.

Malic Acid:

Malic acid is found naturally in fruits and vegetables like apples. This ingredient may help promote energy production in itself. But, is often used with supplements to improve absorption of ingredients (shown as “Malate”)†. There is currently no standard dose of malic acid. (10

Betaine Anhydrous:

Betaine Anhydrous is similar to Citrulline in that it can help promote better pumps and endurance. It’s a naturally occurring amino acid coming from Beet Extract. This ingredient has a variety of benefits, from anti-inflammatory properties to improving body composition and muscular performance. The ergogenic and clinical effects of betaine are often studied with doses ranging from 500 to 20,000 mg/day. But dosages of 2.5 g/day for at least 14 days to 6 weeks have shown potential to enhance strength-based performance. (11,12)  So a dose of 1.25 grams per scoop is a bit under where we like to see for pre workouts.


Our next ingredient, L-tyrosine, finally breaks away from the endurance/performance ingredients. L-tyrosine is an amino acid that is naturally produced in the body. It’s used to make several neurotransmitters, including Dopamine, and hormones, including thyroid hormones. However, increasing your body’s L-tyrosine levels doesn’t necessarily translate to increasing these compounds. Supplementing with L-tyrosine can aid in boosting alertness, attention, and focus. Tyrosine is commonly taken in doses of 500–2,000mg, so a dosage of 750mg per serving may be sufficient. (13,14,15,16)

Agmatine Sulfate:

Agmatine is a metabolite of Arginine that acts similarly to betaine. Current research suggests it may promote nitric oxide (NO) synthesis better than arginine, as well as properly regulate cellular energy. This makes agmatine sulfate a popular pump-inducing ingredient, but further research is needed on this ingredient (17,18). Agmatine sulfate is typically dosed between 500 and 1,000 mg for exercise performance, which is seen in Gorilla Mode.

Kanna (Sceletium Tortuosum):

Kanna Extract is an interesting ingredient we see making its way into all types of dietary supplements. Similar to Tyrosine, it may aid in focus. But, there isn’t very much research on this ingredient for exercise performance or focus. However, studies have dosed this ingredient at 8 mg and 25 mg. It is important to note that this study tested for tolerability, not effectiveness, and indicates both dosages were well tolerated. (28,29)

Caffeine Anhydrous:

Caffeine is one of the most well-known and consumed stimulants there is. This Central Nervous System (CNS) stimulant can promote feelings of the things we look for in caffeine and pre workouts, like energy and focus. (30) But, for individuals who may be a little more sensitive to stimulants, you may get the less desirable effects like jitters and anxiousness. (31)

So, it’s important to understand where you fall in line with your tolerance to caffeine. A good way to help measure this is by considering the caffeine content in products you may already consume. For example, a cup of coffee can contain around 90-100 mg of caffeine per 8oz, or a can of soda like Coke can contain around 30 mg. Gorilla Mode has 175mg of caffeine per serving, so it can be compared to having 2 cups of coffee in one sitting. 

N-Phenethyl Dimethylamine Citrate:

N-phenethyl dimethylamine Citrate is the compound name for a plant extract we see often in fat burners, Eria Jarensis. This is a DMAA-like compound that has grown a reputation for its euphoric effects and as a DMAA replacement.† There isn’t a lot of research done on this ingredient and its effectiveness for exercise performance. However, we often see it dosed between 50mg to 300mg. 


Our next ingredient, BioPerine® or Black Pepper Extract, is similar to malic acid in that it may help increase the bioavailability of the other ingredients within this formula. But it also may have its own thermogenic properties. (32) We typically see Bioperine® dosed at 5mg, so one scoop should be sufficient for the effectiveness of this ingredient.

Huperzine A:

Our final ingredient, Huperzine A, is common in both fat burners and pre workouts. It is actually considered a natural anti-depressant, but it is also useful in improving focus. In fact, it’s been used to help treat Alzheimer’s disease (33). It’s also known as a nootropic that increases the level of acetylcholine. As a result, mental alertness, focus, and concentration are increased (34). Studies often dose Huperzine at doses between 50-500mcg, but supplements can range from 50mcg to 2mg (2000mcg). 

