Is HRT the End-All-Be-All?

Is HRT the End-All-Be-All?

Just a few short years ago, anyone with a uterus was hard-pressed to find accurate and evidence-based information on peri/menopause. And then, like pennies from heaven, it was all around us. Social media, talk shows, blogs, newspaper and magazine articles were finally giving us and our lived experiences the respect we deserved. While those of us at Maze have been diagnosing and treating women for years, we were thrilled to be joined by other providers and practices who began to prioritize this enormous transition in women’s lives.

As a result, more and more women are being prescribed Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) to relieve symptoms. We have years of literature to support HRT treatment, and for many, it is a literal game changer. There is no one-size-fits-all; some women should not be prescribed HRT due to medical history or status, and for those who are eligible, dosages, types of hormones and delivery systems are tailored to each patient. For example, some women take estrogen. Progesterone will be prescribed concurrently to any patient who has a uterus. Others may take both estrogen and testosterone, and still it may look different in other cases. Each prescription serves to build on low-to-no reserves of hormones and treat particular symptoms.

While HRT can be incredibly helpful with hot flashes, insomnia and vaginal dryness, sometimes we need more support, and that’s okay! It’s important to look at peri/menopause holistically. What we eat can play a role, so can alcohol consumption and exercise. Are you addressing non-reproductive health issues? How do you cope with stressors in your life? What is the quality of your interpersonal relationships? How do you manage work and family demands? You may find our Menopause Symptoms & Treatment Chart helpful.

If this sounds overwhelming, we get it. And we can help. At Maze, our peri/menopause experts address all that you’re going through comprehensively and sensitively. We address physical as well as emotional symptoms and can offer 360 support. Reach out to us so we can arrange a free 10-minute phone consult. We’ll help you strategize and together create a sustainable and effective treatment plan that can help you feel your best through perimenopause and beyond.  

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