How To Take Gorilla Mode Pre Workout:

As a dietary supplement, mix 1-2 scoops of Gorilla Mode in 12-14 ounces of water and consume 30 minutes prior to training. Vary the amount of water to achieve your desired flavor level. First-time users should begin use with 1/2-1 scoop or less to evaluate tolerance. Do not exceed two scoops in any 24-hour period.

Do not combine Gorilla Mode with Gorilla Mode Energy, a2 AM or Rauwolscine. 

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Similar Products To Gorilla Mode:

Now that we’ve gone over what’s in Gorilla Mode let’s dive into similar products!

Product Image: Chemix Pre Workout

Ingredients: 1 Scoop 2 Scoops
L-Citrulline 3g 6g
Betaine Anhydrous 2.5g 5g
Glycersize™ (65% glycerol powder) 1.5g 3g
Lion’s Mane Extract  500mg 1g ×
L-Tyrosine 500mg 1g
Dimethylethanolamine (DMAE Bitartrate) 375mg 750mg ×
Exothermic Energy Amalgam Blend
Caffeine Anhydrous 335.75mg 671.5mg
N,N-dimethylethlamine Citrate ×
Caffeine Citrate ×
Higenamine HCl ×
N-Isopropylnorsynephrine ×
Theophylline Anhydrous  ×
Alpha Yohimbine ×

Our first product comparison for Gorilla Mode is with Chemix Pre Workout by the Guerrilla Chemist. Similar to Gorilla Mode, Chemix Pre Workout features a formula that has a one or 2-scoop variation. However, this pre workout is only partially disclosed. Because of the proprietary blend in this formula, we are unable to cross-compare any ingredient dosages in the blend. Altogether, Chemix Pre Workout features 13 ingredients with a volume of 10.5 grams of active ingredients per serving (1 scoop). It shares five ingredients with Gorilla Mode, this includes:

  • L-Citrulline
  • Betaine Anhydrous
  • Glycersize™ 
  • L-Tyrosine
  • Caffeine Anhydrous

Of these five ingredients, only one ingredient, caffeine, is in the prop blend. Compared to Gorilla Mode, Chemix Pre Workout features more Betaine Anhydrous, which is dosed at the 2.5 grams featured in studies. Both products feature glycerol at 1.5 grams, so we expect this product to also run into clumping issues. The last two ingredients, L-citrulline and L-tyrosine, are dosed lower in Chemix pre workout than Gorilla Mode but still within range for clinical dosages.  Additionally, both products feature the same servings per container (40 servings).

There are eight ingredients in this formula that are different from Gorilla Mode; Lion’s Mane Extract, Dimethylethanolamine (DMAE Bitartrate), N, N-dimethylethlamine Citrate, Caffeine Citrate, Higenamine HCl, N-Isopropylnorsynephrine, Theophylline Anhydrous, and Alpha Yohimbine.

Lion’s Mane Extract:

Lion’s Mane Extract may have neuroprotective properties. Some studies show it may improve mental clarity and functioning (35), and animal studies show it may be beneficial in preventing neuronal damage. (36)

Dimethylethanolamine (DMAE Bitartrate) & N, N-dimethylethanolamine Citrate (DMAE or DMEA):

DMAE or DMEA helps to promote improvements in cognitive functions. That means improving focus/concentration and some more mood-boosting effects. This formula also features the addition of Bitartrate. This will provide the same benefits as DMAE/DMEA. But, because of the bitartrate, it does have less of the actual DMAE but may be better absorbed. (37,38)

Caffeine Citrate:

Caffeine Citrate is the fastest-acting caffeine available, which makes it very popular in supplements. Whereas, caffeine anhydrous is the purest form of caffeine available. †

Higenamine HCl:

Next up, we have Higenamine, which is similar to 2 other stimulants that are popular in fat burners, Ephedrine and Synephrine. Surprisingly, Higenamine may have the properties of a vasodilator, which can promote increased blood flow to the muscles, unlike most stimulants that are vaso-constricting (39).


Isopropylnorsynephrine is another intense stimulant in this pre workout. It’s also known as Octopamine and is an alkaloid found alongside Synephrine in Citrus Aurantium. Aside from boosting energy, octopamine may aid in promoting fat burning by inhibiting the uptake of glucose in fat cells (adipocytes) by blocking the beta-3 adrenoceptor. (40)

Theophylline Anhydrous:

Our next ingredient, theophylline, is another stimulant often compared to ephedrine. Interestingly, this ingredient plays a role medicinally and in weight loss. Medicinally, like ephedrine, it is a bronchodilator and can help in the treatment of asthma (41). In terms of weight loss, it may increase energy expenditure and boost energy like ephedrine (42).

Alpha Yohimbine:

Alpha yohimbine, also known as Rauwolfia Vomitoria or rauwolscine, may be a stronger version of yohimbine.† Where yohimbine is a stimulant and an alpha-2 antagonist, meaning that it stimulates adrenaline and noradrenaline receptors. This can result in appetite suppression, improving energy and focus, and fat mobilization. (4344)

Chemix Pre Workout Review:

Review By N/A: “Definitely is 1 of the better preworkouts. Great focus, good pumps and good smooth energy. I gave it 4stars because the taste isn’t so great on the gorilla juice” Posted On 12/1/20

Product Image: Edge Of Insanity

Ingredients: 1 Scoop
Beta Alanine 3.2g ×
Citrulline Malate 8g
Zembrin® (Sceletium Tortuosum (aerial parts) extract) 25mg
Caffeine Anhydrous 350mg
Theobromine 20mg ×
Yohimbine HCl 5mg ×
Rauwolscine 4mg ×

Our next similar product to Gorilla Mode is Edge of Insanity  By Psycho Pharma. However, it is important to note that this label is an older formula of Edge of Insanity. For more information on how it’s changed and what to expect from the new formula, click HERE. To begin, you can see Edge of Insanity features a one-scoop-per-serving formula and does not recommend exceeding this. Additionally, the servings per container are lower than Chemix Pre Workout and Gorilla Mode, featuring only 25 servings per container. Fortunately, Edge of Insanity does feature a fully disclosed label, so we can assure this pre workout is not for individuals with a low tolerance to stims.

Edge of Insanity shares three ingredients with Gorilla Mode, including Citrulline Malate (L-Citrulline + Malic Acid), Sceletium Tortuosum (Kanna), and Caffeine. Of which one scoop of Edge of Insanity features more Citrulline and Caffeine. But Gorilla Mode features more Kanna per scoop. At two scoops of Gorilla Mode, there is more Citrulline and Kanna, but the Caffeine content is the same.

There are 4 ingredients that are different from Gorilla Mode; Beta Alanine, Theobromine, Yohimbine HCl, and Rauwolscine. Of these ingredients only the Beta Alanine and Theobromine are unique to Edge of Insanity.

Beta Alanine:

The first ingredient is Beta Alanine, which is one of the most popular ingredients in pre workouts. With that popularity comes a lot of research to back up its benefits. Those benefits can include Beta Alanine properties that buffer away lactic acid build-up. When lactic acid builds up in our muscles, it can contribute to the “burn” effect we get during workouts. With Beta Alanine, this effect can be delayed. (45) But lactic acid isn’t all bad; lactate can be used by the mitochondria (powerhouse of the cell) for energy and may also be beneficial for muscle growth. (46)


Theobromine is like Caffeine and is a naturally occurring stimulant found in cacao plants and tea leaves. Because it is a stimulant, it helps to support energy and may help shed water weight. Like other stimulants, theobromine also has appetite-suppressing properties. (47)

Edge Of Insanity Review:

Review By N/A: The muscle pump, energy renewal beforehand & while working out, not that jittery feeling, fantastic stuff!” Posted on 1/16/21


Product Image: Super Pump Aggression

Ingredients: 1 Scoop
Choline 40mg ×
L-Citrulline 4,000mg
Beta Alanine 3,200mg ×
Betaine Anhydrous 2,000mg
Agmatine Sulfate 1,500mg
L-Tyrosine 1,500mg
Caffeine Anhydrous 400mg
N-Palmitoylethanolamide (PEA) 300mg ×
Theobromine 200mg ×
Choline Bitartrate 100mg ×
Dimethylethanolamine (DMAE Bitartrate) 100mg ×
Black Pepper Extract (Bioperine®) 5mg
Rauwolfia Vomitoria Extract 3mg ×
Huperzia Serrata Extract 2mg

Our last similar product to Gorilla Mode is Super Pump Aggression by Gaspari Nutrition. Similar to Edge of Insanity, Super Pump Aggression only provides 25 servings per container and features a one-scoop-per-serving formula. However, it also features a fully disclosed label. Compared to Gorilla Mode, Super Pump Aggression shares seven ingredients, the most out of our comparisons. These ingredients include L-Citrulline, Betaine, Agmatine, L-Tyrosine, Caffeine, Bioperine®, and Huperzine A.

Where one scoop of Super Pump Aggression provides more Betaine, Agmatine, L-Tyrosine, Caffeine, and Huperzine, Gorilla Mode only provides more L-Citrulline, even at two scoops.

This leaves seven ingredients that are different from Gorilla Mode: Choline, Beta Alanine, PEA, Theobromine, Choline Bitartrate, DMAE Bitartrate, and Rauwolfia Vomitoria. However, of these seven ingredients, only three are unique to Super Pump Aggression: Choline, PEA, and Choline Bitartrate.

Choline And Choline Bitartrate:

Similar to DMAE and DMAE Bitartrate, these ingredients share a function. However, the addition of Bitartrate may improve the bioavailability of the Choline. There are a bunch of benefits of Choline, but what it’s most recognized for is its role in cell structure, messaging, fat transport and metabolism, DNA synthesis, and nervous system maintenance. This translates to improved brain functions like memory and focus (48).

N-Palmitoylethanolamide (PEA):

N-Palmitoylethanolamide, or PEA, has several potential uses therapeutically, including areas such as pain and neurodegeneration. This may also result in improvements in cognitive performance, such as focus and attention. (49, 50)

Super Pump Aggression Review:

Review By Jake F: “I have tried many pre workouts that have extreme pumps in the advertisement, but this one by far worked the best for me. Not only are the pumps insane, but the flavors are awesome as well. My personal favorite is Fruit Punch. I would recommend this for anyone looking to improve their pumps during their workouts.” Posted on 

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Which Should You Try?

When it comes to what pre workout you should get, you should consider the type of training you do. For example, intensive aerobic exercises may not benefit from a stimulant heavy pre workout. In fact, one study indicates low to moderate doses of caffeine (3-6 mg/kg) may help increase aerobic-based performance but no further enhancement at higher doses. (51) So if you were around 120lb (~55kg), you could benefit from a dosage of 165mg-330mg. Additionally, you should consider the blend of focus and mood ingredients if you find yourself struggling with motivation in the gym. Lastly, we would take into account the value per serving.

Gorilla Mode Pre Workout:

We would recommend Gorilla Mode Pre Workout for individuals looking for a pump-oriented pre workout. Although it does contain Caffeine, the content is on the lower end of typical pre workout formulas. 

Chemix Pre Workout features a decent blend of pump/endurance ingredients, but is definitely more oriented to stimulant-based pre workouts. Because of the proprietary blend, we can’t determine the actual content of the stimulants in the blend. However, as a whole, the stimulant blend features about ~336mg of different stims. This can also play into focus and mood as well. So, if you’re looking for a more focus/stim-oriented pre workout, Chemix Pre Workout is a good option.

Again, the Edge of Insanity we review in this post presents an old formula for the product. Which is still available for purchase on, but the quantity will be limited. We would recommend this version for individuals who have a high tolerance to stimulants and may be working towards weight loss. The addition of two sources of yohimbine may assist these goals better than other general pre workouts. However, we would not recommend Edge of Insanity for individuals who do not like Beta Alanine/the tingling sensation it can provide. 

Finally, we would recommend Super Pump Aggression for individuals looking for a balanced pre workout that is stimulant-heavy. Super Pump Aggression doesn’t feature as many stimulants as other pre workouts, but does feature 400mg of Caffeine per scoop. Additionally, it does feature ingredients for pump/endurance, focus/mood, and even Beta Alanine. Despite having fewer servings per container, it features more active ingredients per volume than Gorilla Mode Pre Workout at one scoop. 

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Gorilla Mode Reviews:

At this time, we are not stocking Gorilla Mode Pre Workout. The customer reviews provided below were originally published on the manufacturer’s website. Because these reviews are not from, we can’t be sure of the authenticity of each review or where the customer purchased Gorilla Mode. While reading customer reviews, it’s important to be mindful that products can and will affect everyone differently. Therefore, results and experiences will vary.

Product Image: Gorilla Mode Pre Workout Product

  • “Great for muscle building and lifting motivation. I had the bombsicle flavor and it tastes great. Slightly gritty so you’ll have to shake again at the last 3 or so ounces of water left to pick up the particles on the bottom.” Posted Jan 11, 2022
  • “been using this for a week and so far haven’t felt a thing. been going to the gym consistently while using this pre and haven’t felt a boost in energy, no “tingles” no nothing” Posted Nov 26, 2021
  • “Never thought I would like a pre workout so much. Used to be an energy drink guy, but I will absolutely never go back. Best energy I’ve ever felt for a workout.” Posted Oct 04, 2021
  • “I didn’t feel anything special with this one in terms of energy or focus, just a weird head feeling, probably due to the Huperzine A. Taste was ok. I take a naturally sweetened pre that I take that tastes about the same, this one didn’t taste any better considering the sucralose which isn’t great for gut health. And I missed the beta alanine feeling with this one. Overall, didn’t give me much edge or energy, felt a little crappy afterwards. Probably wouldn’t take it again.” Posted Sep 14, 2021

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Wrapping Up!

This concludes our review and breakdown of Gorilla Mode Pre Workout! Thank you for reading, and if there’s another product you’d like us to review, an ingredient that you think needs further elaboration or another blog idea you want to see in the future– send us an email here!

Check out some of our other blogs!

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Warnings And Side Effects:

Gorilla Mode:

Keep out of reach of children.
This product should not be taken by individuals who are pregnant, nursing, have or suspect a medical condition, are taking any medications or are under 18 years of age. Consult a physician before taking this or any dietary supplement. Do not use this product with other caffeinated products, stimulants, MAO inhibitors, alcohol or other medications. Store in a cool, dry place.

Chemix Pre Workout:

For use by healthy adults only, not recommended for persons under the age of 18. Do not take with prescription medicines or without consulting your physician or pharmacist.

Edge of Insanity:

Make sure to read all warnings and take only as directed. Not for use by individuals under the age of 18 years. Do not use if pregnant or nursing. Consult with a physician before using this product if you have, or have a family history of:

  • Heart Disease
  • Thyroid Disease
  • Diabetes
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Depression or other Psychiatric Condition
  • Glaucoma
  • Difficulty Urinating
  • Prostate Enlargement
  • Seizure Disorder

Do not exceed the recommended serving. Doing so may cause adverse health effects. Discontinue use and call a physician immediately if you experience:

  • Rapid Heat beat
  • Dizziness
  • Severe Headache
  • Shortness of breath
  • Other similar symptoms

Individuals who are sensitive to the effects of caffeine or have a medical condition should consult a physician before using.  Do not exceed one scoop prior to exercise under any circumstances.

Super Pump Aggression:

Not for use by individuals under the age of 18. Do not use if pregnant or nursing or if you have a medical condition or are taking any prescription medication.

Do not use this product if you are using a monoamine oxidase inhibitor (MAOI) or any other dietary supplement, prescription drug or any over-the-counter drug containing ephedrine, pseudoephedrine, phenylpropanolamine or other stimulant.

If you experience any adverse reaction discontinue use immediately and consult a physician. Discontinue use two weeks prior to surgery. Individuals who consume caffeine with this product or who are sensitive to caffeine may experience serious adverse health effects.

Do not exceed recommended serving. Do not consume with alcohol or other stimulants. Store in a cool, dry place. Keep out of reach of children.

This product contains ingredients that may be banned by some sports organizations and/or increase risk of false positive on a drug test. Please consult with your sport organization or physician before taking this product.

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†PLEASE NOTE: The intention of the information provided is for reference only. We are in no way providing medical advice or instruction. The information provided in this post is based on anecdotal information and available studies/reviews. It is our goal to maintain and display accurate information. Yet, we can’t guarantee it represents the latest formulation of the product or information. If you have any concerns, please visit the manufacturer’s website. Also, the information above is not a representation of our views at Same Day Supplements. Rather, these are the views and information provided by the manufacturers and users. The Food and Drug Administration has not evaluated these statements. Finally, the intention of these products are not to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or illness.

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